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Snub Level: Majestic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/03/snub-level-majestic


There must some way of convincing the Brits to exchange t___p and party with Julian Assange. All of them for just one guy, great deal there.

Dear Abbey, this one is so right on, as usual! The visuals at the end were perfect, the penis shaped motorcycle escort around the “beastmobile”, the contrasting photos of trump and Obama, and last and best, the sign, the nod to Pink Floyd! Perfect, Thanks Abbey!


Simply can’t resist:

Special shout out to Betsy devoid, I mean deVos

You have to admit, Trump is pure comedy gold.

Too bad his finger is on the doomsday button.
And even more too bad, the d-party is putting their faith in Uncle Joe.


You have to give them credit, Brits are funny as sh!t. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when reading the text in Jared and Ivanka’s photo.

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That penis-shaped motorcade was an old Photoshopped mash up from a couple years back. But funny!

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They are all good and there are a lot of good ones that didn’t make the public exposure (Saw one of the Queen telling Phat Boy “This is my stuff so keep your tiny, sticky fingers off.”)

But the public ones that are really going to blow his little mind are the ones comparing him to Obama. That twists his sorry ego into pretzels.

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T yranical
R acist
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M isogynist
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