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So, Joe Biden, Here’s the Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/17/so-joe-biden-heres-deal


And another one.

Maybe the problem is that Gallagher, like so many middle class pundits, compares this process to a “game”.

My life isn’t a piece on your monopoly board, dude. It’s not a game for us.
We don’t support the “winner” because our side lost. The only people that can have that attitude are people who are fine regardless of the outcome (or think they’re fine).

That’s a class luxury and conceit. For my people, this is high stakes activity. With every ruling class nitwit you finagle into power (in your “game”), more of my people die.

No, I’m not supporting your demented winner. Ever. Or your corrupt party. Ever.

I’m far more interested in saving ,my life and the lives of people I care about. That will not happen with either insufferable psychopath, be it Trump or Biden.


Does anybody here really believe that Joe Biden will magically change into FDR by January?


Ok . . the “deal” is Biden is not fully there. And no this is not a game (I agree with Drone above). This must be addressed by left and center. The right is all over it and will use it to defeat Biden who I believe will continue to show signs of cognitive deterioration.

My mother who has dementia could barely handle the stress of veering off her routine a smidge by going out to dinner (let alone running for president). Her manner of speech and behavior patterns in the early stages of dementia were eerily similar to Joe Biden’s. When I watch him, listen to him, I literally experience a bit of PTSD as it was a horrific thing to watch unfold (i.e. your loved one is losing their brain function).

Setting aside the painful, hypocritical dismissal by Dems (including Sanders and Warren) of the Tara Reade allegation against Joe Biden, he is not mentally fit to be president. Just as trump is not fit due to his malignant narcissism.

Ted Rall spells it out in this piece:


"I spent the last few years watching my mother’s decline due to dementia caused by Alzheimer’s. She had been brilliant. Years before her death, however, she was having a tough time keeping it together. I would have voted for her as president in 2012 but not 2016. It would have been wrong.

No one who has been close to someone deteriorating from that disease could fail to see the same signs in Joe Biden.

In online discussions Biden apologists sometimes say that a senile Biden is better than an evil Trump. Is this really where we are?"


** Joe Biden Obviously Has Dementia and Should Withdraw**

(h)ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBcZFtg14hc----Joe Biden Shows OBVIOUS Cognitive Decline in CNN Town Hall Interview

Sanjay Gupta resorted to biting his lip (I’m sure due to stress) listening to Joe Biden ramble incessantly on CNN.

As an aside I want to know: who are the key people behind the scenes pulling the strings of the propped up Joe Biden?


No. If the DNC doesn’t care if they win the election against Trump (as many have pointed out, this is obvious in their insistence in having Ol’ Joe as the nominee) why should I care if the DNC wins the election? In fact, the DNC may very well prefer to lose; they get more of what they really want - more tax-cuts for the wealthy, bigger military budgets, and a faster cadenced march toward fascism. And it’s much easier to sit in ‘inauthentic opposition’ than it is to actually have to pretend to govern*. (*Actual government having been subcontracted out to Corporate America.)


Well, Gallagher has one very good point, and Biden should heed it (lol) there are LOTS of us who flat will not vote for Biden simply because he’s a demented old man, simply because it is painfully obvious that he just isn’t qualified. Dementia rules out any candidate, IMO. After all, he will only decline further, and then who will be running the country?? The same corrupt individuals and entities that put him on the ticket in the first place. I really didn’t think it could get much worse than HRC, but the Dims have proven me wrong. Gallagher may hold is nose and vote Biden, I won’t. Apparently the Dims still don’t get it that we are NOT interested in lesser evil voting.


In the US, there is only room at any given time for two major parties. Ever since the Civil War, it has been the same parties, even as their positions swapped entirely.

The best way - the only way - to allow for a progressive party is for the Democrats to defeat & absorb the center-right republicans, marginalize the far right, and then allow the party to fracture on its left flank. Thus, the two parties become the left wing progressive party, and the centrist democrats, with the far right base temporarily marginalized long enough for this new paradigm to become entrenched.


No, but he’ll be coached to run more to the left and then to move back to the right once elected (assuming he might be).


The Rolling Stones’ Sister Morphine should be Biden’s campaign theme song seeing how there is still no 12 step program to help the Democratic Party shake its addiction to corporate money.


Rumor has it that Joe Biden died six months ago – but nobody noticed.
But the DNC says that that is okay because he can still be President since Joe was never going to call the shots in any case.


Lady K----I agree with all you say in your post including dementia ruling out candidates. Bernie was dragged through the mud after his heart attack which did nothing to impair his sharp brain. You can’t fix dementia. And I’m not even going into Biden’s past that he can’t fix either.

