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So Long, Nigel Farage, the Latest Rat to Jump from the Sinking Brexit Ship


So Long, Nigel Farage, the Latest Rat to Jump from the Sinking Brexit Ship

Holly Baxter

Remember back in those halcyon days before Brexit when David Cameron kept telling us we had to remain in the European Union because “we’re not a nation of quitters”? How spectacularly ironic that seems now after the resignation of Nigel Farage. Hot on the heels of Boris Johnson and Dave himself, Farage has now decided he’s “done his bit” for the country and should step aside.


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Within and between EU nations, transport and travel is less than that required to conduct a worldwide global economy, but the environmental and social degradations due to long-distance transport and travel within continental boundaries stills play a central role in determining how much global trade is justified and how much is opulent waste and exploitation. Maybe I'm not phrasing the question perfectly, but this surely is a central concern that leaders in business and bureaucracy won't address.


With all due respect to this otherwise concise and excellent essay and to its writer, Holly Baxter, I found it to be a bit naive when one considers the decadence in our postmodern world of which politics is only the most glaring and egregious example. Most successful politicians such as Nigel Farage, David Cameron and Boris Johnson mentioned in this article, are actually highly functioning and charismatic sociopaths. They probably even lie to the family dog when they take it for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. In politics, that's called practicing their next stump speech to their electorate. They all lie - shamelessly, repeatedly and compulsively - like a pervert masturbating in a public park.



Nigel Farage says he’s retiring from politics.

The fantasist Nigel Farage,
Was as slick as olive oil marge;
But the men in white coats,
Consulted their notes,
And just couldn’t leave him at large!

© Richard Layton



"He has a better job offer in the US"

As long as he has good health insurance and a bullet-proof vest!

Assassinating politicians is simply not done in the UK.


Farage is a neo-nazi of the same ilk as was Sir Oswald Moseley back in the 1930s. Good riddance to filth; I trust he will stay out of British politics for the rest of his life.


Farage is an ex-banker, a city trader, who wants to privatise the NHS and introduce other neo-liberal policies.


I don't know, I'm starting to warm to the idea.


ID politics. Always identity politics. Every narrative has to revolve around race and/or gender. Worse still, and you can see this in the many posting battles between pro- anti- Exit folks, the concept that there can be two different paths leading to the same destination is apparently too complex.
So for ID centric liberals, it's the gentle class of professionals versus the violent rubes of the peasant class.


I agree. I think the leftist case for Brexit was exceptionally strong, regardless of what some functionaries of Labour had to say. It's just a shame that these types of propaganda outlets refuse to treat complex subjects as, well, complex. But this is where things are now.


The planet Earth. Research it, if you don't believe me. He is a neo-liberal who, as well as wanting to privatise the NHS and abolish free health care, wants to scrap environmental restrictions that his party complains are forced on the UK by the EU, reduce rights for workers, scrap race discrimination laws, thinks paid maternity leave is ‘lunacy’ and want to scrap holiday and sick pay. In relation to TTIP his party UKIP have said "If we’d been a free and independent country, I rather suspect we’d have had such a deal with the US ten years ago, if not twenty." That's what he wants. And if you think Brexit is decentralising power from anyone you're misguided. And as for being a British Nationalist, yeh he certainly is, and you think that's a good thing, do you? British Nationalist Party is the name of the Fascist party in the UK who are all in favour of centralising power in a very big way, in fact, a bit like the way Adolf once did.

Incidentally, Finland is in the EU.


Switzerland has to follow EU laws and directives and accept free movement just as though it was in the EU but doesn't have any say in those laws and directives because it isn't a member state, so if it's doing all right, it's doing all right under an EU framework. .


"of the ilk of Sir Oswald Moseley"

Farage and Moseley have a great deal in common. Granted, the thugs in UKIP don't throw nazi salutes and wear brown shirts but there are a great many resemblances including rampant racism, making "England great" etc etc.


Switzerland is not part of the Schengen Agreement about cross-border travel. At least it wasn't the last time we had problems with the Swiss aiport people about visas. However, they proved to be sensible people to have had trouble with and sorted out the problem to the satisfaction of all, and they did so very efficiently.


I never said Switzerland was part of the EU, I said it has to abide by EU laws and directives as part of its trade agreements with the EU. Read my comment again. I said

How did you get from that to claiming I said Switzerland is in the EU? It's clear as day. So it's you who is completely wrong and my point still stands. it has to abide by the blanket of EU rules yet has no say in determining them. it can't pick and choose, it is obliged to follow or lump it. As we in Britain will be, except Britain will certainly get a worse deal because they will be no love lost between the EU and the UK and they will want to set a deterent for other insurgent right-wing elements within the EU who want to break up its social democratic unity.


That must have been some time ago as Switzerland is now part of Schengen. I went to Geneva some years back with no trouble at all and then crossed from there into France then back again on a coach wherein there were no border checks or anything. Wonderful! Sorry, George but maybe you just look a bit dodgy?:slight_smile:


Farage is certainly on the right, I'll give you that. Not sure about the 'on' bit though and the rest of your comment. Finland has the Euro so is under ECB jurasdiction as much as as Greece or Spain or Ireland is so how is it any more not under the 'control of the banks' I presume you are referring to, IE the ECB, than they are? .