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So-Called 'Army Built to Fight Medicare for All,' Says Healthcare Expert, Really 'Just Hired Guns Hired by Corporate Stooges'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/25/so-called-army-built-fight-medicare-all-says-healthcare-expert-really-just-hired

" We have to take this evil seriously" .
Wow! Is that ever true.


Someone has to change the pricing of healthcare from a commodity based product to a national service like medicare. The idea that one person gets charged $10,000 for a surgery and another for free or $250 with or without discounts, cards, or other deals has to stop.
Medicare charges universally as far as I know. For-profit healthcare is run like cereal sales. It doesn’t work, except to build fancy insurance buildings.

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While the cost of insurance, deductibles and copays have gone through the roof. It is rarely mentioned in articles that I have read, the fact that Obamacare is giving millions in SUBSIDIES to both insurance companies and hospitals. That is only part of the gravy train these miserable bastards have grabbed and have no intention of letting go. This was part of the evil genius of Obama’s plan. Once these hedge funds get their hands on all that free cash, they will fight to the death to keep it.



That Army is out there. Try arguing for MFA or Bernie at other sites: HufPo, Raw, Alternet etc.
You will experience a group that seems to be suicidal. You will find kindred spirits, But you will be swarmed whit nonsense more


Not all fake news is main stream.


If we have money to spend billions in foreign aid, mainly in the form of weapons, then we have money for health care for all! To do so, we will need to rebuild the entire rotten system of treating everything as a commodity available only to the wealthy. I shudder to think of how much I’ll have to pay for two back-to-back hospital stays, even with Medicare. Because I have Aetna for medicare supplement. We shall see.


Why would you want a supplemental plan (code word for Insurance company boondoggle) when Medicare for All is an enhancement of medicare which covers at no extra charge all the benefits of a medicare supplemental plan which costs way too much for a plan that doesn’t offer anything additional to M4A?

This is Great News for Bernie.

The Media and political opponents are no longer Marginalizing Bernie and his Humanitarian proposal of Medicare For All.

Bernie is finally making an impact on the electorate and it shows by his consistent top tier position in the polls.

While Biden is suffering from a strong case of not being able to articulate his position on a variety of issues, Bernie is Energetic, Eloquent and has the ability to persuasively articulate his Humanitarian position on Medicare For All.

The Fact that they are building an Army of Lobbyists to smear Bernie and his Health Care Plan is strong evidence that he is making tremendous inroads into making Medicare For All a Reality.



Biden is that army’s task force tasked to make M4A SCARY so that no matter who gets the Dim nomination, fear of M4A will be embedded in the minds of voters.

Several mainstream newspapers on Monday had a front page article about Biden’s weekend rally in New Hampshire wherein every paragraph in the article included an “interview” with rally attendees emphasizing how “scared of M4A” they are.

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This “things are not so bad now” meme reminds me of that old joke of that person going to hell and being given his choice of punishment. He comes to a room were people stand in feces up to their waist and stand there drinking tea. He decides “This is not so bad , I can handle this” and decides this to be his eternal punishment. As soon as he wades into the shitpool a voice announces “Ok tea break is over now back on your hands and knees”

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Here’s another chestnut, as voiced by the Vin character played by Steve McQueen, from the “Magnificent Seven:”

Man jumps out the window of a tall building. As he passes each lower floor on the way down, the people inside can hear him say, “So far, so good.”

Well I’m from Canada, where we hold free health care as a sacred belief. I pity the millions of Americans who cannot afford health care.

Be careful of what you think will help Bernie.
Money lies in this country. Corporations and lobbyists lie the most. And they have DEEP POCKETS!
M4A must be paired with free paid medical education. 4 years of medical school after 4 years of college with 3-6 years of residency depending on you specialty, where you get paid very little, will only allow the elite to train in medicine and believe me, you do not want that!
Take it from an American Trained, Board Certified retired female Internist!

Common Dreams and other leading progressive voices (lookin’ at you, Waleed Shahid), please stop parroting neoliberal corporate media’s use of “centrist”. These so-called “centrist” pols are hardcore rightwingers.

On economic issues — protecting big business and billionaires while crushing the rest of us — Rahm Emanuel is no more “centrist” than Charles Koch. Nancy Pelosi is about as “moderate” as Dan Lipinski.

As Common Dreams and other truth-tellers often point out, American majorities support most items on the progressive agenda including universal healthcare. Thus progressive policies ARE the center. Progressives are the true centrists.

So please stop calling rightwingers “centrist” and, elsewhere, “moderate.” It damages the cause of economic justice, climate justice, health justice, racial justice and world peace. Don’t be complicit.

As cognitive linguist George Lakoff urges, let’s reframe our language. Stop shooting ourselves in the foot every time we open our mouth.

Words matter. Let the truth prevail.