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So-Called 'Election Integrity' Panel in Pennsylvania Seen as GOP Trojan Horse to Help Trump Steal Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/so-called-election-integrity-panel-pennsylvania-seen-gop-trojan-horse-help-trump

“What’s happening in Pennsylvania is a national emergency,” he wrote, “and we have to stop it.”

True but in my view, not just in Pennsylvania, the national emergency is the entire Republican Party which will do anything to lie, cheat and steal the election and needs to be destroyed before it is too late. They are really not the Republican Party ( there is nothing Republican about it) but are now THE TRUMP, AMERIKAN FASCIST PARTY! That is the real NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

During the three decades after leaving office Jimmy Carter lead teams focused on stopping voter suppression in third world nations, while the GOP concurrently escalated voter suppression and election rigging in the US as it turned the US into a third world nation rapidly headed toward neofeudalism.

In 2020 the GOP has refined voter suppression and election rigging to a much higher level than any third world nation ever did.

“Electon Integrity Panel”

I saw a yard sign today - make 1984 fiction again.

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Yup more GOP skullduggery. And much more to come.
Lee Atwater comes to mind.

The man who, on his deathbed, expressed remorse for having been a duplicitous sack of shite his entire life.

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I want one!

…My friend had a hat made that says ‘Make Orwell Myth Again’…

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…I’ll just call these GOP hacks, duplicitous, evil phks…phkem with the butt end of a pool cue…or jail with Bubba as a cell mate, you probably catch my drift…

Faulty reporting complaint: Let’s hear Ms Germanos tell readers what these Republican legislatures can actually DO to interfere with ballot results. It’s all booga-booga “reporting” (by Rachel Maddow too), rather than clarifying that special electoral committees could give themselves powers to impound state ballots and send their own substitute Republican electors to the college. Who would stop the multiple states that will try to pull this off? The Supreme Court? Progressive groups “mobilizing” for a fair election have to be ready for this nuclear option–and it sounds like they’re not. With “election integrity” power in Repub legislators’ kit, no attention- grabbing distractions, like Trump’s diagnosis, will matter.