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'So Meager It Insults the American People': Democratic Leaders Say GOP Covid-19 Relief Plan Is Dead on Arrival

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/so-meager-it-insults-american-people-democratic-leaders-say-gop-covid-19-relief-plan


Despicable Confederate totalitarians…They are seeing to it we cannot have a peaceful revolution.

What’s the Matter with Trump?


Trump’s Opponents Need to Portray Him as the True Enemy of the Nation



The only thing that the GOP wishes to keep spreading is “not” funds to help the masses affected by the economic downturn, but the virus that is killing many of them.


The so called “system” is failing the people big time and no election will correct anything. Cynicism and mistrust rule the day as the political creatures reek havoc on us all.


. . .  But the 'PoopLickens can now claim that they tried to help ‘The People’ and it was the DimWitRats who blocked their bill.  Roughly 40% of ‘The People’ already believe this, before it’s even been announced . . .


From the guardian 3 hours ago:

"Trump said that he was considering spending his own money on his presidential campaign, as national polls show him trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by several points.

“If I have to, I will,” the president told reporters when asked about using his own money to fund his reelection bid. “Whatever it takes, we have to win.”


No question Tweetle-Dumb will do WHATEVER it takes to win.  “Whatever” includes cheating in every possible way . . . but NOT spending ANY of his own money.


#death cult


While the real revolution is standing outside in the cold knocking on the door, I’m going with the peaceful one for now. There is a potential, though, that real hardships like homelessness and empty stomachs will drive people into the streets to do more than just voice their disgust with our current socio/economic/political system. I am only one but still I am one…


at this point, the GOP wants to bribe the voters before the election. the Dems are past their own window and will likely stonewall anything until after the election when they can either grab credit (via a presidential win) or at least not get penalized by delaying things by a couple of additional months.

it’s so wonderful seeing cozy elites jockey for petty power on the blood of the American people.


Indeed. “…it insults the American people,” even those who voted for these sociopaths. Those who did (and do) seem not to care, though. It’s far more about owning the liberals, than it is any interest in political issues per se.


Hahahaha…he’s so funny. (And I mean that in all senses). We know it’s a partial lie; yes he might spend “his own money”, but of course that is money he made from our taxes to pay for his weekly excursions to his golf courses, by paying for Secret Service lodgings and food. The sooner we rid ourselves of this germ, the better.


I agree.

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and then they will blame the Democrats for not providing relief to the American people–the Democrats suck at politics and have been playing patsy(for decades) when they should have been on the offensive on every front --can you say --blew the election?? that is exactly what they have put on the line with their pathetic campaign-their pathetic responses to Trump’s and his Republican cohorts trashing of civil society-his financial crimes-and especially his destruction of our health systems with the piss poor response to Covid–that the Democrats can’t even seem to lay at his feet


That is the mindset of so many right wing troglodytes. I have little tolerance for what passes as liberals as well. But it seems both liberals and conservatives have little tolerance for real progressives, and the irony is that it is the progressives that actually promote a vision that would make life better for everyone and the ecosystem upon which life itself depends. The fools would rather live in a suicidal culture than get along with each other in a manner whereby everyone would benefit. Pure insanity rules the USA.


It’s all under control. Nancy “We know we have to compromise” Pelosi will protect us all.

Apparently it’s supposed to work like this:

First, you genuflect for your base with a “bold” ( in the eyes of your Paymasters) bill, which the Opposition rails against while similarly genuflecting for their base.

Then, in a bipartisan display of bipartisanship, the Opposition submits its genuflective bill, which you then rail against while similarly genuflecting for your own base.

Then, in an orgy of bipartisanship, both sides embrace the Paymaster-approved legislation and all is well.

Just in case you’re wondering how this all works. It’s the genius of our Founding Forefathers who drafted our infallible US Constitution.


161 million for the coal industry, a lump of coal for our stockings. Thanks, Moscow Mitch. Your big orange orangutan will let you lick his ass some more.


Yes, but I think of these people in the same way I do in people that live in one party states that simply repeat state propaganda. They are victims of a well coordinated right wing campaign, and our educational system and media have utterly failed them too. I would also throw in the fact that they look at the other party and what do they see? If, on economic issues, the Democrats were at least social democratic, they could force them to make choices. But, what if someone is open to a leftist economic message but is maybe culturally more conservative? Pelosi is an affront on both levels. She offers up nothing that benefits them economically, she also isn’t in their economic class, she is liberal on cultural issues and she and those like her look down on them in a classist way. What would they think of “the left” if the “left” in their world is the rich, out of touch liberals on MSNBC? I have no illusions about them all being swept by a leftist economic program, but I think it certainly stands more of a chance than Chuck Schumer, Steney Hoyer or Pelosi offering them absolutely nothing on a material level, and then cynically using identity in a way that is often off-putting. Orwell talked about this dynamic in the Road to Wigan Pier. Keep in mind that the Socialist Party used to be very powerful in some of the most right wing parts of the country. There is something to be thought about there. The Democrats have written off a large chunk of the working class and want to go all in on the PMC suburbanites. The left should not follow their lead.

We are collectively irrational, but the irrationality extends to MSNBC and CNN type liberals. The PMC that is indifferent to the plight of the poor and working class, and tries to analyze politics like the rich, out of touch liberals they see on TV. The entirety of this all is maddening, and we are toast with Biden too.


And, if anyone believes that, I have some swampland to sell them. Trump will use our money to help himself get re-elected and if that fails, he will simply not believe the results. I fear we will be stuck with him for the rest of our lives.

The Dems puff themselves out, and carry on about how the Republicans don’t help people, only corporations. But if you look at the proposals the Democrats have produced, they also don’t help people, only corporations.

Then they trot out their tame progressive to make quotes about how terrible the Republicans are, while ignoring how terrible the Democrats also are.

All of this grand posturing. And it will be all forgotten after the election.