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So, What’s the Difference Between Warren and Sanders?

Sorry Josh I hit the wrong reply button my comment was not directed to your comment

I just donated $100 to Bernie and hope any progressive out there can chip in as well. We are toast if Bernie doesn’t win this time around.


This speech is exactly the bully pulpit we need in our 2021 State of the Union Address!

Link: Commondreams wont allow me to post a link to Vox, but search for “Bernie Sanders Democratic socialism speech transcript”

Light on details compared to Warren maybe but 99% of voters can’t tell the difference between Warren’s and Bernie’s policies.

Those voters will be moved by this speech!


Dear Ms. Bruenig,

There are a total of 24 candidates not 23, therefore there aren’t 21 others running besides Sanders and Warren but 22.

Why should I trust anything you tell me when you parrot the lie from the powers that be that Senator Mike Gravel isn’t running?


Easy Peasy Warren, does what she’s told. Retracts her awareness that the DNC rigged the 2016 Primary. Retracts her awareness that Hillary Goddam Clinton is a Big Bank shill.

Easy Peasy Warren- a giant coward. Afraid to go on FOX and paints it as virtue signalling instead of not wanting to deal with the antagonism of Fox. Afraid to back Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Primary. Afraid to go against the CIA narrative on Venezuela.

Tim Black says what she proposes in her ‘plans’ are irrelevant since she has shown that she is a woman with no backbone, “Stop telling us that we’re wrong not to trust her!”


unless at some point they unite, a less progressive candidate will get the nomination, probably Biden, my least favorite.
I don’t care whether its Sanders or Warren, the differences in reality are not that meaningful when one considers what can actually get done. Looking for flaws is a waste of time, perfection is unattainable. Beware anyone trashing either, that can only help the GOP and the 1%.

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Thank You----------why is everybody evil if they don’t agree with ones point of view. I think Warren is trying to be honest about what she can accomplish. Warren is a Roosevelt -fix capitalism-------Sanders is the great equalizer.

Warren is in a CNN townhall and people should watch this----Warren is staying on message and guess who she is talking too ??? African Americans-----Warren understands the dynamics of Institutional Racism

I think Warren could be very effective in making real change--------And look at the debate schedule ------the two women with a real voice get put on the B team. Tulsi Gabbard should be in the mix with Biden and so shouldn’t Warren.

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Puh-leeze! Hillary Clinton’s “establishment bona fides and years of White House experience” were not the reasons she got the nomination, and any journalist worth their salt would not print such a disingenuous statement.

Furthermore, The Democratic Party betrayed the will of the people when they colluded to steal the nomination for Hillary. Bernie Sanders would have been our president, but for this blatant election fraud.

Lastly, Elizabeth Warren moves in whatever direction the political winds blow. She is not a true progressive. If she was, she would have supported Bernie in 2016. Now, she’s cribbed together some of Bernie’s core initiatives, sporting her tiresome “two cents” misrepresentation of just how much tax revenue from the wealthy she’s talking about–which the corporate oligarchs will work tirelessly to prevent.

This is the first time I’ve read something on your website that I find sophomoric and misleading…


Yes, Bernie and Tulsi!!

That understatement is almost funny. :smile:

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I love Tulsi’s message of peace, but I am troubled by someone who would join a volunteer army that goes around the world killing, for the most part, innocent people?

Anyone can discern that we have produced an Army of violent Mercenaries that create havoc and chaos wherever they go.

My question is why would Tulsi join that type of organization?

Yes, I have the same reservations. That said it has to be acknowledged that the typical US Citizen is brainwashed when it comes to “patriotism” and it hard for many to break those shackles.

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Give Mike Gravel a dollar to keep him in the debates:

I gave him $5. He’s a true American hero.

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I gave to Bernie last time and ended up voting for Jill Stein. This go around I gave to Mike Gravel, but will also fund Bernie and Tulsi and any Green running.

Your question (why would Tulsi join the military in the first place) doesn’t bother me as much (though I certainly wouldn’t have done it myself). We need allies in the military if we have any hope of reducing their size and scope of action. Tulsi is my #1 and Bernie #2 for now, but by the time March 3 rolls around, I don’t expect Tulsi will still be in the race. But if she were to become president, I think she would have a better chance to make more military changes than Sanders would (given you need to get Congress behind you and to a certain extent Congress will be listening to all sorts of factions including rank and file military). I hope to see her run again in the future (maybe she can try for a Senator or Governer prior which would probably improve her likelihood). After these two options, Warren is my #3, but she is quite a bit further down for all the reasons people have given here. That she is much better on domestic issues than Biden or most other democratic candidates who have a chance to win is not a high bar.

I gave him a $1. I did it a long time ago.

He still might make it into the July debates. He just said on Jimmy Dore today that he has 45,000 donors. He needs 65,000 for the July debates.

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