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So That Everyone Knows: From Jim Crow To Josef Mengele

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/16/so-everyone-knows-jim-crow-josef-mengele


Interesting with the connection to Josef Mengele, he ended up in South America, presumably through Allen Dulles’ ratlines that saved many of the top nazis. If you read Stephen Kinzer’s gruesome “Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control”, you will find that Josef Mengele’s crew also went unpunished. One could suspect that our system is evil at heart. Talking of injustice, unlike the terrified Czeslawa Kwoka pictured in the article who was murdered, Josef Mengele died from a stroke on a Brazilian beach.


its true, people only see what they want to see. Look no further, trust me everything is ok.

Go shopping my fellow amerinazians,


A sub segment of those that support the Far right in the USA and vote for guys like Trump , will also deny that the holocaust ever happened. In spite of all the evidence, photographs, written records and all of those millions of people that just disappeared from those labor camps , they will insist it was all a hoax.


As far as I’m concerned everyone who votes republican is no different than the SS officers who killed this and so many other innocent victims.


The line of genocide and holocaust goes even further back in history and time, to Europe and Celtic Ireland during the 1600’s. The anti-Reformation Church as well as the rulers went after women who dared to be healers and mid-wives, who dared to practice the Old Religion. It’s estimated 8 to 10 million women and men were killed during a fifty year period. Usually they were burned at the stake. Some were hung or stoned to death. If they were widows who owned land, well, it reverted to the Church. This is described in Starhawk’s Dreaming the Dark. We refer to it as the Burning Times.
Yes, our country is evil at its heart. Until our culture, including church and state, recognize and repent that evil, owning our Shadow, we will continue to commit horrific crimes. Does anyone even care about the folks languishing in Gitmo for almost 20 years? I think of them every day, wondering. Their children would be adults now. Wives may have remarried out of desperation. What about the UN and Amnesty International? Is the rest of the world so terrified of the probable vengence of the US that they won’t speak up?
Shall I list the victims? Yemen, Rhohinga, the migrants on Lesbos, the Uighurs, the peoples of the Congo, Ladakh, Tibet, Palestinians…the invisible chain worn by Jacob Marley has grown exponentially every day.


In my reading killing of medically knowledgeable women was prevalent throughout the middle ages and not limited to the celts but included northern africa and Persia. Control of half of the population continues today. Witness female genital surgery for just one example. And in countries with strong religious influence women are more greatly controlled under the auspice of religion. Why are powerful men so afraid of women ?


It’s OK when “we” do it, because we’re all about Freedom.

No one remembers the Ben Ishmael nomadic tribe of Indiana anymore. Surprise, surprise - forced sterilization was applied. Sure did their part for the American Eugenics Movement.


Come on trump apologists
No singing praise for your Fuhrer and that SS Stephen Miller

Can’t you at least sing the “biden is just as bad as trump” tune.
Or how about that sweet refrain, “no difference between democrats and republicans”

You can always march around with torches chanting Hillary, Hilary, Hillary

The trash that passes for intelligence these days.


It’s very odd seeing the level of “no difference between” rants on CD these days.

Specifically because I was one of them in 2016. Hillary or Drumpf both were/are opposite sides of the Corporate (quasi-fascist) coin, and voting for either was another nail in the coffin of the Great American Experiment.

I stand by my earlier statements that Obama was always GOP-lite.

But there is a difference between being the (infamous) president who deported more illegal migrants than all previous presidents combined, and implementing concentration camps (for profit mind you) to disappear dark skinned infants. While that sonnovabitch killed American citizens abroad with targeted assassinations, he wasn’t tacitly approving forced sterilizations of non-citizens in concentration camps.

As much as I despised Obama (I left Indonesia a year before he did, and we were both born the same year- so I’ve always been shocked he wasn’t more of a humanitarian), there’s no way he’d coddle right-wing militias nor sow wide spread division and loathing against any American who disagreed with him. Authorize ubiquitous spying, sure - but never would he have pipe up supporting a right wing underage milita wonk after shooting protestors (1st Amendment anyone?).

Fuck Obama, yes. But did he ever rail against fake news? The Deep State? Say every single dictator he met was Da Man?

WTF people?


While I campaigned for Obama

I too was very much disappointed in the First Black to occupy the WH

Banks, Foreclosures and Big Wall Street Money kept his attention focused

A Civil Rights Renaissance should have Prevailed


I agree. This entire way of living on the planet is an abject failure. The whole culture is based in a worldview that is pure hubris.

But within the culture there are genuinely good people. There are people who are literal saints. And there are people who are literal monsters.

Joe Biden is no saint. But he’s not a sadistic monster. Donald Trump is a sadistic, demented monster. No two ways about it. He really is the bogeyman, and he’s wants to destroy us.


“Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust” reports the UK newspaper The Guardian.

I guess that unless it’s on their cell phones, they don’t know it.


The RethugliKKKan Party is the racist party of cruelty, malevolence, and sadism. They are the extreme right-wing party of white supremacy, the 2020 US Nazi Party.

The DemocRAT Party is the center-right party of the US, pushing neoliberal economics since Bill Clinton.

Both parties are servants of Wall Street, corporations, and the military-corporate imperialist complex.

The Trump regime MUST be removed on Nov. 3.

Then we MUST focus on the neoliberal, imperialist Biden regime, because the Climate Crisis is the Number One existential threat we all face (along with nuclear weapons).

If Biden-Harris refuse to take SIGNIFICANT, EFFECTIVE action against these twin threats to our existence, then they must ALSO be removed.


The answer to your question lies in one word in it: “powerful”.

Powerful people refuse to cede any power unless and until they are forced to.

All patriarchal religions, especially Judeo-Christianity, have myths where women are to blame for evil (Eve) and where men are the chosen of whatever god is worshiped, so it is very convenient to make women scapegoats and to force them to be subservient, justified by theological arguments based purely on religious myths.

Since most males have more physical strength than most females, it has always been easy to suppress women and deny them equality and justice, then justify this inequality, injustice, and cruelty by relying on those sexist, patriarchal religious teachings.


Hi Peder:
And at the same time, the Japanese were also doing horrific things to prisoners in WW 2. WHY do so many nations treat other nationalities or religions so horribly? Not to forget the US using Pacific Islanders in a further study of what nuclear does to humans. : (


Hi A_Wobblie_Weeble:

I think Obama bought into the proposition that it is most important to be well liked. : (


Something else to be filed under the groaning weight of “not impeachable” offenses, and regrettably forgotten.


Dr Joseph Mengele was funded, in his USA Eugenics experiments, by the Rockefeller foundation before his promotion to Auschwitz. The US initiated lust for a master race resulted in sterilisation, marriage restriction and segregation. California was the Centre for Eugenics experiments and bloodlines were identified for exclusion. HItler took it from there. Take a knee USA.


Look closely – those of who you who dare – at the face of Czeslawa Kwoka.

Then tell me hers is not a plea to all humanity – to all of us who remain fully human – to rise up and overthrow the Evil that murdered her and is now destroying not just our species but our planetary Motherland.