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So-Called 'Trump Resistance' Mostly Silent as US President Openly Foments Coup d'Etat in Venezuela

So-Called 'Trump Resistance' Mostly Silent as US President Openly Foments Coup d'Etat in Venezuela

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As U.S.


It patently clear that the USA behind this coup. They have openly stated they would act to force a change in Governments in Venezuela. Any that pretend that this anything else but a US sponsored coup have their heads firmly up their arses.

It was also planned ahead of time with other lapdog leaders in other Countries quickly following suit in recognizing the opposition leader as the legitimate head of State and ignoring the peoples will and the last election. The rapidity of their coordinated response suggests they were given their marching orders ahead of time.


This is just the beginning. As climate change gets worse, as the habitat collapses, simplistic politics erode.

The population of the planet increases at three additional people per second. Every city in the world pretty much uses the same materials now. We all have the same cars, buildings, roads, factories, high rises, computers, etc. and they all use the same resources.

Who decides who gets what is left? And as social unrest gets worse, why are people still having more kids?

You live on a planet.


AOC - we’re waiting…?


This event clearly reveals the absolute hypocrisy of the DNC shrill fantasy that Russia, Russia, Russia, is subverting our democracy. Interference in elections and attempted coups is just fine with them as long as none is directed toward 'merika. What a sad day for this country. But at least we now know that 2 members of House of Representatives believe in the Constitution (however marginally).

So, no surprise that most of world thinks the U.S. is the greatest threat to world peace. And of course they are correct.


The instinct to reproduce is extremely strong. Unfortunately, evolution optimized the reproduction instinct for an environment that no longer exists. That is how biology works. Too bad there is no God to re-arrange things.

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Just because we do it does not make it okay for the Russians to do to us. It also does not make it a fantasy.

But to your larger point, I do believe that the dems in congress are either complicit or are not paying attention. And I think that the American people don’t understand what we do in the world because it’s not really talked about except in outlets like Democracy Now.


They want what the public owns, Maduro and Chavez would not give what the US and multinationals and elites of Venezuela want which is there oil and any other resources the public owns.

US takes what they want, Bush tried to also and it has been going on in South America for I don’t know 60/70 years.


A make-up gift to Pelosi from Trump? Something those two wacky lovebirds can agree upon. Maybe we can finally be rid of that stupid wall and get something Democrats really crave: an invasion to topple a naughty dictator that just recently won re-election.

Ya gotta love when bipartisanship emerges from such dire acrimony.


Being a fantasy makes the Russia Russia Russia fantasy a fantasy.


Don’t forget that it was Obama that declared Venezuela a “threat” to American hegemony.


Rejoice all you Registered Duopoly Devotees:

Your unwavering support is bringing us more Aggression.


Maduro, despite his good intentions, mismanaged Venezuela’s economy and brought his country to near total collapse. Trump’s blessing guarantees whoever take over will be viewed as a dictator put in charge by the US, ruining any prospects of a favorable outcome for the Venezuelan People.


The #Resistance does an amazing job of disappearing whenever Mr. Trump is at his worst… and spends the rest of its time attacking Trump from his right, urging him to be more warlike.

It’s time to change all that and oppose Trump’s increasingly belligerent foreign policy agenda, which – two years into his presidency – is more in line than ever with the dictatorial, plundering agenda of his abysmal predecessors.

No more.



If only Putin would signal his support for the coup in Venezuela! Then “the Resistance” would wake up!


I have been saying for over a year now that the U. S., probably secretly led by the CIA, is going to overthrow the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua. Well, Act I is very much underway. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of the given reasons for bringing down the government of Venezuela - suffering, dictatorship (Maduro and Chavez won more elections than George W. Bush ever did legitimately, which was none), shortages of goods - which was created by regional oligarchs and their monopolies. This is about one thing - Venezuela has the most oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere, and the U. S. and it’s real owners can’t control them, and that is unacceptable to the Powers That Be. Any U. S.-backed government that takes over Venezuela is not going to be a government that will do anything good for the common poor people of the country. Those in the streets agitating for a coup are the prosperous middle and upper classes, not the peasants, who overwhelmingly support the Chavista government. The U. S. never supports reforms for the poor and dispossessed, and this fits in exactly with our 200 year track record in this Hemisphere. We have to find some way to stop this shameful coup.


China is the last hope for humanity’s survival. China is the only nation ruled by people with enough understanding and sufficiently devoid of superstitions and fanaticisms to realize that, when it becomes a matter of survival, it will be necessary to defy the US on a global battlefield. Only China has the wherewithal to do that.
Trump (and his many incarnations yet to come) is much worse than Hitler. The only character that comes close to Trump was Caligula, in my opinion.


Why is this so? Just because Trump tweets something, doesn’t mean people in Venezuela are unhappy with Maduro all on there own, right? People there have agency, correct?


What we are witnessing is global fascist megalomania in action:


Amerika has drooled over control of Venezuela’s oil for decades and will do anything to get at it, including the ongoing economic extortion, and now the destabilization of the elected government.