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So Long! Farewell!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/11/so-long-farewell


Absolutely loved the moving van photo/meme! Perfect.


Yeah, the only way it gets better is to have someone from the General Accounting Office there, checking all of those boxes for stolen items from the White House.


Meanwhile, the ghosts of Fred Trump and Roy Cohn will continue to plague Donnie, commanding him to file yet another lawsuit until either the money runs out or he can’t even get low-grade ambulance chasers to take the case. But Trump and his MAGA followers remain a threat. Do not let down your guard, even now. Because Trump was trained to win, no matter what. No Matter What…


Time for a 2020 Simon Wiesenthal

Hound this Criminal till his dying day


That song has become a evil earworm…acck!

If anyone here doesn’t get what this case was all about misses the whole point of it and the Trump administration and the whole Republican party these last 50 plus years. It was for the continued reign of white Christian male rule. Law, religion (white supremacy is their religion), ethics, morality, the Constitution, tradition, norms, etc is trumped (pun intended) by the mission to preserve and expand white Christian male domination. With no proof of voter fraud the Republicans (goes beyond Trump - he is actually a symptom of a festering problem) allude that any vote touched by a black hand is automatically tainted and fraudulent. They tried voter suppression (internal postage service sabotage, voter id laws, closing polling places in black areas, hints of voter intimidation and violence) and when that didn’t work they come up with these baseless cases. My concern is that the Republicans will want to unleash their brown shirts and cause violence before January 20th. Be on guard. I think there is still time to give to the Democrats in Georgia. If not please give even in non election years to these organizations that fight voter suppression - spread the vote(obtains photo ids in states that require them), we got the vote (helps pay court costs of returning exconvicts in order to vote - Florida is not too bad and it went blue in 1996, 2008 and 2012), and four directions votes (helps defend Native voting rights in the Far West and North Carolina-helped turn Arizona blue and widen Biden’s electoral lead). Give where you can, if you can and if you choose. The Republicans are losing a war against demographics and modernity and will lie and cheat to retain power. We need to fight back.

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