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'So Frustrating': Pelosi Accused of Shutting Bold Progressives Out of Powerful Committees


'So Frustrating': Pelosi Accused of Shutting Bold Progressives Out of Powerful Committees

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"At first glance, progressives got mostly rolled."


Any progressive/left voter who believes Pelosi (or the other DP frauds) actually serves their interests, or in any way reforming the DINO dominated DP, or support Universal Single-Payer or any other action that challenges the big-money dominated status quo has got another think coming! She serves her own self-interest and that of the vulture capitalist model of usury and wealth; she and the other entrenched servants of that model will have to be dragged-out of power they will not relinquish out of dedication to the 99%'s needs or demands, or even a political “winning” strategy/plan!



It’s so frustrating, you keep returning the thing to this job. But sure, keep expecting something different every time you do.

The Stunned Democrat should be the name of a really strong cocktail.


Obviously, we need to primary these DINOs out of existence. Nancy just doesn’t get it, a new dawn has arrived and the sun is setting on them and their bought-and-paid-for ilk.


Pelosi belongs to the Empire Party not the people’s party.


Really wish that could happen … We will not be able to vote our way out. Maybe in a real democracy. When the peasants (us) get desperate enough change will come but not at the ballot box The wall street democrats own the box and have told us so. Reference the DNC argument in Florida regarding 2016 primary rigging. ‘The DNC is a private organization and we decide the candidates that appear on the ballot(s).’ Somewhat paraphrased but accurate.


Anyone surprised? This is standard operating procedure folks. Just doing her job - shutting down all progressive changes.


Johnson sez:
“… calls for freshmen members like Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) to be selected for key committees were always a long-shot due to House tradition and seniority norms …”

Takes a long time to turn around an ocean liner.

Even longer if you’ve already run it into an iceberg.


Pelosi is into vengeance (for those who didn’t vote for her), not reform. The Dims are a lost cause. Bernie Sanders would easily double his support as an alternative to this entrenched power structure if he would, right now, announce he is leaving the Dim party for good and join Greens or create new party. Now is the time to make the move in preparation of the 2020 president election. I am not holding my breath that this will happen though, I think we are doomed as a democracy, if we ever were one.


Did anyone truly believe the newbies would be allowed into her Club? They will always be on the outside unless she passes away… from natural or unnatural causes.


Pelosi and the Dem leadership really know how to be killjoys and curb the enthusiasm and energy for action. That is why they have to go. Pelosi and establsihment Dems seems more interested in the exercise of power than in actually achieving what the people need. I expect very little if anything progressive to happen with this House.


Daily Kos once again undermines true progressives. They have supported Pelosi completely, just as they supported HRC. I stopped reading their neo-liberal crap in 2016.


Why do Dems enjoy keeping Repubs in office? Their own tax cuts perhaps?


Voting is just one part of what we must do.
First, a published list of Progressive Policies (Medicare-for-All) must be created and circulated.
Then, the revolution unfolds.


Obviously her ego has gone way off the charts. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No need for progressives to look for an enemy in Trump - they have a greater one right in the ranks of the “so-called” progressive liberals. She will subvert whatever real deep good and progress is available to be made.


We spent almost 100 years mired in jim crow segregation because of the power rules in congress prevented anything good from getting through.


Apparently the “progressives” in the so so liberal city of San Francisco keep putting her back in. Power trumps progress.


The rich techies and venture capitalists must love her. They give her money. She is their darling. We know who she is and what she is all about but that doesn’t seem to change the rigged system.


The system of representative government is rigged.

Who wants to change it?


Brings a whole new meaning to “You Will Not Replace Us,” huh?