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'So Overboard It Should Be Illegal': Use of Facial Recognition in Airports Draws Angers

I don’t recall anyone asking if we were okay with satellite surveillance, or cameras parked inside and outside of stores, on most street corners, and of course on a cell phone which everyone seems to have. Don’t forget the spying drones everywhere. You have zero privacy unless you stay in your cave.

I was thinking the same. Facial recognition being used to identify protesters in the streets. Even if you escape the police round-up, you can expect a knock on your door later on.

But everything is just fine if you are MAGA man or woman.


Exactly. And that knock on the door will be an armed robot that you can’t argue with. This is practice fro the big show. This is an incrementalism at it’s beginning.

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LOL I am so short that they cannot capture anything but my forehead on those cameras. This is the only time I have valued my shortness. So I am not too worried. That being said I attended a lecture a few years ago where a high ranking person from Carnegie Mellon spoke about how face recognition will evolve over the next ten years. Once your face has been registered on the internet the technology will advance to being able to find your face in a crowd of thousands of people and your face will eventually connect you to your SS number. The more we allow to be put out there about our selves the more someone will find us. Look at the DNA sights that are finding people just because a relative allowed their DNA to be registered with the Ancestry and 23 and me sights. Regardless of how you feel about any technology invading your privacy, unless you are a hermit living in the woods and have no contact with today’s civilization to me its a mute point to worry by now. Somewhere someone or some organization will find you. I feel its too late to worry. So you might want to think about clean living from now on.

They began to collect them with our driver’s licenses.