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So-Called 'Common Sense' Immigration Plan Denounced as 'Mass Deportation Bill'


So-Called 'Common Sense' Immigration Plan Denounced as 'Mass Deportation Bill'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following news on Wednesday that a bipartisan group of senators known as the "Common Sense Caucus" reached a deal on an immigration measure that would grant President Donald Trump's demands for border wall funding and cuts to family reunification programs, immigrant rights groups denounced the proposed plan as a "


“Democrats, keep your eye on the ball”

FUNNY! Nobody told this writer that most damnocrats have no balls!


“Democrats, keep your eye on the ball: it is your responsibility to prevent Trump from using the crisis he manufactured to win nativist policies that will further devastate immigrant communities and transform our legal immigration system to make America whiter.”

– Javier Valdes

An how exactly are they going to do this short of some kind of violent coup? Does Mr. Valdes know what the word “minority party” means?


Democrats are the only ones with volition around here, with activists, and in the media. This seems to be modern times political rule number 1.

Meanwhile, Trump’s plan went down in the Senate 60-39 and a bipartisan immigration plan had 54 votes in the Senate.


What it seems to be analogous to me is, say, someone getting held up on the sidewalk, but instead of demanding that the armed robber be found and apprehended, the victim angrily demands the cops in the neighborhood at the time be fired. Why, in time of attack, does the left turn on itself and devour itself instead of turning on the source of the attack?


" immigrant rights groups denounced the proposed plan as a “mass deportation bill” and implored Democrats to vote against it."

" “The changes proposed by Senators Schumer-Rounds-Collins would effectively make the United States a Sanctuary Nation where ignoring the rule of law is encouraged,” the department said in a statement late Wednesday."

Are “immigrant rights groups” and the DHS talking about the same bill?


How is this a Deportation bill? It doubles the number of Dreamers and gives them citizenship?


Without constant flow of immigrants, American society and economy would bleed to death. There will never be an end to immigration.


Ruben Navarette: Dreamers: Don’t let Dems fool you

"Dreamers, this is your wake-up call. Democrats want you to think they’re in your corner. But it’s not so.

The Democrats failed you. Don’t let them fool you."


Negotiations concerning DACA have reached absurd new heights, with Trump demanding draconian permanent concessions seriously affecting immigrants’ rights now and in the future. Including Trump’s billion dollar border wall in the deal has nothing to do with the Dreamers’ situation. IMO, the Dems should stop negotiating with Trump about DACA. Rescinding DACA’s legal status is generally not popular and would make Trump look heartless, which he is.


? Who do you think is the source of attack?


Democrats need to take a harder line & not agree to deport anybody. Obama deported enough people already. This is scapegoating & will lead to ethnic cleansing. Scapegoating is an ancient ruse used to normalize Authoritarianism for all of us.


Let’s deport Trump to Russia. That would seem to be fair punishment for Russia helping to elect Trump.


Want to deport the DNC also? Indirectly (tongue-in-cheek) THEY did the MOST to elect Dumbf by cheating Sanders out of the primary!


Cindy Madrid, You are absolutely right.
Donald Trump can’t be trusted. He is a bigot answering to the super wealthy
who also feel superior and entitled to dominate the earth. Immigration
policy has been dysfunctional forever. Our Immigration laws can’t be
righted in a quick high stakes game of Congressional poker, where the
president holds all the cards, and the public is not included in the
discussion. If Trump is acting as a dictator, he doesn’t require any
participation from the Democrats.


America endures because our ability to accept people of all backgrounds, races and religions seeking a better life, incorporating them in our democracy.


I am a “yellow-dog” Democrat, but immigration is the one major issue that I am in disagreement on. With the dearth of jobs - real jobs, not the minijobs like Uber et al - the fact is that we need to restrict immigration so as to make the job market better for Americans. I don’t see how restricting family-reunification (immediate family excepted) helps out the Working Class, and the visa lottery is beyond ridiculous, as it assigns a rentier credential in a ridiculous random fashion like the few affordable housing units that are developed.

I could easily see myself voting for an independent John Kasich over a Democrat that votes for the interest for (current) foreigners over Americans.