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So, Who Are Donald Trump’s Voters?


So, Who Are Donald Trump’s Voters?

Gail Ablow

Many people on both the left and the right are scratching their heads, trying to understand the puzzling appeal of Donald Trump to his supporters. For Dr. Robert Jones, the CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, (PRRI) it’s no mystery — it’s a matter of understanding the role that religion, culture and the economy play in shaping the landscape of American politics.


Granny D warned we Leftists long ago to make friends with these disenfranchised and trickled on folks. She urged people on The Left to go into these neighborhoods and help people and make real friends. She asked us to help them with their kids’ college applications, job applications, tutoring for GEDs, and etc. We failed. Now Trump is their Pied Piper and leading them into that dark cave of Facism.

Instead of protest signs, The Left should show up at Trump rallies, stay outside and pass out brochures that give real information about just who to blame for their lost jobs, their lack of help with a leg up in life. Ours was a failure of the heart. Sure, our leaders were murdered and our voices muffled but we did not have a winning strategy with these folks.

As someone who comes from a family where Dad finished the Fifth Grade and Mom did not finish high school, I saw this coming. But no one in the Peace Movement would listen when I wanted to make the anti war work all about the economy and where our tax dollars were going and not going.


Who are Donald Trump’s voters?

I have talked to many and their anger is being tapped into by Trump and he is appealing to their emotional anger. Trump’s appeal is demagoguery, but that is irrelevant to many of Trump’s supporters because he is saying exactly what they believe. Once you have voters by their emotions, rather than their reason, it does not matter how vitriolic the rhetoric.


Thank the God-dess:

“So for example, today if we do the typical social science division of religious groups in the country, today the largest religious group in the country is religiously unaffiliated Americans. They make up 23 percent of the country today. So we’ve been talking about evangelicals, evangelicals only make up 17 percent of the country today. So they’re larger than evangelicals, they’re larger than Catholics. And they keep growing.”

So few posters and pundits DARE to mention this. What’s most shocking about it is that THIS group of authoritarians may fight eagerly to preserve the rights on unborn fetuses but their vapid disregard for the LIVES of children being bombed or droned in Middle East nations is sickening.

This group tends to champion the use of muscular policing forces that endanger the Black community, break up Hispanic families, and treat Muslims with disdain and derision.

As I have said quite often, they betray the teachings of Christ. And the fact that the groups most identified with Christ (in their often arrogant assertions of being “Christian”) are the ones most eager to make war on others is itself indicative of so great an inversion to warrant the title of: The Anti-Christ, not as person, but as phenomenon.


Liked primarily for what will probably be my next campaign slogan. Brilliant!


I find it disconcerting that the term patriarchy is never once mentioned. In its place are softer terms like “nostalgic voters,” and so on.

And while Mr. Jones points out some significant components of this White Conservative base, he leaves out the war on women–and that war is carried out on multiple fronts:

  1. Resurgence of pornography intended to degrade, demean, and devalue women
  2. War on women’s reproductive rights–and this goes WAY beyond access to abortion
  3. No noise about campus rape, domestic violence/rape, and the sexual abuse of women in prisons and border-based detention centers
  4. No mention of the net effect of lower wages paid to women when so many single Moms head families as programs like Head Start are defunded
  5. Making women invisible–as mere extensions of Adam’s rib.

It’s more white conservative MALES who back Trump. Sure, he has idiot female supporters, too… but this nostalgia item that Mr. Jones mentions remains 100% mum on the role of women “liberated” to choose other than father-dominant families, domestic work, and virginity (tested, as was the case in Egypt, or otherwise).

In fact, leaving out the male-dominant logos of patriarchy and not giving gender a whiff of mention in this article is a silent form of misogyny. It’s also widely practiced.

This is as much code for male dominant patriarchal households as euphemisms that hide racism are used to corral white Southern voters:

“But what the measures in the social science literature that are getting at that’s called authoritarian are really about structure and order and traditionalism.”

