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Snyder's "Unconscionable" Use of Millions in Taxpayer Money for Criminal Defense Fees Questioned


Snyder's "Unconscionable" Use of Millions in Taxpayer Money for Criminal Defense Fees Questioned

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

One resident of Flint, Michigan—a city still grappling with a lead-contamination crisis—is asking a grand jury to look into whether Gov. Rick Snyder illegally used $2 million in taxpayer money for his legal fees related to the disaster.


Snyder should be facing Charges of violating people's Constitutional rights for the entire "Emergency Manager" debacle, not jut Flint.

He and the Republikan legislature should Never have been allowed to get away with Passing that law, much less actually USING it.



Do you know what he's done to almost every department in the state? Not that it wasn't bad enough.


Gov. Poison is so annoyed by criticism he gave a big f**** you to everyone in Michigan by putting an oil company PR flack in charge of the state environmental protection agency. Because poisoning an entire city was not enough.
He should be in jail.


Hahaha, I laugh whenever someone comments about putting Snyder in jail. For doing what illegally? Nothing. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of illegal immigrants on the other side of the country who are by definition, breaking the law. But theyre not in jail. Funny how that works.

I laugh even more when Hillary Clinton tried to tell Michganders that Snyder should be imprisoned. But again, he was found completely innocent of wrongdoing when he dumped his emails. Huh, Snder dumped his emails ... where are Hillary's?


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is claiming millions of Michigan dollars to defend his own sorry ass from punishment due him for the mismanagement of the city of Flint that cost the state and its people so dearly. Snyder judged his need for acquittal greater that the protection of a generation of brain damaged kids and a city poisoned by lead contaminated drinking water in their homes and schools, the result of criminal neglect by Snyder's Emergency Manager Law.

Rick Snyder and Party should be personally charged with the damage by confiscating funds from their own personal fortunes to repair the damage. "Death" is too mild a punishment for what Snyder & his Republican administration are still doing to Flint. I vote for a long sentence in a typical prison cell in the center of a poisoned neighborhood, but let his own sorry cell be scheduled last for decontamination.


WHY is this "criminal" still the Governor of Michigan?!

I support any and all efforts by Michiganders - especially in Flint - to investigate and charge Snyder for his "crimes against humanity" - AKA criminal neglect and/or failure to do the very basic job of any Governor - to protect and defend the rights/lives of ALL people in the State. Anything less than at least ATTEMPTING to meet this basic job requirement should be grounds for immediate impeachment proceedings.

Democracy should be permanently restored to all Michigan towns/counties/districts/etc.! Town Managers – or whatever the hell Snyder euphemistically called them – should be replaced by the personnel who were rightfully elected to serve in these positions.

The fact that Flint residents are still surviving from day to day (with only bottled water) is CRIMINAL! It is also proof positive that Governor Snyder is NOT doing his job! He needs to be replaced (yesterday) by a Governor who will make restoring safe drinking/bathing/etc. water to Flint residents THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of the position!