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So How Many VW Executives Are Going to Jail Exactly?


So How Many VW Executives Are Going to Jail Exactly?

Robert Weissman

Note: Volkswagen has reportedly agreed to pay roughly $15 billion in compensation to car owners and civil penalties to settle its U.S. emissions scandal case. The terms of the settlement were announced Tuesday. In 2015, the automaker admitted that 11 million of its vehicles worldwide had software designed to cheat on emissions tests for unlawful air pollution.


That would be the same number of Wall street thieves that plead guilty to charges and paid a fine......0


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Pinstripes to prison stripes?

Fahrvergnügen ...


There are so many hurdles to jump to put these guys in jail that I don't think that is worth pursuing. A better plan is to identify those responsible including senior executives and to require VW to accuse these people of fraud, fire them for cause, and cut all their salaries and benefits to zero. No golden parachutes or stock deals. That is what VW would do if it caught them stealing or working with VW competitors. It seems to me to be the right punishment when combined with the other punishments that VW must pay.


I'm afraid the US has taught all other nations just exactly what to do when the extradition request arrives, ignore it! That is exactly what the German justice system will do if the US tries to extradite.


VDub was caught and now the snow ball is headed down the hill, but you got the picture on who will start to be charged in varying degrees. The 'precautionary principle' would have made this a lot easier, instead it's always been 'more money for rich people'....and a hundred years worth of propagandized advertising. The sh*t has become too deep and it's gonna get smelly.


Yes, Volkswagen cheated, those bloody assholes. However, it is also the laissez-faire German government who let the automobile industry cheat their customers over years - not only in the US but also here in Germany. Still, I wonder why VW is being grilled now so badly: 15 - 20 billion dollars while nobody has died of the consequences of the cheating. The recent GM problem actually did kill about 100 people in the US - as far as I remember - and the fines were well below 1 billion.
On the other hand I keep hearing of many people here in Germany who are actually addicted to drink Coca Cola. Typically very obese people with tendency towards diabetes. They simply cannot stop dringing that sugary shit from across the Atlantic. However, I haven't heard of any legal steps against Coca Cola, not to mention fines.
This is fairness US-style and it tells a lot of what we in Europe will have to expect once TTIP and CETA will have been pressed on us.


The number of VW executives that go to jail will be the same number of Bank executives that went to jail when they scammed America and got boatloads of our bucks. God bless America the land of opportunity.


So who are you voting for and/or expecting to win? All presidents and their admins have been corrupt for the most part. You could have expressed the exact same thing of the Bush/Cheney admin. Unbridled capitalism, massive fraud is what we've had at least since Ronny Rayguns. The GOP is dying with the DimOcraps running a close second. Money and corruption, out of politics or we're done, that sir, is the only 'clear lesson'. The GOP fucked us while the Dims sat around and watched and got tight with Wall Street.


'…an environmentally friendly car...'


Volkswagen and its executives must be held to account for criminal wrongdoing.

Someone else still deluded by the myth that legal systems are there to provide justice...


"Diesel cars tested in Norway produced quadruple the NOx emissions of large buses and lorries in city driving conditions, according to the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research. A separate study for Transport for London showed that a small car in the “supermini” class emitted several times more NOx than most HGVs and the same amount as a 40-tonne vehicle."
"the latest diesel models cars produce at least as much NOx as far heavier buses and trucks.

"The issue of NOx pollution, thought to kill 23,500 people a year in the UK alone, gained prominence when VW diesels were discovered to be cheating official US emissions tests. The scandal also led to revelations that the diesels of many car manufacturers produce far more NOx on the road than in EU lab tests, though not via illegal means."


All that said, numerous corporate executives in other fields exploit, steal, misinform, and kill or cause diseases and conditions in far more people than VW diesel emissions manipulations - take big-pharma execs pushing their really deadly killer drugs on a captive population in fear (of sickness & death) - aided by their complicit and corrupt accomplices, doctors, politicians & media!