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So Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?


So Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?

Conn Hallinan

Why did Turkey shoot down that Russian warplane?


Answer: Because Erdogan is a nut. Fortunately, Putin is one cool cucumber. That Time did not put him as Person of the Year is testament to that rag's taint. He is clearly the leader in the international spotlight who has his country's best interests in mind.


Will afghanistan, iraq, libya, palestina, syria... ever rise again? Not any of them, i expect, and not for a long time, if ever, if the nation gang [aka Nato], the fiftyFIRST state, fifty states, turkey, and gulf states can help it.

It is now a matter which of the two nation gangs prevails in syria. One gang--whose only or main purpose is to do gangsterism [just like a street, mafia, bank, bike gangs]--is not only a de jure one but much stronger econo-militarily than that of the three nations: syro-russo-iranian one.

So, we can expect that nato/turkey/US/gulf states can easily prevent reunification of syria politically or militarily.
So, the best russo-syrian bloc can hope to achieve is to reagin all of the latakia, idlib, dimashq, quneitra, daraa and let go of aleppo, homs, hama, deir ez zor, hassekah, raqqa.
Syria is gone!


" Powerful forces are maneuvering to torpedo any Syrian peace process that could leave room for Bashar al- Assad."

The major powerful forces are : USA, UK, France, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. And what right do any of these countries have to demand regime change in Syria? What ever your opinion is of Assad, he is the legitimate leader of Syria and Russia is the only country that has been invited there. Assad may be a thug, but he is not the Amerikan Empires thug! And there is the elephant in the room; there is the crux of the problem; that is the real reason that NATO and the West so desperately want regime change in Syria. And that has a lot to do with Turkey shooting down that Russian jet.


"That would be the same al-Qaeda that brought down the World Trade Center towers and that the U.S. is currently bombing in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

"Suspension of rational thought is not limited to Syria."

See above, Mr. Hallinan


Yet , even as many of us believe the official narrative a lie, this gives yet more substance to the Authors point.

The US Government publicly claimed Al Qaeda did 9/11 and labeled them the most dangerous people in the world and a direct threat to the USA.

This even as they form alliances with them.

That they lie is made even more obvious.


Answer: To get to the other side?

Okay, but remember, reality is whatever the powers-that-be say it is.

That said...

“Conn Hallinan is a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist.”

Hmmm… Why does the author repeatedly implicitly reinforce the narrative that ISIS is a true enemy of the
United States and its allies. After all, is not the evident that the U.S. and is partners recruit, fund, supply, train,
command, supply logistics. The U.S. also protects certain groups of nefarious fighters, including significant factions of ISIS. I understand that training takes place in several countries, including Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi
Arabia. Turkey, Israel and several other nearby countries friendly to the England and the United States. Some of these terrorists defect and splinter off to form their own “autonomous” militias.

The U.S. and its allies wholesale import these terrorists into regions wherein they want to justify military
action or seek to destabilize target regimes. Sometimes the fighters go back and forth among the various groups of fighters, i.e. to and from governmental military forces, militias (related to military or not) and various other
terrorist organizations.

Of course, certain members of ISIS are more so under the direct control (i.e. proxies) of the Western countries
than others. And, in terms of disinformation and plausible deniability, that’s a "good thing." For, It enables the U.S. and its allies to, on the one hand use some factions as puppets, while at the same time, it justifies a Western presence to
fight ISIS elements.

The West utilized the same strategy in Afghanistan to oust the Russians. Again, in the Balkans it used mainly
Albanian Muslims. After the war in Iraq winded down, U.S. and its allies introduced Al Qaeda to Iraq. Then, it imported many of those fighters (ISIS, an Al Qaeda incarnation) into Syria. (Nice!)

It should be no surprise that ISIS fighters have convoys of hundreds of brand new Toyota pickup trucks, U.S. weaponry
or weapons seized by the U.S. from other countries, e.g. Iraq or Libya. It is no surprise that numerous credible reports emerge where witnesses report United States air-dropping supplies to ISIS factions. And, it is somewhat curious that
senior Israeli military officers, working alongside ISIS fighters, are captured by Syrian military forces. Far too often, it has been reported by Syrian military, that when they attack ISIS forces, U.S Air Force repels them—even using
drones.(Go figure!)

So, what instruments serve the purpose of the West’s apparently insatiable desire for global dominance and hegemony? It is a given that the U.S. cannot often have a significant military presence in certain areas of interest, for
one reason or another. It is self-evident that Al Qaeda and its modern-day offshoots, including ISIS, are major proxies of the United States and its allies; after all, the West will create, nurture and support almost any elements which are vital to its geopolitical objectives..

What about the Western government’s funding and support of the Turkish Grey Wolves and the World Uyghur
Congress (WUC), including Turkish-Uyghur terrorists). Did you know that WUC is directly funded by the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy? And, don’t forget about the enduring and omnipresent Muslim Brotherhood.


The article doesn't answer the question, but spreads several falsehoods. First, air space was violated -- a 2-mile extension of Turkey into otherwise Syrian territory. Second, the Russians had been overflying it, and had been warned not to, to attack Turkmen forces from the rear. Third, realistically, NO national leader can ignore that kind of thing, so it would be weird and dumb to expect the Turks to ignore it.

