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So Long! Top 6 Reasons We Won’t Miss 2020, or Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/31/so-long-top-6-reasons-we-wont-miss-2020-or-donald-trump


Sorry Professor Cole, I have to correct you on the storm surge part of the story. Pensacola received no where near the 28 feet of surge the Western MS. Gulf Coast received during hurricane Katrina. That record will likely stand for a long time.

Anybody weighing available evidence quickly realizes that 2021 will NOT be better than 2020 for most of the 99%. Considering that terminal denial syndrome has been epidemic in murka for at least 40 years, weighing evidence is something few murkins have any desire or ability to engage in.

Irrespective of the results of the January 5 Georgia election and January 6 coup attempt, 126 Congressional Republicans signing on to the kill-democracy-amicus earlier this month confirms that at best the Biden regime will face daily obstruction, including serial Covid-19 vaccine sabotage that has already started. Add in many mukins who think that as soon as they get a vaccine we are all “out of the woods” resulting in more Covid-19 surges.


Climate change will continue to impact peoples the world over leading to more fires, hurricanes and pandemics. None of this will be turned off when Biden takes office and especially given his statement that nothing will fundamentally change under his Presidency.

2021 will be much like 2020 .


Best wishes for a far better year to you, Mr. Cole. Thanks for helping us through this one.


Professor Cole ascended several notches in my estimation after I savored his labor-of-love Rubaiyat translation. There aren’t so many of us around who care about stuff like old Persian poetry, but I’m one of 'em, myself. So I’m immeasurably thankful for Cole’s fresh visions into some very special verse. My gosh, the guy’s an actual poet, and now I know it!

For instance, perhaps for help with your 2021 New Year’s resolutions, this is Juan Cole’s translation of the most famous quatrain attributed to Omar Khayam. (Sit yourself down right now. This is good, I swear.)

I have no idea if my creator will lift me up to heaven or hurl me down to hell.
A crust of bread, a lover, and a cup of wine –
that’s all I need.
Keep the promises of heaven for yourself.

On the not-so-nice side, something we won’t miss from 2020 because it continues right into 2021, our recurrent poem of tabular numerals we call…

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/19/2020          13          13
>  18.  04/22/2020     828,428     828,441
>  27.  06/24/2020   1,545,841   2,374,282
>  36.  08/26/2020   3,424,764   5,799,046
>  45.  10/28/2020   3,035,347   8,834,393
>  54.  12/30/2020  10,829,583  19,663,976

…or, The Scourge in Six Lines!


Anyone who thinks Biden is going to make things better is willfully ignoring Biden’s history

of supporting greater corporate malfeasance and unleashing more wars.

Trump is a vain pig, but Biden is a tool of neoliberal/conservative predatory viciousness.

“Anyone who” – what a wonderful way to exercise the mind. To expand into new vistas of consciousness with useless, meaningless generalizations going absolutely nowhere. To baselessly attach any stain whatever to whomever you like. How nice.

Anyone who indulges such “anyone who” gibberish is a complete waste of time, imho. So far I’ve spent much too much of 2021 responding to mindless trolls. This year is not commencing auspiciously. Then again, I didn’t expect it to. A year ago we were going “Hooray, it’s 2020!” There’s no reason to be relieved that 2020 is finally over, since there’s no reason to expect 2021 to be any better. To the contrary.

  1. Australia has an extensive history of Bush fires and the scope of this particular fire is not unprecedented. I defy you to identify the direct link to our CO2 emissions.
  2. Yemen - Trump? Nice try. Part of the Arab Spring sponsored by American social media companies (read Democrats) and the Obama admin…
    3.“lashing storms being far beyond the twentieth century norm” NOAA data doesn’t support this. The further back you go, the more obvious it is that there is no pattern to suggest an increasing number or increasing intensity of hurricanes - or again, any direct link to our CO2 emissions.
  3. You correctly point out agriculture and ranching as the cause of Amazon deforestation and then suggest a link to Climate Change without offering any evidence to support this allegation (because there is none).
  4. Americans generally aren’t a bunch of learning disabled children. From the beginning it was clear masks may be helpful. Interestingly Sweden during the first phase of this illness didn’t initially suffer for not wearing masks or distancing. Many Americans, used to a certain level of Freedom in America simply made a personal choice and Trump never discouraged masks he simply did not endorse them but Fauci, head of his task force did - eventually. Death rates per capita from covid aren’t significantly different than our own in many countries around the world.
    The previous administration issued more pardons and many of them were seriously questionable.
    Confronting rioters (firebombing Federal buildings and private businesses, many minority owned, destroying public property and looting isn’t protesting - similar offenses by the Weather Underground resulted in decades long prison sentences) with Federal troops when local law enforcement was outmanned is an appropriate response. Antifa, Trump didn’t make this up it’s how many of the rioters self identified along with elements of the BLM movement. And yes. Antifa is a fascist organization that uses intimidation and force to further a political objective.
  5. Biden is going to save us? It is the development of vaccines, virtually the singular focus of the present administration that will eventually free us of this nightmare.

Kudos to you for taking comments at a time when most outlets are more intent on delivering an opinion than engaging in legitimate discourse.
Edited to add - my points are correctly numbered and formatted but don’t display correctly.