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"So Much for 'Born to Run'": Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Joe Crowley of Moving to Sabotage Her Campaign With Third-Party Bid


"So Much for 'Born to Run'": Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Joe Crowley of Moving to Sabotage Her Campaign With Third-Party Bid

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an explosive tweet on Thursday, democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.)—who was defeated in a landslide in last month's Democratic primary—of backtracking on his repeated vows to support her in the general election and attempting to sabotage her campaign with a "third party challenge."


One of our more perceptive posters suggested shortly after Crowley’s upset defeat that he might plan to “do a Lieberman.” Good call.


I don’t see any good evidence that Crowley is running as third party candidate. However, he probably would a good chance in a general election since more centrist Democrats vote in the general election as opposed to the primary where voters more on the left vote in bigger numbers and independents vote in the general election. It is common to have a number of people on the ballot for third parties although most voters probably don’t even look below the first two lines on the ballot to see these people listed.


Seems odd that Crowley would have the endorsement of the Working Families Party.


If it is legal for him to do it, then what’s the problem?


God Lieberman disgusts me even to this day. That traitorous pig. AFTER he won re-election, "Now’s not the time for a witch hunt,"after he promised to hold the Bush Admin. accountable, DURING his re-election campaign. I hope Crowley 's not a pig. But the Dem leadership would rather support a Republican than a populist progressive. Can you imagine Chuck “Wall Street Shill” Schumer supporting a socialist!? Or is that “Schill” Schumer?


Oh for f-ck sake, get a grip.


Democrats might want to make sure she does not win the district. Democrats are the reason Trump is president because the whole system is screwed up w either party. We need to fire most politicians and start from scratch.


The democratic games begin,


It’s a local anomaly, many Democratic candidates there run as “fusion” candidates with endorsements from both the Dems and the WFP.


I’d say Crowley is FOS and knows very well what he’s doing. Voter turnout was reportedly 13 percent; per NY Post, “There are 214,750 active registered Democratic voters in the district. Only 27,744 voted, and Ocasio-Cortez won by more than 4,000 votes.”

What would be rich irony - after all the Clinton wing finger-pointing at third party voters for the general presidential election - watching all these conservative Democrats show up to vote 3rd Party, themselves.

Can WFP take him off the ballot? Can they change over to Ocasio-Cortez at this juncture? Now that she’s a household name and the DP winner, and, he says he’s not running?


He says he’s not running because he doesn’t have to, he’s already on the ballot. He can sit back, not spend a dime and win. Welcome to the machine, here have a cigar, you’re going to go far…


Agree. Crowley’s an Obama/Clinton Democrat.


If Crowley were to pull this off - keep his seat with Pelosi’s help (or silence) I think it would be a blow to the GOTV message come November. The whole thing sounds far-fetched but I wouldn’t put it past Democratic Party ‘leadership’.


The obvious problem is that he would split the Democratic votes.


“Say it isn’t so, Joe.”

Someone must explain to Joe about how not to be a sore loser.

And, explain it “hard.”


…Bill Lipton, state director of the Working Families Party, said he immediately reached out to Mr. Crowley’s campaign to request that he vacate the line. To Mr. Lipton’s chagrin, his campaign declined; Mr. Crowley will remain on the ballot in November…

So no, Mr. Crowley, you can take yourself off the ballot.


good point, though I’ve always heard the opposite… i.e. diehards go to primaries, and everyone else (majority who score progressive) go to the General. I would be interested in numbers of the trend and size of die-hards has changed, comparing progressive v. corporatists…


Hello WallaceN,
I would look for Right Wing DARK MONEY support as well. After all the majority of the DUMBO PARTY leadershit part of the DUOPOLY has evolved into the junior partner aka Republican lite! Where they are allowed to occasionally leave the reservation is on social issues.


Disclosure: I am an Indy - not affiliated with either duopoly. Definitely in the Green/Dem-socialist/Poor Peoples Campaign:A National Call for Moral Revival - circle of political and non-political Movement(s) Used to be a Green, then Dem, then Green, ten Dem, then finally Green.

The split Dem party gets erroneously called JUST Dems without any mention of this glaring 50-50 split. I’m not singling you, S77. In the CD comment posts alone, let alone MSM, ALL the Repubs and half of the public still use Dem as though it were like the wholesale sell-outs of the Repub politicians.

To label or assume Dems who run for office as a monolithic block is not accurate. Dems are not at all, alike - like virtually all Repubs, who vote like they were attached at the hip. All office-holding Repubs at the state level and above are corporate shills for the ruling class - but for a handful, like 2 or 3, maybe 4 or 5 out of a thousand. Repubs running for office mix lies and truths like Chef Julia Child could toss salads with her eyes closed.

The Dems are of two equally split camps (or wings). The corporate elites who would be just happy just as Repubs, but if corrupting the Dems wasn’t so much fun! (My opinion-lol). So these Dem-corporate elites are happy to see the current individual in the Oval Office, as long as “they” get their money and efin tough luck for Poor like myself.

Soooooo. Bernie and about half of the Democratic National Committee, who is/are the Dem Party right now, in a moral sense, for all practical purposes is the moral wing of the Dems. The other half is of the amoral, that the corrupted elites like - the wrong-doers; like the DNC Chair, like the two-faced politicians who have been in office too long: Schumer, Pelosi and that NY dude who just lost his primary in a landslide to a moral, non-corporate “progressive.”