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'So Much for That Bolivian Election Fraud': New Study Casts Doubt on Claims That Sparked Coup in Bolivia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/27/so-much-bolivian-election-fraud-new-study-casts-doubt-claims-sparked-coup-bolivia


“Our news outlets took what known liars like John Bolton said about Morales at face value,” said Taylor. “Zero critical thinking. The journalists were old enough to remember when we were lied into the Iraq War.”

“There’s no other way to put it,” Taylor added. “Our media supported a coup.”

The MSM are propagandists and intentional manipulators who serve the establishment and not the public. There is no reason to turn to them for information – other than to know what lies are being spread (and being believed by far too many).

We need to Occupy the Media. The Fairness Doctrine and the limits on media ownership must be reimposed.


One does not need an egg head University to know the coup was based on the Lying Empire’s interference in the process of free and fair elections around the world. Despots R/US.


But the fucking damage has already been done. Mission accomplished by the oligarchs.

My head is about to explode because this was all explained in real time as it unfolded.


Yet another atrocity and crime against humanity by the predatory fascist scum at trump & co (figureheads I know, but still!).
It is so difficult to oppose military might with signs and even right on your side!
The right-wing oligarchs/ corporate/banker/war machine will commit any crime regardless how heinous to cement their continued domination and control over all life on Earth!


Whatever it takes to protect and preserve the AmeriKan Empire. One only wonders if COVID 19 will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, to bring all this sh*# crashing down, or, wait until it happens on its own?

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All of this shyte(un-doing a valid legal election) for access to lithium.
U$A, inc.


Agree… but why the use of the pejorative “egg head”. By the way, Chomsky is from MIT. Is he an egghead too? In your opinion are all mathematicians eggheads??


“Annie get your gun”, cause this shits coming to a theater near you very soon.

The OAS has done this for most of a century, to the tune of violence, oppression, and a traffic in drugs and arms and humans and bodies that constitutes much of the support for what we call “Western culture.”

In general, these organizations succeed in hiding these acts or confounding any view or judgment of them by the general public. Little by little, some knowledge edges out into the population.

But still, after such discoveries have happened again and again and again, the general population, the reading public, and most likely a lot of people in the relevant services, imagine that each fresh violation is something out of the ordinary, out of the norm, apart from the central character of the imperial institutions.

We are trained in certain principles of fair play and collegiality that make perfect sense when when we engage colleagues in a debate and that protect important rights when–if!–they are applied in criminal and civic trials. However, these make zero sense as relates to judging large institutions in terms of policy. “Oh,” we say, if we do, “the CIA under Dulles could assassinate a president” as though that had been merely a wrinkle in Mr. Dulles’ character, not a systemic problem.

We need to recognize up front and at the center of action what we might were we residents of a different nation and culture. If a coup happens in an area that the US has taken some interest in, it is almost certainly US-driven. If a group arrives that is woefully and unreasonably violent, there is almost certainly some sort of American involvement–as with Saddam Hussein, as with the Taliban in the '80s, as with ISIS in Syria.

This does not mean that we should forgo the procedures of trial when we try the individuals involved. But it does mean that it is foolish to repeatedly assume the innocence of the CIA or NSA or the US State Department as a group until guilt may be proven. This is very much like assuming that killers will not kill in the future because their future murders have not yet been accomplished and proven.

These agencies, as they exist, are essentially psychopathic and require dismantling, the OAS among them.


“Our media supported a coup.”

Name one time they haven’t. MSM always supports the coup.


“But the fucking damage has already been done.”
Same thing with vote theft in our own elections. Many know it’s happening, but even when it’s proven, nothing happens to the perps, and rarely does the election get overturned. The perps know this as well.


But, but, but… Mika & Joe at MSNBC say, " know your value ". And, make bucks from " plugging " theirs. No, not the products, the comments.
That bunch certainly know their values. Just don’t pay full retail for it like the 3 BBBs are. Bloomberg, Biden & Buttigieg sounds like Tinkers to Evers to Chance. Everyone knows, though, the DNC and Bloomberg will leave nothing to chance. " Barnicle " Mike gets all seamany and cusses like a merchant marine, his bilge pump spouts off, " MAGA hats all around, mateys. Arrrggh ".
The fix was in on Bolivia/Morales coup when Ivanka met with The Alphabets on the Argentina- Bolivia border 2 weeks before it went down. Pretext, context and classified/redacted texts.
Living the dream, indeed. Just ask Evo & MAS.

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Oh no wait. That was Venezuela.

Well we on Common Dreams arrived at this conclusion as it was occurring.

Remember those “Authentic voices from Bolivia” claiming they lived there and reporting verbatim what the OAS was reporting? They were called out here and abandoned the site. Just how is it so many on Common Dreams and in the media not considered mainstream made the accurate call all those months ago?

I think one of the major reasons is we tend to believe that when the US Government or the Canadian Government or the MSM or the IMF or the NED is trying to get their message out we are pretty sure they are lying and if we operate under that premise we are much more willing to do our own research and look for alternative sources.

Rule of thumb. IF Western Corporations and banking systems are set to profit from a given event , the chances are something nefarious went on to ensure a given outcome. Now the supporters of the status quo will label this as “tin foil out conspiracy theories” but those types disappear into the woodwork when reports such as this come out months or years later.


The fix of “a fix” was in

I get your drift Suspira.

And yet so many people who are so up on the news and watch and listen to it religiously and take pride in knowing all the details never step outside of mainstream media and refuse to believe they are being taken for a ride. It is the most maddening experience to be condescended to by the MSM followers. How can we make progress toward the truth when all the cards are stacked in favor of the liars?


There is absolutely no doubt that now-former President Evo Morales was done a grave injustice at the behest of the fucking United States of America.

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