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'So Refreshing to Hear This': Progressives Bernie Sanders for Nuanced, Left-Wing Foreign Policy Answer at CNN Town Hall

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/19/so-refreshing-hear-progressives-bernie-sanders-nuanced-left-wing-foreign-policy


It’s a truism that we’re know by the company we keep, but you can learn at least as much about a person by the enemies they make.


Corbyn v 2.0.

AIPAC’s lubing up the Gears of Smears.


Setting up the bargaining table with actual justice in mind turns out to be popular?

Who knew?


“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth become a revolutionary act.”

  • george orwell

Could it be you mean: Bloomberg will be greasing the smear skid … Come to think of it,
Bloomberg and AIPAC is redundant.


I fear for Bernie’s safety.

24/7 surveillance must be put on officials of the DNC, Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Hillary Clinton.

Hitmen the lot


My mancrush continues… Cajones with a Brooklyn accent.
BERNIE 2020!


CNN — ‘Breaking News’ Democrat Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, the last place
candidate in the primary with 57% of the vote, has died of a bio-weapon heart attack. The
CDC reports they have dropped all other projects to research a vaccine for bio-weapon heart
attacks. The DNC reports: ‘The Russians did it!’


Go Bernie 20/20


True! Orwell has been more prescient than most anyone regarding the demise of society at the hands of oligarchic totalitarianism. I wish that his predictions had not become our reality.


Watch now as the “anti-semitic” smears rain down upon Bernie for suggesting that fairness and balance be considered in Middle East negotiations. The Israeli influenced propaganda machine will again flex it’s enormous muscle in US political spheres, all the while shouting about how any suggestion of undue influence by the right-wing Israeli faction on US politics is ridiculous and also anti-semitic. He is about to be Corbyned! For those of you who live in states where it has been implemented, don’t forget to sign the papers pledging to not boycott, sanction, or divest, and to swear allegiance to, Israel or you may lose your job and means of economic survival. Ah, to be a patriotic American! How fulfilling!


Was Bernie referring to the $115 Billion arms package Obama gave to the Saudi’s. That achievement?


Oh, its coming! And I hope the Bernie camp knows that, and are ready.

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Thus does a person of great wisdom, integrity, and dedication to the Common Good distinguish himself from corrupt politics and racist division! From other candidates who have failed to gain public support - from all the posers and pretenders - all the shills and tools of the duopoly, political domination of vast wealth and the war-machine.

Soon the Progressive candidates must decide to end their quest and throw their support behind the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, who stands head and shoulders above others - they will hopefully become part of our revolution and the 99% to help push Bernie over the top on the first ballot and eliminAte the fraud of the DINO “super delegate” scam. The people are rallying behind Bernie by the millions and all other progressive candidates must soon see the wisdom of supporting him and being part of the very American movement toward justice and representation for the 99%!

Bernie 2020, for us all, a sustainable future and peace!


Everything he said last night (especially calling out—repeatedly— the reality of the climate crisis and the health care crisis) was from the heart, compassion and wisdom.

I’ve never seen this before either. How grateful I and so many others are that Bernie continued fighting the good fight with increased passion/determination after the disaster of 2016.

Loved his response to Anderson Cooper about his health!
I’m a lot younger than Bernie and can’t imagine keeping up his pace.

Left me weeping with my new rescue Aussie/Border collie dog wondering what the heck I was doing (she hasn’t seen me cry before and cocked her head puzzled).

I had to reassure her it was tears of joy and gratitude.

Will donate more today.


Just watched Frontline’s investigation of Amazon. Orwell was definitely in the mix of the ???s asked by the questionnaire/reporter. Bezos is a scary dude.
Good stuff.


This is how democracy works in the usa.
You win 60% of popular vote , yet lose as a DNC candidate -OR-
You win 60% of popular vote, yet lose the general election.

ONLY in america is 60% not the majority rule. How do you explain this to a 3rd grader?? You can’t

will donate again… otherwise this country will be ruled by the hilters of our generation


Bernie’s public statement of not reflexively backing Israel but focused on justice, on its own, is justification for voting for him.

Think of all the good things which would spin-off from this approach!

  1. Less violence and killing of innocent people in Palestine.
  2. Reduced violence in general across the region.
  3. Reduced spending on defense.
  4. Increased investment in diplomacy.
  5. Enhancement and rebuilding of US credibility around the world.

The list could go on and on.

Vote Bernie to save the US people and other people around the world from militaristic and climate caused misery and death.


Watched Bernie on CNN last evening –
Also wonderful on Saudi Arabia – but memories of Khashoggi and what
Glenn Greenwald is going through in Brasil right now made me shudder.
Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden all sacrificed
their own lives to inform citizens of what our government is doing and we
just don’t seem to care.