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So Many Other Footsteps


So Many Other Footsteps

In this fraught season replete with dark and light, Pope Francis honored today's millions of migrants and refugees, calling for "a new social imagination" to embrace those who, now as long ago, feel "there is no room for them on this earth.” In the same spirit, a choir of refugee women and girls gathered to sing movingly of "another silent night...lifting our voices for peace." Grace and hope to them all. And you.


The Terrorizing and Predation of our World’s Children and Families must End or We Will End

We as a People must understand Our Sickness.

Like a Typhoid Mary we Spread our Disease of Endless Fear, Endless War

Slow down, Care for Those who Cannot Care for Themselves.

Try Mercy for a Change


Grace and hope to you as well, Abby. Thank you.


Thank-You to Abby and Steve Woodward for using the word Grace in the proper context and in the right manner. It is so rarely done.