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'Snyder Not Welcome': Has Flint's Smoking Gun Finally Emerged?



I'm not the first to make this point, but if an aggravated Muslim or a PETA fanatic were to poison a city's water, we all know what the story would be. It's time for a perp walk.


Just how many more smoking guns is it going to take before the justice dept appoints a special prosecutor and starts building a gallows?
Oh, I forgot, this is the Obama justice dept, so nothing has changed. Black lives still don't matter, even to a black president.


Here in the USofA we do not hold accountable elected officials, those in power based on dollars or anyone who might profit from a system that screws the public. We just don't give a shit.


Q. Mr. Trump, if you were president, how would you deal with this situation?

A. Well, I don't see Obama dealing with it.

Q. Fair enough. But what would you do, if anything, to bring justice to the people of Flint?
Would it be easier for you as a Republican? Or would it be harder; you might not want
to put a fellow Republican on the spot?

Will one of the Sunday talk show hosts ask this or similar questions?


"Governor Snyder is a criminal disguised as a public servant," said UltraViolet co-founder Shaunna Thomas.

That is true for many other "public servants".



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About time the state Dems started speaking out.

Their silence and lack of leadership against the continued corrupt Republican debacle that has culminated in the Flint water catastrophe has almost smacked of complicity. They might have at least seen it as an opportunity to build momentum for the next governor's race.

Stay tuned... Snyder and Lt Governor Cally's plan to further privatize the public mental health budget, after slyly using the medicaid expansion as a way to defund to the bare bones the well established, though perennially underfunded, community support programs throughout the state, in favor of some pie in the sky idea of spreading out the medicaid dollar to pay off more of their friends, promises to result in more deaths, more moving of mental health dollars to the prison industry, and more misery in the streets for the state's most vulnerable and traumatized population.


The entire poisoned easy-come ALEC model born of the same mentality that rationalizes massive defrauding of a society from the "elite" (effete) of the financal-industrial-gambling system down to "emergency managers" to further defraud peoples who have intrinsic value of lives systematically impoverished is now the national model and it is hemorrhaging, poisoning everything in its path.

THIS is why the system is attempting an intravenous infusion through TTIP et al, monopolies sucking life out human creativity and balance. No more death wish of incompetent greed that is above the democratic intent of societal laws.

No more. time to walk away from the 'high-roller' gambling with life and back to building solid community including the Earth.


I'm gonna guess Greimel is a Hillary supporter. Wow, it's been evident for some time now that Snyder and cabal knowingly poisoned a population, a population, I repeat. And it's only just now that Greimel, a Democrat, for chrissake, is only the first state legislator to call for Snyder's resignation? That's it?! That's it. Snyder and cabal should've been arrested and jailed a little while ago, now. There's more than enough for the U.S. Justice Department and FBI to take this crew off the street. Lead poisoning of thousands. Those brave Michigan Democrats. Wow.


even an "alleged aggravated Muslim" would be convicted before msm had time to flash the sound bite on the 5 pm news.
we don't just have glaringly appalling economic disparity;we have abominable justice--injustice--disparity--and both continue to expand.


Neoliberalism, tax cuts for the rich poison for the poor. Austerity politics at its best.


The Democrats don't always speak up about Republicans. The Republicans are not afraid to say what they want to say about Democrats. The Democrats should demand Snyder's resignation and imprisonment. If all of them spoke up or most of them spoke up, they'd be able to make Michigan a blue state.


I do not understand.

If Governor Synder knew of the water crisis and wanted to talk about it with his high-ranking staff in February of 2015, then how was it that " the state of Michigan blocked Flint from returning to [using] Lake Huron water from the Detroit water system when it agreed to grant the city an emergency loan of $7 million in April 2015." Who pushed through that decision? Governor Synder? Or is Rick Synder a Quisling governor who pushed through the choices and agendas of powerful others? Did they and their agents know and understand what they were doing? What happened?

If Rick Synder is eventually convicted and his punishment were to fit the crime then amongst other punishments he will be drinking the infamous Flint water for several years. No. No he must not be made to do so because that is cruel and unusual punishment. Who else deserves but should not get that particular punishment.

Long ago Voltaire pointed out that we can be guilty of sins of omission as well as we can be guilty of sins of commission. Who in the media knew but did not speak out? Who in the media understood but suppressed the news?

I have wondered how people could participate in implementing the gas chambers 70 years ago. How people participate in pogroms. How people, us and our friends who we understand to be decent people, can watch injustice but do nothing. It is so easy to do.


It's called bureaucratic negligence and it's the sweetest form of American violence because the system and courts are built to defend and perpetuate it.


I've been following this story on Mlive.com, which seems to be a site operated by a coalition of newspapers published in Michigan. I haven't bothered trying to figure out the details on the site.