I said those exact words to a friend yesterday! There is an article in CD about “living in dystopia” that does not include this dystopian-like reality of Joe Biden somehow morphing into the nominee to defeat trump.

I didn’t even take his place in the race seriously last fall! (kind of like when trump first ran). Thought he would go away . . . and fade into oblivion.

And here we are in covid/environmental/social collapse hell made even worse by Joe Biden being the chosen one.

After watching this video anyone who still believes Biden could defeat Trump needs to do some serious self examination:

Saagar Enjeti: Biden Destroys His Own Electability Case in shocking new comments:



Oh hell no, but he will put on a fairly entertaining spoof until elected. SAD.

hashtag NotMeUs has changed to hashtag NotUsBiden


This kind of gaslighting is only going to increase as time passes. It’s as if the authors actually believe they need to treat their target audience like they’re five years old, at least intellectually. We’ll just make up a few fairy tales, toss them out there, and they’ll fall for it. Of course, it’s no surprise, given that it’s always worked before.

That last paragraph is classic. Somehow, between now and the convention and no later than November, Biden is going have an epiphany showing all those disaffected Sanders supporters that, deep down, he’s really not “… a relic or a corporate tool”, that “…the extraordinary events of the day” have caused him to see the light and, best of all, that he’s “… now a woke Joe Biden who’s going to introduce his own special Biden Plan for Health Insurance for All Americans”. Don’t let Biden’s recent and very clear rejection of Medicare for All influence your view of old Progressive Joe. Can you believe this guy actually used the word “woke” here?

Actually, having seen the widespread misery, observed the endless lines at the nation’s food banks, and learned that folks are actually dying because they can’t afford health insurance (It was occurring before the pandemic, as well.), Biden has already experienced his Medicare epiphany. His heart has been so moved by the horrific impact of this pandemic on average Americans that he’s already tendered his sweeping response to the nation’s healthcare nightmare. Get ready to be amazed! Biden’s going to save the country by lowering the age for qualifying for Medicare from 65 to 60. Well, there ya go, problem solved. As for the two or three Americans who are left out, the Dems are thinking about extending them the opportunity to purchase coverage under COBRA. And we all know how affordable that is. Ain’t America great? And those Dems!

Yep, the gaslighting is coming, a warmed over version of the slop served up at the end of the 2016 campaign. And the gatekeepers at CD, good folks that they are, will make sure you get your fair share of it.


Joe Biden’s solution to “some form of universal health insurance is Obamacare w/a for-profit public option. This we do not need; insurance needs to go. Insurance serves as a gatekeeper to health care, especially to those w/the least ability to pay.

We do not need options. We need health care to be available when we need it, for whatever we need it for, and no charge at point of service. All “choice” (this is really joke on the poor) does is ration care by one’s ability to pay.

Miss this? ‘Thriving During a Pandemic’: UnitedHealth Group Posts Surge in Profits as Millions Lose Insurance and Thousands Die


You don’t seem to realize that this tired old formula has been crushed by reality.


joe can hardly speak a clear sentence without a piece of paper to read from. Joe represented all of his life the state where corporations fled to be well taken care of. that’s his MO and as for his former boss Obama, every time he appears, it gets me furious knowing that he engineered the entire primary debacle for his lap dog. ugly all around. glad to be a Californian who does not have to vote for either one of the old tired sexual predators running to be prez.


Living in a solidly blue state enables me to also ignore POTUS elections and put effort into local elections where my vote counts.


Fox News fans are synonymous with Trump supporters. They do not see themselves as the far Right extremists that they are. Fox and Trump perpetuate this by labeling and dismissing the centrist corporate mainstream media as Left leaning. Independent objective media, where it exists is marginalized in the US and categorized as loony left. The political spectrum is anchored far to the Right.

Biden is the worst candidate - the bottom of the barrel. Ordinarily he doesn’t rate a second glance; the trouble is we are left with an existential choice this time, one that we have to face up to. Bernie said it clearly - if we enable Trump we are irresponsible, i.e. not responding to the situation. White Christian fascists are poised to take over the judiciary and the institutions in the US. Once they do, there will be no way back. Trump in a second term will be empowered as never before, and will through a complicit judiciary legitimize all misdeeds, just as Hitler did in the 1930s - check it out.
Forget Perez and the despicable DNC - we have one job now - to defeat the fascists. Right afterwards I hope we can form a Left leaning eco-socialist party, leave the centrists where they belong and shift the political spectrum way to the left. Our day will come.


Too bad Bernie did not say that!