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So Trump Loses to Biden....Then What?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/26/so-trump-loses-bidenthen-what


Prepare for a very Dickensian winter, my friends.


Trump “will lose interest in helping millions of Americans” ?

Readers who have EVER witnessed Trump having ANY interest in helping millions of Americans, other than the .01% who he never stops helping, please raise your hand.

The stimulus checks and proposed $200 drug coupons for seniors are examples of campaign marketing paid for by taxpayers, not meaningful “help”.


Well he is running the USA like he would his own business. It what the right wing has wanted for decades.

A Business operates so as to generate profits for the “owners”. It is not there to help people.


Agree with the write up. Suspect trump will do all he can to destroy things. It’s not very pleasant to think that he is a “why do we have nukes if we can’t use them” person. There is a lot of time between elections and inauguration.
The entire govt is insane.


Good point. I would edit that sentence if I were the author/editor. You are correct---- of course and obviously---- with where trump’s interest lies. (only with himself/his ego).
It is clear this author gets how destructive trump and his enablers are so that really does not fit this important piece.

Too bad more “leaders” are not talking about the cliff we were lead to careen over no matter what happens between now, January and beyond.

Where are we now?

Where is the bottom? Is there a bottom? Some are already at the bottom, many have died, more are dying as I type.

No checks and balances----all gone---- with a huge exclamation point after that statement (“no check and balances!”) with the confirmation of ACB today

Rajan Menon does not mention the unprecedented events unfolding in the arctic that are having and will continue to have massive consequences for all life on earth.

Zack Labe


The extreme event continues in the Arctic with record low Arctic sea ice extent for this time of year (left). Note the region of anomalous warmth is in association with little to no sea ice cover north of Siberia (right).


Don’t expect for a nano second that the fascist character of US politics will change with Biden at the helm…


If Trump officially loses, and he has used all of the courts he can, to overturn the election in his favor, and still fails, from that moment on he will be in steal and flee mode. He will steal whatever he can from the WH, and use AF1 to drop him and family off in a non-extradition country, and we will be rid of him. Up to that moment, the author is correct about causing problems for the incoming administration, and correct about the gop members.

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The Cares Act was an overwhelmingly supported bipartisan project to set aside the majority of funds

to protect businesses and Wall Street investors while encouraging unemployment.

It also was an attack on Social Security. It gave businesses a way to postpone payments.

Within it is a guarantee that people who work in the weaponry industry would receive payroll

protection so that they could keep their jobs.

In Europe, many people’s jobs were funded at about 80% in order to reduce unemployment.

In the main cathedral of capitalism however, putting people out of work was preferable.

The democrats were in on this scheme and Pelosi pushed it through as quickly as she could

and now we are seeing the real results of democrat and republican shared priorities.

Trump is an opportunistic predator, but he has been enabled along the way by the overwhelming

numbers of both of Wall Street’s parties.

This article has given loads of information, but it misses the reality of how this happened in order to

give a false impression that this was all Trump’s doing.

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Assuming Trump loses – a big assumption at this point – he will be on an even greater tear of destruction until January. Biden will do little on his own to undo the damage. While liberals bask the the glory of a phyrric victory, the rest of us will have to escalate our protests to the point of shutting the country down to push these arrogant neoliberals on issues like universal healthcare, climate action beyond feel-good garbage, Police reform including community control and economic assistance to citizens.


“Choose yer enemy!” (I respelled “your” to my liking! lol) was a quote by someone on t. It absolutely resonates with me! The U.S. corporate empire (#AbolishCorporations) is arguably a BIGTIME failed duopoly! lol So? When voting, it’s vote for yer enemy of choice. I chose Biden-Harris. Rallies and (peaceful) protests haven’t seen anything, yet! 2021 will see a rocketing toward +2C global heating, that is already locked into our atmosphere and oceans! Models show skyrocketing methane emissions (fracking, grotesquely large animal farms, permafrost melting and ocean bottom seepage)! A major coastal city might very well go under with one of these superstorms, during Biden-Harris! The Poor Peoples Campaign seems to be a great Movement that Votes bunch of folks to watch! Ciao.

What happens is that somebody must pay for the Covid crisis and for the corporations that means the workers. Biden will do their bidding and that is what happens next.

  • The corporations are going to boost their profits by crushing ordinary workers’ wages when the crisis is over, the Nobel economic prize winner and inequality expert Sir Angus Deaton has warned. Many economists have attributed the surge in equities in recent months to a flood of new money printed by central banks, but Sir Angus, who won the economics prize in 2015, attributed it to expectations from investors that companies will be able to boost their profits in future by squeezing their wage bills*


With all he has done for the rest of the global oligarchy i find it more likely that he and his family will be protected and rewarded until he dies of old age in a giant mansion somewhere.

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I agree, but if our DOJ is restored, I believe this will happen in a non-extradition country.

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For covid-19, we know that entire nations have simply gotten rid of the covid. They have zero cases this week. They had zero cases last week too.

One policy that can strongly encourage the disappearance of the covid starting on January 21 would be a guarantee that if you test positive for the coronavirus, the government promises to make good on all of your coronavirus-related medical bills. Moreover, the government promises that your family will eat, that your family’s rent will be paid and other amenities. You will be properly quarantined and fed. Your family will be properly quarantined and fed. Your employer will pay unemployment taxes for your benefit if they don’t hire you back after you recover. The INS promises that they won’t take anyone away to the gulag during or just after the illness. Given such a government policy, all sorts of people will be quick to report any covid symptoms and the pandemic will die out in time, just as it has in the good countries.

The economy will be in a big crash by January 21. The U.S. is vastly in debt now. The Democrats will do the usual recovery. We really need a Works Progress Administration.

The courts are packed. Repack them.

Our constitutional crisis will be mainly solved by going to the multiple candidate form of single transferable vote elections. See the Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council elections since 1940. Most states have multiple congressional districts. Honestly, we need five Presidents with majority rule.

True! Biden, if elected POTUS will do exactly what he has been told to do.


and endless war…

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