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So That the Truth May Prevail: Lone Juror Sues To Release Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Transcripts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/30/so-truth-may-prevail-lone-juror-sues-release-breonna-taylor-grand-jury-0


Cameron, the state’s first black A.G. and a Republican protege of Mitch McConnell,
pretty much says it all.

If you have ever read accounts of the Jewish guards at Auschwitz,
an astounding similarity runs parallel.

When people of a common minority demographic, turn upon their own to further their own status,
the rationalizations become unbearable to even hear.

The guards claimed, how it was much better for the prisoners to be able to negotiate and have some control of their final fate, so being Jewish in a position of power was actually a good thing and helped there fellow compatriots.

In exchange the small accoutrements they received were not why they performed their tasks.
Nor was escaping their own demise, a primary consideration.
It was for the sake of their fellow humans that they did what they did.

As a Black AG, You better figure out that there will never be a place for you at mcconnell’s private table.
PS, be sure to pass the word to ol clarence at scotus.


Hi rolson:
Thank you to that unknown juror. The truth is often difficult to ascertain-----but finding a truthful and questioning juror is probably even more rare.

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Yes admirable to find a juror and judge with a conscience; however I respectfully disagree with Abby Zimet’s implication that this is just a matter of the few Henry-Fonda-like people among us. I believe these corrective events never would have happened except for the tireless work and intelligent organizing of Breonna’s mother Tamika Palmer and many, many other people to educate their fellow citizen’s awareness and conscience. “Time for good people to cause good trouble,” yes, (RIP John Lewis) but time to hold up the truth for our society as well. Time for all of us to show by action what good trouble means.