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'So Dangerously Authoritarian': Trump Says 'Hopefully' Courts Will Stop States From Counting Ballots After November 3

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/so-dangerously-authoritarian-trump-says-hopefully-courts-will-stop-states-counting


Many are obligated and under oath to protect the Constitution from external dangers and from dangers from within the country,…no matter whom that may be…I guess it depends upon who they think they are beholden to.


Running scared.


The reason votes are currently counted after Nov. 3, was to ensure votes from people in the military were counted. Republicans were the ones who pushed the rules through Congress. MAGAts must be against the troops? Take away their flags!


Vote in person then a class action lawsuit against this megalomaniac.


Yet another reason to condemn the trolls who falsely claim that there’s no difference between Biden and Trump, between the Democratic and GOP parties.
The factual record of Trump’s actions and those of his GOP co-conspirators prove they’ve engaged in more fascist, totalitarian, traitorous actions, genocidal actions in four years than Democratic presidents and the Democratic Party have ever engaged in at all.
Both parties are corrupted by capitalism, ego, greed, pride, corporate money and human evil, but Trump and the GOP are by far the most dangerous we’ve ever seen, and Trump is our Hitler/Putin/MBS/Kim Jong Un/Bolsonaro.
Anybody who comes here to spread false equivalencies, deflections, and other lies and stupidities on behalf of Trump is an enemy of me personally and America in general.
This isn’t about a difference of opinion, perceptions or perspective, this is about people who work on behalf of the most dangerous president and political party America has ever seen.


If there was ever an oath more thoroughly violated i have never heard of it.


Better call Brutus , cause he’s going to force the election , into the
stacked Supreme Court who will then install their Dicktater.
Ok,i’m ranting and don’t REALLY know , but prepare for the worst .

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Don’t pretend for a minute that courts across the nation, who supposedly maintain a high respect for the institution of law, (they do not), aren’t taking this remark as an direct order that they must follow. Any who do not follow it will simply be overruled by a higher kangaroo court anyway. Why shouldn’t they do this, nobody is gong to stop them. Do you really believe the American sheeple would even consider doing what it would take to prevent the hostile overthrow of their nation?


Aren’t these state electoral laws that are being ruled on by the Supreme Court? I wonder what these faux Libertarians feel about that.


Libertarians haven’t been libertarians ever since they aligned themselves with the GOP during the Watergate era.


With all due respect, your first sentence contains two glaring logical fallacies.

  1. Argument ad hominem - Calling your interlocutors “trolls” is not an argument. What your interlocutors are has nothing whatsoever to do with the validity or invalidity of their arguments. Besides, you have cited no evidence for your assertion that they are trolls. It is not even clear what you mean by “troll.” Please address your interlocutors’ arguments and please refrain from projecting gratuitous, meaningless, baseless labels onto your interlocutors.

  2. Straw man argument - You conjure a straw man when you assert that some commenters on this site “claim that there is no difference between Biden and Trump.” By projecting a fictitious argument, you give readers the impression that you have refuted your interlocutors. The claim “Biden and Trump are equally bad” is easy to refute. But that is not what your interlocutors have said. What they have said is that Biden and Trump are being bribed by the same group of transnational corporate special interests. That is an argument which you have not even attempted to address.


Bottom line, POC:
Stop relying on white people’s benevolence for our people’s physical well being - white Americans (the ones that matter, that is) would rather let the country go to ruin than see “the ‘good’ darkies” turned into “phuckin’ n______” by the thought of a more egalitarian society. So, if you’re a POC who’s going to vote, prepare: prepare for long voting lines (bring a chair & a snack), prepare for voter intimidation (don’t go alone, bring a camera phone, bring a firearm if you got one and it’s legal to carry it in your polling place), prepare for them to try & prevent you from voting (bring ID), etc.

