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So How's Your Tax Return? Thanks to GOP Tax Scam, Wall Street Banks Made Extra $28 Billion Last Year

So How's Your Tax Return? Thanks to GOP Tax Scam, Wall Street Banks Made Extra $28 Billion Last Year

Jon Queally, staff writer

While headlines continue to proliferate about average Americans discovering they will not receive the tax return they were expecting—and in many cases, depending on—new federal date released Thursday showed that major U.S.

Trump’s base views politics no different than they view a football game. They love the “drain the swamp” chants, never considering its meaning or the fact that nobody has thrived in the swamp culture more than Trump, and nobody has enhanced the swamp culture more than Trump.


Don’tchya wish you could call someone and tell them you’re being robbed?


HI Ditton, I had my taxes done today…I owe more to the federal government this year than last year—and it’s the same income…however, I get something back from the state this time----so that will help pay off the federal one . I somehow feel that nothing really changed. : 0

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Hey stardustIBID, you’re probably lucky enough to live in a state that saw this problem for their citizens coming, and adjusted their state taxes to alleviate the tax pain they would incur from the federal level. That’s great, but few states could afford to do this, the rest of the states citizens are feeling the pinch.

This is a issue that Trump voters need to be reminded about over and over again before the 2020 election.


Hi ReconFire-----but weirdly, the amount of income money stayed the same---- and with the 1099 job too, I always expect to pay more-----oh maybe the new Governor is sharing the good news and not giving Trump any money back from the transportation money. OR, maybe I had a bad tax person last year-----because they are all volunteers, and its free tax help----the state refund will help pay the federal which it never has done before.

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You can remind them but there is the issue of basic intellegence. I hope they get it but I’m not holding my breath.

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Awww fuck it. I got my mill bastard file sharping my fork and working on my flame thrower. I’m so goddamned tired of the rich scum ruining lives. Ok Vietnam protest music!

Every wonder where Crossroads came from?
Robert Johnson…the man who walked to the crossroad and sold his soul to the devil to play guitar. The black guy in O Brother Where Art Thou…,

Last but not least the final Cream Concert in 1968…


It’s not the GOP; it’s the RICO.

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Greedy Old Porkers

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Guaranteed the Black Artists who wrote these Blues songs were never compensated by Clapton and others who made a fortune re- recording them.

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Most people I’ve talked to are not happy, including myself. We all either had to pay or got less of a refund. Bad move for Trumps so called Booming Economy as less will be put back into it. The people llose more each day as the rich keep raking it in because off this bastard. Surprised to see how many here are so complacent about this.


Representative government is the fly in the ointment.

Direct Liquid Democracy

If we have a choice in the matter, what do you suggest we do?

What you are witnessing is the end game of the grand plan laid out by the Powell memo almost fifty years ago. Conservative forces diligently chipped away at government institutions for decades. They privatized every service they got their hands on. They deregulated, lowered and eliminated taxes. They forced the democrats, their only rival, to move their own ideology to the right. These things were done with one thing in mind.
They knew that the nations demographics were changing. That soon white men would no longer be able exercise control over the USA at the ballot box. The end game was to be implemented in 2016. An all out effort to control the executive and legislative branch was begun. The GOP coordinated with any and all funding entities, both domestic and foreign. This election was to be the republicans magnum opus, for they knew that in just a few short years, maybe as soon as 2020, they would never win another national election, or the House cycle.
What you are witnessing now is the final mad dash. This has now turned into a smash and grab operation. On their way out the door the GOP is filling pillowcases with all the cash they can get their hands on. And the final part of their plan is now painfully obvious. They have now packed the federal appellate courts with “fellow travelers” that will slow down or stop any and all efforts to reverse the fascist policies they have rushed to implement in the last few years.
Only bold leadership and an equally bold agenda with stop this great American sell out. I’m not holding my breath for the current incarnation of the Democratic Party to do anything about this.


Let’s just call it a need for an honest-to-God, take-the-mutha-fuggahs down “revolution.” Nothing less bold will suffice. Wealth redistribution will only come when we pry the coin from their cold, dead hands.
(Or should we all just vote. Again. And pretend, again, that there will be a different result.)

Many of us haven’t filed yet. Many are scared to. Many of us boomers who don’t have more money than we know what to do with it and just get by and maybe have $1,000 for a emergency think that it won’t hit us?

My 2018 federal income tax obligation was actually reduced by 40%. Of course, this resulted in a significant refund to which I am having applied to my 2019 tax obligation. By the way, I am retired and make quarterly estimated tax payments.

Am I thrilled about this large reduction? Not particularly. I would much prefer that my federal taxes would have stayed the same with the reduced amount being applied to social programs that are being stripped away. Unfortunately, the reduced tax amount would more likely be used to continue our nonstop wars or to further pad the pockets of the capitalist elites.

I believe all this to be true but hope not. That is why we need big change not radical do nothing democrats.

Get Trump out in 2020. That’s the only thing we can do besides a Revolution which will Never Happen in this Country!

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