This is the only statement that MIGHT have included the war on women (or a different way of relaying the challenges specific to women when patriarchal authoritarianism rules):

The one large entity made conspicuous by its absence ARE women:

“I might just add here is that also these groups have been hit pretty hard economically and so white working-class Americans, for example, eight in 10 of them feel like the country is still in a recession. They have been hit pretty hard by jobs that pay by the hour [that] have been pretty stagnant or even losing value over time. So I think it’s a volatile cocktail of economics, cultural changes and demographic changes all moving in the same direction, fueling these anxieties.”

The same angry white males who vote for Trump are equally angry at uppity women, Feminists, women who say no to them, women who make more money than they earn, women who are smarter than they are, etc.

In a nutshell, Trump supporters are angry males showing backlash to equality in general… whether that equality is extended to women, Blacks, Muslims, Hispanic “guest workers” or anyone other than their little select tribe that held inordinate privileges for centuries. THEY don’t want to share… and this reflex to avert sharing is made more acute due to the fact that they, like the rest of us, have felt their paychecks go less far while they endure more insults in the workplace.

This financial aspect, of course, is engineered by global elites to make populations so angry that they will turn on one another. The elites WANT to cull the herd…


We’re still way too sectarian on the Left to make a difference and until we get past the tendency to abstract every serious material issue, we’re going to suck at organizing the people we can and should.
Even now, you see brothers and sister haranguing Sanders supporters for missing this or that detail of Sanders’ political ideology or career. It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s that they’re tone deaf, and worrying far more about being right in an argument than making sure that our left leaning Democrat brothers and sisters know they can count on our support and understanding as they sort through the bizarre complexity of American politics.
I’ve preached this for years, but it’s been slow going. A lot of these people at Trump rallies should’ve been ours when it mattered. We have to stop making that mistake.


Oh, please…

Faith-based are by nature inured to arguments based on logic and reasoning.

The culprit isn’t Leftists who didn’t infiltrate right wing neighborhoods to give them a different version of “political Jesus.”

Elites tightened the financial screws through sending jobs overseas (NAFTA), engineering the greatest wealth transfer in history (bailout to banks, not taxpayers or homeowners), and leaving the nation largely gutted of decent-paying jobs.

When people feel insecure, many turn to religion. And since many religions are founded on tradition and authoritarian precepts, in order to gain support from religious communities, vulnerable persons become prey to rather rigid belief systems.

They are taught NOT to question authority and taught to boost faith on the basis of NOT questioning anything.

Granny D spoke far more about the displaced sense of lives never lived that caused authoritarians to identify with unborn fetuses. If she did advise that progressive individuals assume the role of Margaret Mead and live among the deluded (by patriarchal religion) in order to boost their understanding, I didn’t come upon that treatise.

I think your post is just a veiled attempt to blame the left, another derivative of blaming voters.


The nostalgia is for something that can never be what that was because the peoples who have been subjected to ethnocide, genocide and ecoside by corporate cabals connected with their buddies in “third world world” countries for minerals and export of their wealth and generations of impoverishment are still now and always will be fighting back. What happens if it continues, the moral compass - as exhibited by the history of the Clintons and 1% - will swing between plausible deniability by manipulation and outright lies and slander backed up by armed destabilizations.

The system has to change or the ethnocide, genocide and ecoside that has been practiced in other places are going to continue the moral rotting this society while the impoverishment well underway intensifies.

Candidate Drumph is consistently proving himself incapable of articulating much less engaging the course corrections necessary in governance to prevent the utter downfall of this society. I would imagine that very few of those who favor violence have any experience in defending themselves from the sort of violence that Drumph advocates.


I liked the simple explanation of the woman analyst commenting on MSNBC when asked this question. Her response was something like, “They are the ‘middle finger’ voters”. I think that is just about right. Basic attitude of them is “screw 'em all”.


Perhaps Granny D forgot which side of the aisle those that continue to come to the defense of her country are from.

