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'So If You're Poor, You're Dead'? Watch These Brits Gasp When They Find Out Cost of Healthcare in the United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/03/so-if-youre-poor-youre-dead-watch-these-brits-gasp-when-they-find-out-cost


I don’t suppose this clip will be shown on corporate news? Nah…


Good guess.


I’m a highly trained and skilled guesser, Guild. (-:
Just don’t ask me to guess the outcome of the damnocrat primary as it is rigged.


Hey , i was charged Over THREE THOUSAND dollars for an ambulance ride about five or six years ago.
I discover that the attendant and driver lied about a particular procedure that they did NOT perform but claimed they did.
The Fire department just happen to see that the attendant was lying and became my witness when i challenged the bill by the ambulance company .
as soon as they found out the fire department was backing my story they immediately dropped the false charges.
Not only do you have to pay outrages sums of money in an emergency by they also try to screw you for extra money on top .


Nor will a similar clip in the USA.

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Yes, the demo/rats have the 2020 primary rigged, so we can all make the statement that Bernie will not be nominated for POTUS… and that is not a guess!


Well, as Yogi said, Shantiananda: “It ain’t over 'til it’s over”. I’m not giving up yet because we are not getting true feedback from the selective polls.


Two different men appear shocked when told Americans can be charged $2,500 for an ambulance ride.

That is nothing compared to the $14,000,00 bill I received when my daughter was born in a remote part of Alaska and had to be medivaced by jet, but I am not complaining because it saved her life.


In the Medicare for All debate, the line keeps coming up, “But if you like your health insurance, you’ll be able to keep it.”

I guess that means is that if you’re getting employee-based health insurance, you won’t be moved into a national single-payer. Employers get a tax-break for providing insurance for their workforce, typically healthy able-bodied people. Which keeps the healthy out of insurance pool, right?

And wouldn’t that make single-payer more expensive than it needs to be?

Furthermore, in my region with its substantial manufacturing, it’s all too common for these employers to reduce or eliminate negotiated health benefits beyond an employee’s working years.

So why isn’t this brought into the debate?


Me too! I am not being negative about Bernie’s chances, just realistic and would love nothing more than to be proven wrong!


When we hear the scare-tactic rubbish about how many trillions Universal Single-Payer Health Insurance will cost, remember this expose and the obscene manipulated costs projected are part of the robbery!.

When the pundits and media shills, the pro-for profit tools bad-mouth and denigrate Bernie’s and the other not-for-profit plans, they do not serve the American people, they serve vulture capitalist usury, manipulations, and outright theft!

The problem isn’t the true cost of a national health care program whatever it’s called, but the parasite for-profit collusion between insurance scam and the for-profit system!

Who writes the malpractice insurance inflating costs? Who creates the complicity for highly/obscenely criminal inflated costs agreed-to between insurance and for-profit hospitals and doctors? The con and scare tactic “costs” is thecriminal vulture capitalist inflation; the $50 bandaids, $25 aspirins, mega thousand ambulance rides, obscenely inflated costs for everything - a collusion that gives cover to doctors and hospitals, and the insurance “industry” parasite criminals for the beyond reason inflated costs!

The truth is Universal Not-For-Profit Single-Payer must (and will) address this criminal conspiracy to create and charge such outrageous unprincipled, out of fuckin control theft from society and republic to enrich the connected few (and their political co-conspirators)


The United Kingdom has had the NHS since 1948. This after they came out of the war with massive debt due to war costs.

The fact that the USA , the richest Country in the world still does not have this after over 70 years is mind boggling. The fact that Boris Johnson works on dismantling this very successful system is mind boggling.

Clement Atlee of the Labour party was Prime Minister at the time. This system was implemented long before there an EU and, even as the United Kingdom a member of the EU during the time of Margaret Thatcher , work began under Thatcher at dismantling it. Corbyn seeks to take the British Labour party back to its roots just as AOC in the USA insists the Democratic party be taken back to the time of FDR.

The Corporations and for profit industries involved with health care and with health insurance recognize they can not easily attack these programs directly so try to do so under the auspices of “Free Trade”. When you hear people advocate for Free Trade deals remember that first and foremost it about Corporate profits.


If they vote in Bojo the clown and his Tory creepy crew on December 12, the Brits will get a harsh education about the US’ for-profit ‘healthcare’ industry real fast…and they won’t like it one bit.


"Oh, dear. While it is true that more than 40,000 of us die each year because we cannot afford healthcare, we cannot even think of taxing our billionaire class to pay for universal access. Bernie and Elizabeth have already made one of them cry, but Joe Biden assures us that he’ll do nothing to upset them or the insurance industry, or to come between us and the private health plans we obviously love as though they’re members of our families. So, boys and girls, we know you want that shiny new Medicare for All for Christmas, but we just can’t afford it, can we? We know that no other civilized country allows its people to die for lack of access to medical treatment, but this is capitalism, and our profits trump your measly human rights.

We know people are rationing their insulin and doing without many life-saving meds and treatment. We know you’re sick and in pain, and yet you keep that GPD high, and we appreciate that. You’re taking a hit for the team, and we, along with our shareholders, would just rather you quietly bury your dead and buckle down to work. Thank you."


You said it all in your 4th paragraph. It is beyond me why corporations would not be for this as it would reduce their costs substantially if we had Medicare for All and the people would be covered completely if done right


Never thought I would say that it sucks to be an American. Our government is not really our government.


Recently, I’ve been experiencing what I believe are delayed symptoms of a minor stroke. Trying to get into a critical care facility was hard, as they were understaffed over the weekend. “just go to an emergency room” was what they said. I replied that I didn’t have $250.00 to blow on an ER visit. That’s with “insurance”.


The whole rotten US neoliberal system is finally falling apart, fast. From its inception, the US of Abuse has been out for the main chance, using the unholy marriage of Calvinist Christianity and Capitalism to wring every last bit of profit out of the place and people. The well of people is dry, so they’re going to AI and technology, along with travel to other planets to rip off, just like locusts. So…it doesn’t matter if the hoi polloi have health issues. It’s just another commodity like oil and gold. One more boost to the GDP. Being poor is and always has been a crime in the US; easily hidden from view by the rest of the world by American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny. The photos from NoLa after Katrina ripped that Matrix wide open globally.
Our only hope is that climate change will “woke” people up. And health care is a basic human right!


My dear British friends, on December 12, vote Labour like the lives of all of humanity depend on it - because it might… And certainly the fate of your NHS will depend on it.