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"So Much for 'Born to Run'": Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Joe Crowley of Moving to Sabotage Her Campaign With Third-Party Bid


Once they get in power you can’t get out even with a crowbar. After decades of being fetted by lobbyists and treated like royalty - it’s hard to give it up and who would ever think of giving other people a chance to “serve.” Unfortunately politicians are power pigs and they don’t like sharing. You should see it at feeding time.


Ain’t that the truth. They all can afford to retire and live well (a luxury) but convince themselves the district or state can’t function w/o them. It’s not a special skill (bullshitting) they have, and I wouldn’t want their workload. I think Crowley has it right. He has his music, money, a good reputation and family. Why hang around?


Very cogent argument. Thank you.


That’s what I’ve been hearing. He could go on a publicity tour stating he does not seek any votes and will not serve if he were to accidentally win.


Thank you for the information, but why does the WFP have to wait for Mr. Crowley? Is there some law they have to abide by, here? Crowley himself said that he’s not running any longer. So why can’t the WFP take him off? And endorse someone who IS running? In the interests of working families, that is! I mean, why are they waiting for an AH to stop being one? Apparently, he’ll go his grave this way? Is it our job to go there with him? Have you heard the expression ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face?’ Let’s not do this - throw him off- endorse Ocasio-Cortez and let’s move on!


They can not just kick him off the ballot except under the specific conditions stated - those are the rules of the game. New York is one of only eight states that allow fusion voting (i.e. where the same candidate can get more than one ballot line) but the rules are specific and must be adhered to.

I support fusion voting because it provides a way for third parties to gain traction without playing the spoiler role in some contexts. In this particular case I believe it is the anti-third party bias of Mr. Crowley that is driving the issue. I suspect he wants to remain on the ballot and get as few votes as possible so the WFP will lose its ballot status.


That is an interesting speculation I hadn’t thought of. The idea that he could win doesn’t seem impossible (I doubt WSJ has any influence in his district, but they just endorsed https://www.wsj.com/articles/vote-joe-crowley-for-working-families-1531868231), but it would seem intractable to actually take office saying the things he’s said. But it does seem that he and WFP aren’t best of friends - otherwise he could have had a more amicable discussion with Lipton.

I wish the media would make it crystal clear about the 4 conditions to vacate the line. I believe Crowley is saying that is the only way it can happen, others seem to imply it is the only way it can happen without a simple withdrawal by Crowley.

Even if one of the 4 things Crowley lists must happen to get his name off the ballot, I don’t believe it is an unreasonable ask to either a) switch your residency temporarily - this has nothing to do with selling houses or physically residing in a particular place, he can do whatever he wants there, or b) run for a low level race in a Republican district, he won’t be hurting any Democrats and I’d be surprised if there isn’t a race somewhere where no Democrat was running.

If it were, me I’d be more cooperative. Given he’s not, a beef with WFP is a possible reason.


I have a more basic question that I haven’t heard addressed anywhere yet - why the hell is WFP listing anybody before the primaries are over? Isn’t the idea of Fusion that you decide if the Democratic person running meets your party’s goals and compare them to other options? If you can’t wait till the primary is over to make a decision for a November ballot, your system is very broken.


Actually the most effective way to use fusion voting systems is exactly the opposite. The WFP holds their nominating process early and hopefully picks the more progressive candidate in a close race. That is supposed to give that candidate a boost in the Democratic primary. In this case I guess the WFP folks thought Crowley was a shoe-in and gave him their nod over Ocasio-Cortez which was a clear mistake in my view. They did endorse Cynthia Nixon for Governor though (remember that Crowley is more liberal than Cuomo - for example, he is a co-sponsor of the HR 676 single payer bill).


Joe Lieberman endorsing Crowley on the WFP ticket should be giving a lot more conventional DP voters pause. Joe Lieberman is SO anti-single payer. I remember him during the ACA debacle, standing there in front of news cameras with insurance lobbyists whispering in his ear for each quesiton, and Joe Lieberman openly just spouting out whatever they told him to say, and, in objection to “socialized medicine” - suddenly, Joe, who was previously supporting a more UHC mode, realized it was tantamount to communism. Meanwhile, Crowley, who Joe wants everyone to vote for, is signed on as a HR 676 co-sponsor. But … how real is that? Is he a sponsor who’d really be ready for immediate passage should they obtain enough votes? Or is he like this “Team of Six” in the 2012 California State Legislature who got elected telling voters they supported (state) single payer - only to bail at the last minute with some mystical B.S. about how it “wasn’t the right time.” All were found to be taking insurance/pharma money (which has a funny way of turning these corporate Dems in Madam Psyche’s!)

Might very well (also) be (on our slate of possibilities) that Joe (Crowley) along with Joe (Lieberman) would rather see a Republican win via split voting than a (gasp) Democratic Socialist such as (*that girl") Ocasio-Cortez (who, IMO, often sounds more like a social democrat, but these labels are not the main thing).

Vote for THAT GIRL. and F Crowley AND Lieberman. I hope WFP has learned a lasting lesson that translates to mistakes we see a number of labor unions making, at times, in their endorsements - i.e. NOT the more progressive, corporate free, single payer Medicare For ALL candidate.

Expect us at the polls - but - better yet - join us, too!