This (Trump’s presidency, the GOP’s embrace of Nazism, white supremacists emerging from the margins) is all a race war, first and foremost - racism is what brought Trump to power & it’s what keeps him popular. (Save your bullshit explanations about the economy, notALLwhitepeople - you & your racist brethren know full well that Biden will take just as good of care of your precious 401k as Trump has; he’s a corporatist, after all)

Understand this, POC:
The white folks are never going to do what is necessary for us: fight the racists, no-holds-barred. It’s long past time for us POC to fight for our own. At this point, we’re Fighting for our cousins of color all around the world, because white people’s Frankenstein - climate change - is going to wipe out us POC’s countries first.
Then, they’ll refuse us entry into their countries; they’ll wall their countries off. They’re trying to exterminate all of us, do you understand? white people’s “final solution” for us is climate change

*And understand, not-rich white folks: y’all will be left out in the hellscape right along with us, once the rich feel they have enough serfs to last them a lifetime in a couple decades - so it’s actually in your best interests to unite with us, but i know better than to hold my breath


AND gig workers (like those forced to work on the road, well into our retirement, exposed to lonely, grisly death to enrich our kleptocracy’s 0.01% donors) because imbeciels like our troll keep playing their sneeringly blatant game, by THEIR obtuse Citizen’s United imposed rules. Didactic obfuscatory straw-manning, cherry-picking, and simply LYING about our obvious fucking duopoly, disenfranchising us life-long REAL Democrats, who simply do NOT want to be shown over and over that our former party now belongs to those who FEED upon our indentured servitude, terror at our obvious descent into Authoritarian Feudalism, race hatred and ignominious fear to speak out at injustice by our up front, SNEERING tag-team kleptocracy can’t silence us with silly repetitious lies? They’re not even TRYING to hide how they’ll benefit, by just reenacting their '16 hippy stomp-down, they don’t HAVE to?





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I’ll bet he’ll see things very differently if he’s behind on election night…then he’ll be whining that he wants to extend the counting as long as it takes for him to come out on top. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch, longer counts and a deeper hole of rejection by the voting public getting under this snowflake’s skin.


First the politicians gave Presidents the complete control over war and
we end up with endless trillion dollar wars. Then without protest (see Gore
and Kerry) they gave the courts complete control over voting and we end up
with totalitarianism and a dead democracy or at least what was left of it.


With all due respect, anybody who knows how online trolls work and knows the Trump troll farm talking points, can analyze the CD comment boards and see the trollery at work.
You flat out lie by saying that people posting on behalf of Trump here aren’t using the same old same old script, which is as follows:
duopoly, both parties are bad, Trump and Biden are equally bad, it doesn’t make a difference if Trump or Biden wins, they’re both the same, both parties are corrupt, only a third party is worthy of our votes, voting for Biden is voting for a warmonger, and many other lies to muddy the waters.
As regards who bribes the two major parties and their candidates, one thing for sure is that the gestation slavery, theocratic bribery is all going to Trump and the GOP, and that the Democratic Party has nearly 100 progressives in Congress, but the GOP has ZERO!

Anyone who can’t recognize the lesser of two evils is evil themselves.


It would be most helpful if you would tone down your hyperbolic rhetoric. There are very few, if any, people here who are saying that “there’s no difference between Biden and Trump, between the Democratic and GOP parties.” Rather, what they are saying is that there are, on some issues, little significant difference between Biden and Trump as you conveniently overlook the fact that Biden, like Trump, is a big advocate of the military budget. Trump and Biden, as well as Kamala Harris, also boast of how they are big supporters of law and order which does not bode well for Blacks and other minority groups. Biden and Trump also support the oppressive state of Israel. And no, despite your erroneous claim, the above statements are not “false equivalencies, deflections, and other lies and stupidities on behalf of Trump” as it is you yourself who claim a false equivalency by intimating that anyone who dares to criticize Biden must support support Trump and is an "enemy … of “America in general.”

Perhaps your next trick is to demand that people obey what was written on an infamous bumper sticker during the Vietnam War and that would be the one which stated: America: Love it or Leave it. If that is your opinion then perhaps it should be you who should leave instead of people who dare to criticize a Democrat who is against universal health care and who voted for the Iraq War.


Whenever I post comments about Trump trolls, the same people slag my comments.
Very revealing.
Astute, intelligent readers of the CD comments boards all know that there’s an army of trolls who show up on articles that document Trump’s evil, to always say “but but but Biden and the Dems are evil too.”
Even on articles that have nothing to do with politics, the trolls show up to place off-topic comments slagging Biden.
Get a clue!


Biden and Trump are being bribed by the same group of transnational corporate special interests.

Just take the L on that one, Carol, she’s 100% correct. Arguing against that point will only make you look (more) like a DNC plant, which i sense that some of our mutual friends might already suspect you are. Just trying to help…