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So-Called "News Division" at Fox Has Not Had One Misinformation-Free Day So Far This Year: Study

So-Called "News Division" at Fox Has Not Had One Misinformation-Free Day So Far This Year: Study

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A new report released Monday from Media Matters For America found that not a single day went by in the first four months of 2019 when the "hard news" arm of Fox News didn't lie to its audience.

Fox has long assured viewers and advertisers that the network's news and opinion wings are fundamentally different. But, as Media Matters president Angelo Carusone explained in a statement, that isn't really based in facts.

So-Called “News Division” at Fox Has Not Had One Misinformation-Free Day So Far This Year: Study

The implication seems to be that the other Main Stream Media outlets have had days free of misinformation. I expect that is highly unlikely.

Just the other day I was listening to NPR (National Propaganda Radio). They blatantly stated that Maduro had only a small segment of support from the general population. They went on to state that Maduro couldn’t possibly win in an opened, fair, and free election.

Hello, He already won in an opened, fair, and free election. He won with about 68% of the vote in an opened, fair, and free election that was monitored by international monitors who gave the election a complete thumbs up.


It is precisely for this reason that Eoin Higgins’ other article today, about the “transparent attempt” by Liz Cheney and the “Right-Wing Outrage Machine” to “sow division between minority communities and distract from [their] own criminal behavior” by “smearing a Muslim woman” with their “[lies] about Rashida Tlaib’s comments” lets those minions of evil (Cheney and Company) off much too easily.

Cheney and Company have been spewing their vile propaganda–now fashionably “fascist” but otherwise “authoritarian,” “right-wing,” “monarchical,” “despotic,” “Randian,” “totalitarian,” “tyrannical,” “royalist,” etc., etc., etc.–ever since they were born into households in which all of the above was considered “morality,” in a tradition of oppression going back at least 5,000 years. They gain disciples in every generation while people are obsessing over the tyranny du jour, failing to understand that IT IS ALL THE SAME SCAM.

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FOX is so blatantly false that it makes all foreign press controlled by their government spewing junk and bent reality, that they are frequently quoted by Putin. I listened to a call in on CSPAN of a Trump defender in a self righteous whine of poor Trump being unfairly picked on. They apparently use (MEIN KAMPF) as their bible. Bannon, by the way, is over in Italy trying to dismantle the Catholic Church. Aren’t they all wonderful human beings? Oh and check out the Cockney Brits on the "FOX " pay roll.

Headline sez:
“So-Called ‘News Division’ at Fox Has Not Had One Misinformation-Free Day So Far This Year”

… aka “Mission accomplished.”


As a character in author Steve Martini’s book, Shadow of Power says, “What used to pass for the fourth estate is now just a duplex”. Amen, Mr. Martini. Amen…

You’ll remember that a few years ago there was a flurry of current events quizzes that were administered to the population in general. It was found that with only one exception (naming Supreme Court members or something similar), Fox listeners came in dead last behind all the other networks and even people who didn’t watch network TV. They even came in way behind Jon Stewart’s show and Stephen Colbert’s show, both comedy shows, for where people got accurate information. It looks like nothing has changed very much.

During the 90s faux noise was founded for the express purpose of fullfilling Goebbels’ vision to gain and maintain power by spreading ever bigger lies.

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And I thought that was Limpbaugh’s job. This misinformation ties in perfectly with Trump’s daily lying. Over 10,000 lies in less than two years. A record that will remain safe forever perhaps.