If we are to breathe Fascism right now, we can thank the Leftists who put the neo-Nazi Clintons and their junta in our White House, and for the failed democratic leadership that has brought us to where we are today. As Bernie Sanders points out, a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma. While the Leftists were busy trying to figure out how to fill out all of their “applications,” little did the Leftists realize that they were already under the spell of Fascism and had been so royally duped by it that they sunk into perpetual denial. They became more interested in endangered snails than the kids who were offered up as fodder ostensibly to defend their country. On Clintons’ watch, on Obama’s watch, as well as on the others.

This kind of condescension is absolute bullying and ultimately becomes a form of terrorism.



You know, Granny D really did say this. You sometimes have to trust that people are telling the truth. Every time I post here you attack me. I am not posting here anymore. Get another target.


I so care about those kids offered up as fodder and our mistreated veterans. That failed to move our audience in the peace movement. It sure motivated me because my brother in law died in 1967 in Vietnam for a lie.

You know, when you attack people on the net, never assume that what they write is all that they are. It wasn’t that I care only about the wasted tax money for wars, it was offered as as an argument because really people didn’t respond to the kids being sent as fodder, very unfortunately.

I will not be posting on Common Dreams again because you and other do nothing but attack. I thought this was a forum for reasonable people on The Left.


Oh please…

War on women? Women are at war with themselves and that is a result of their insecurity. Our history is filled with women who have lived successful lives. Women are at war with themselves today because they bought into the second wave ideology that we could have it both ways. In other words, the boys figured out they didn’t have to pay for the cow because the milk was for free. That’s kind of it in a nutshell. Women are most outraged at having exploited themselves, in their refusal to take responsibility for their actions. Instead of using a moral compass they jumped head first into an abyss of insanity, acting out our stereotypical behavior. It’s all egotism. Now there’s a war on women, and a war on men. Let’s see what else. If women want to be constructive they’ll put their energies into healing the planet. Hopefully at some point women will remember why we were given the power of restraint.

So all Hillary supporters are angry white females! Though I am no fan of Trump, his supporters are people who feel the Left agenda has gone too far. There’s no need to fit it all into logic, reasoning, classification, etc., etc., only common sense.


The comment should be substantiated. THAT is hardly an attack. However, I stand by my assessment–you are more interested in blaming the Left than understanding the substance of Granny D’s sentiments.

And your likely buddy “Denial” is also blaming “the Left.” As if what corporatists did under the D-brand name has anything to do with the Left.


Did Obama have voters by their emotions, rather than reason?


So you are in a position to cast the first stone? That, to me, is the epitome of a fool.

Blaming the Left? I voted Left for decades. We are all complicit in this mess and it is the likes of those who dwell in the flesh who are the fools we can thank, no matter how many degrees and societies they have after their names.

How pitiful for people to be so blinded by the light.


Slay the messenger. Substantiated? It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. Women have disgraced themselves today. WHY is there a rise in pornography? It takes supply and demand.


This is a form for reasonable people. Period. Not just you.

Only those on the Left seem to perceive themselves as reasonable when and how they so choose. This is terribly arrogant. If people don’t agree with your views or haven’t served them to you candy coated, then we start bullying because our minds are firmly set against anything that does not support our liberal views. I have participated in this forum for many years, off and on, and have had some good debates and discussions with reasonable people, both sides of the aisle. Right now it seems to me that is what needs to be happening in our country. Belittling others for not thinking the way YOU do is hardly productive.

Arrogance masks insecurity.


An unequivocal YES!

I was excoriated in 2008 for calling Obama " the consummate con man" but the emotions were running so high that it was futile to reason with so many. The Reverend Wright, who had known Obama for many years and probably knew Obama better than most and married him to Michelle said it very well: " President Obama was selected before he was elected and is accountable to those that selected him. Why do you think Wall Street got the break? Why do you think the big three financial institutions were bailed out"?

Malcolm X was prescient, to say the least when May 7, 1965 he said this: " They have a new gimmick every year. They’re going to take one of their boys, black boys, put him in the cabinet so he can walk around Washington with a cigar. Fire on one end and fool on the other end."