The majority of Members there are outraged by what's happened in their state. Then there are a bunch of personalities who interject ridiculous statements about how everything that happened was Flint's fault, the fault of decades of Democratic rule in Flint, or just Democrats in general.

It's pretty strange reading those comments attached to articles that list the details contained in the e-mails that describe the wrongdoing of the Snyder administration, and ostensibly supporting the governor. And yes, this group of Snyder supporters reminds me of the role played by Hitler's Brown Shirts in the run-up to the events that eventually transpired.

Snyder trained as a lawyer. When first elected, he took care to set up his administration to deflect responsibility from him in case things went wrong. He depended upon laws passed by the republican dominated State legislature that exempted his office and the offices of his aides, appointees, and the State legislature from FOIA laws, and laws that apparently exempt the administration from prosecution for acts performed while serving in State government.

Snyder's operation was set up to make it appear the things being done were actions taken by appointees; that he, himself, was not in the loops of knowing or guiding the actions being taken. It's clearly evident the federal RICO statutes apply to many different actions Snyder's administration has taken. If Snyder and the three other elected officials responsible for running Michigan's government do not get indicted by the U.S. Justice Department and convicted, hang it up. The nails will have sealed the coffin of American democracy shut, and there will be no getting out.

It's very clear the infamous Michigan "emergency manager law" was key to Snyder's blueprint to pillage the State of Michigan. Snyder used the classic neo-liberal strategy championed by ALEC of cutting taxes, creating budget deficits, then introducing austerity measures that squeezed the poor, the disadvantaged, the elderly, public schools, the middle class, unions, and any "special interest group" not connected to his backers and political supporters.

With regard to Flint, it appears to me that Snyder's involvement from the outset was devoted to providing a water source to the Koch brothers to expand fracking operations in the State.

I also believe the decision to not properly treat the water from the Flint River for its corrosive quality was made by Emergency Manager Darnell Earley; I don't believe Snyder bothered himself with that detail. The final authority for that switch resided in the hands of Andy Dillon, Treasurer of the State of Michigan.

When the chief water quality engineer who was employed by Flint's Department of Public Works objected to Earley's plan to switch and use water from the River, he informed Earley, who refused to listen. DPW applied to the head of Michigan's Dept. of Environmental Quality to intercede. The Snyder appointee running that agency ignored that request more than once. It was in his authority to stop Earley; he did nothing. The events that followed were in line with Flint's predictions.

The $7 million loan reported here was offered to Flint in order to get Flint to agree to the conditions attached to that loan. It was coercion to ensure Flint did not withdraw from the KWA pipeline project.

I don't believe the Justice Department is ignoring what took place in Flint. I do believe investigations are on-going and will be announced once the case that holds those responsible accountable is secure. Having one's children knowingly poisoned is just too bi-partisan an issue to be ignored by any politician in today's world; that's changing - but the time when it won't matter isn't today.

EM Earley will be imprisoned for the murder of those who died from Legionnaires' Disease, and for the disabling injuries that has harmed untold thousands of Flint Residents. That line of justice will encompass numerous other high ranking officials.

Snyder will be indicted and convicted for failing to respond in the face of a health crisis involving lead, and for the ON-GOING poisoning of Flint's residents due to his indifference. The second indictment that's going to stick and result in a long-term prison sentence will be for racketeering. Hopefully the third punishment will come when the courts rule individual civil suits against Snyder personally can move forward. Hopefully this will lead to the confiscation of Snyder's considerable personal fortune to be distributed amongst the Flint Residents who are the victims in this ugly affair.


I just want to Thank you for what you said, if more people would take the time to research what went on they could see the results of what happened to the people of Flint. If it can happened to them, it can happened to any of us. One person wants to blame the POTUS for what happened in Flint. I guess he might as well get blamed for this, he gets blamed for all the things in the world. Then I got to thinking if the President had stepped in he would have been called a dictator, I guess he just can't win. Wonder who they'll blame next.


The thing is, exposure to high levels of toxic lead is a problem that's present in every city in America. It's an issue that needs to be addressed on a national scale. It's one aspect of the neglect of infrastructure that's endemic in our society.

With Flint, the damage can be traced to a bad decision made by an appointed administrator. That decision damaged old water pipes dispersed throughout the entire city. In most cities the high lead is found in individual homes; in Flint it's systemic. America could afford to deal with this in a responsible manner to protect the health of everyone who lives here. It would cost some cash; it would create some jobs. It's the greedy at the top pushing the political agenda ruling our society that prevents any action from being taken.


Not in Illinois. Three past governors from both Parties have served time or are serving time in prison for breaking the law while governors. And while some conclude that Illinois politicians are more corrupt than in other states, the truth is that other states don't hold their corrupt politicians accountable like Illinois does.


Remember the precedent set by theNuremberg trials? All the other administrators that informed Synder, but kept quiet should also be in jail. As well as those in the EPA who knew about it.