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'So Frustrating': Pelosi Accused of Shutting Bold Progressives Out of Powerful Committees


It’s just after 9\11, and you might want to consider impeachment, because. Who’s the Speaker of the House? Why, it’s none other than Nancy Pelosi. No impeaching here, Jim. We’re moving Forward!


The ruling elites will never willingly relinquish their power. Never.


A O-C had 19 million followers/views after her 60 Minutes interview. She was a guest on The Rachel Maddow Show briefly last night. She’s getting some of her message out, certainly. The Sandernistas have a very strong base, as well. Sen. Sanders, a known figure by now, is getting his message out via the media and his Our Revolution networks. DSA has a strong presence in certain areas of the country, too. They’re making some inroads on the local, state and Congressional level. The stronger they grow the more attention they’ll get from the Police & Security State, especially the FBI and HSA. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: …The media, who knows?
The progressive coalition has always worked the inside/outside positioning and " movement politics " regardless of the Duopoly structures represented by what is usually shorthanded as The Establishment or The Uniparty of Washington, D.C. The entrenched forces who are, unfortunately, bankrolling the current policy and politics we find ourselves mired in. The term " stakeholders " now used in political lingo is misleading, the phrase " status quo " is more accurate. And that is running head on with the term " grass roots insurgency ". It’s omni-directional and quite fluid which makes for an unpredictable hash-settling. Bring it on, really.
Since this split government is basically shut down and stalled by reactionary forces, who knows what the future short-term outcome will be. And honestly, the long-term survivors ( seniority/committee heads ) have earned their place in the sun, under this system and for the time being. That could be changed pretty easily.
All I know was that in 1972 Nixon had the progressives forces on the run; to use his terms, " by the balls ". 30 months later " his junk " had been hacked off with a rusty butter knife.
So it goes… hopefully.


Let’s start dragging. Let em scream. They’ve had their time. Oh, and anyone protesting outside of Pelosi’s personal residence…be sure to step on her precious lawn. That’s her weak spot and really torques her off:)


Fentanyl, methamphetemine, and Jack Daniels. I call it the Stoned Democraaa… Let the DNC, DCCC enjoy the first round!


Uppers and downers together? Not a good idea.


Pelosi Must Go!
She’s not the only one, but her alone would be a good start.


If the democrats could get rid of pelosi and schumer the democrat party could thrive…I am a democrat but I hate pelosi and schumer they sell out the democratic idea to the billionaires…They are democrats in name only not deeds. Schumer and Pelosi must go they represent the worst of the democrat party.