As to what the Turkmen (ethnic Turks but supposedly Syrian citizens) were doing there is open to question. Helping move ISIS oil into Turkey? Protecting refugee flight? Blunting some Kurd action? The Russians obviously thought whatever activity was going on, it was important to stop -- otherwise they would not have risked causing an incident, after ample past warning. Does our government know what was going on? Probably.


First, air space was violated

Maybe, but only maybe. Russia has backed up its claim of no incusion with video evidence, and Ergodan has every reason to lie.

a 2-mile extension of Turkey into otherwise Syrian territory. Second, the Russians had been overflying it, and had been warned not to, to attack Turkmen forces from the rear. Third, realistically, NO national leader can ignore that kind of thing, so it would be weird and dumb to expect the Turks to ignore it.

Despite ergodan's cliam of 13 minutes this is inconsistent with aircraft speed and Erogands own claim of the flight path, which would indicate a vioation of only a few minutes.

Such short violations are common and are ignored all the time. The quote from Ergodan "can never be a pretext for an attack.” is also correct, and he was referring to incursions that lasted much much longer.


At 870 miles per hour cruising speed the Su-204 would have had to have been 75 miles away from that 1.36 mile wide bit of Turkey it allegedly violated when the first warning was given, assuming that what was said on the news, that 10 warnings were given in 5 minutes, was correct. If the first warning was given 13 minutes before the plane got shot down, well that means it was about 160 miles away from that 1.36 mile wide bit of Turkey. Do the Turks always warn aircraft away and launch fighters to shoot then down when aircraft are 160 miles, or even 75 miles away, from Turkish airspace? To fly across 1.36 miles of Turkish airspace at 870 mph is a matter of a few seconds; work it out.


Watch this REAL reporter ask the tough questions of the US state department and watch as the spokesperson for the US state department loses it.

Lower down the page another US state department spokesperson (This the same one that claimed the US has always been against the formation of Government by Coup) states the US will send Aircraft carries to the coast of belarus.


The violation was not in minutes (if it occurred) it was seconds. To penetrate the distance the Turks claimed the Russians penetrated would have been a little over 5 seconds flying at the speed the jet in question generally travels at.

In order to be in Turkish airspace for the 17 seconds claimed, the plane would have to of been traveling at less then 240 mph.

the Russian version of events and proofs offered is much more convincing.


Not just falsehoods but ridiculous falsehoods , so Turkey military should allow armed bombers to fly over its territory because they are old , slow and did not have air to air missiles.


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Mr. Hallinan talks about the US as if it's more or less an observer in this thing. Rather than the prime mover and shaker. The one who put this whole clusterfuck into motion in the first place! Amerika still wants Assad gone and at this point isn't beyond starting at the very least another middle-east war, if not a world war to get their way. Their way, because that's what this is all about, the US getting it's way again. America is getting short on options, especially when whatever is happening is outside of the US or Europe! Bombs and blood, those are the only threats that the US has left that anyone will listen to. They had the Turks shoot down the Russian Su-24 hoping to be able to use the NATO doctrine (an attack on one is an attack on all), but Mr. Putin didn't bite and didn't retaliate. So far everything the US has tried to instigate all out war in Syria has been stymied by Vladimir Putin. If this thing does end up in talks, Mr. Putin should reject Geneva and insist that the talks be held at the UN in New York in front of the entire General Assembly. That way the only people directly involved in the talks would be the US on one side, and Syria and Russia on the other. The US would be in a lousy position seeing that it has absolutely no legal basis for being in Syria in the first place. It has no authorization from the US Congress let alone authorization from the UN Security Counsel. If Vladimir Putin is looking to drive a stake of holly through what's left of the heart of Barack Obama and the US, this would be the simplest and best way to do it!


Damn good question! I never said Assad was a thug, that is the way he has been demonized by the West and Israel, but my point was that even if true, that is a red herring and has absolutely nothing to do with regime change in Syria.

But here are some real thugs: Obama, Cameron and Nutty Yahoo!


The Iraqi Government is going to formally request the question of the Turkish invasion of their country be subnitted to the UNSC. The liar in this press conference had to have known that yet pretended he knew nothing of the same. You can see how telling these lies had him shifting about.

It pretty obvious the rest of the reporters in the room have been conditioned to ask questions predicated on a script and this spokesperson was unable to deal with the real hard line questions that should be asked. Her questions not only make him look like a lying and incompetent fool , but expose the rest of those reporters as clowns as well,



Thi article is one of the thoughts of the deigner of the F16 on the incident. He feels this was an ambush and the Turkish planes in the area expressedly for that reason. He points out the Turkish Aircraft flew at low altitude while hovering in the region which is not normally done as this eats fuel. In order to fly at that altitude for the length of time that occurred the planes have to be readied beforehand with extra fuel to do such.

That Low altititude allowed them to escape Radar detection and to dive under the radar once an attack launched. Again all of this suggests planning beforehand and not a reaction to an incident.

Erdogan lies.


And the Turkish ambush required the rusian flights target and flight plan which was advised to the US who were "coordinating" flight information austencibly to "avoid" such "errors". In short it was an ambush wich required coordination with US and Saudi intelegence and the information from their repective AWACs for real time targeting. It was a joint venture ambush for which the US is responsable though Turkey did the dirty work up front.
This article is a total waste of time trying to blurr the picture. Propaganda again.


Correct, I had mentioned that in another post and Paul Craig Roberts makes the same assertions.