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Social Democracy Is 100% American


Social Democracy Is 100% American

Harvey Kaye

Appearing late last week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri insisted that Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont “is too liberal to gather enough votes in this country to become president.” Indeed, responding to the fact that candidate Sanders is not only drawing big, enthusiastic crowds to campaign events in Iowa and New Hampshire, but also pulling within 10 points of frontrunner and party favorite Hillary Clinton in certa


Too bad for your last paragraph. For you, there is no hope. And the idea of a bloody revolution–given the KIND of weapons possessed by uniformed gendarmes–is a pact with the devil.

The past is not always prelude. That some were mostly forced to sell out doesn’t mean that Sanders will do likewise. The groundswell he is unleashing is the genii that won’t go easily back into the bottle.

And while some scorn at reforms, it was chiefly Roosevelt’s reforms that sustained capitalism while also improving the standard of living for many. A lot of people would prefer THAT to revolution.

As the Piketty Study (and any keen observation skills) revealed, wealth has been DELIBERATELY engineered into the hands of the oligarchic 1% as a direct result of policies based on deregulating the banking industry to free it to speculate. A dynamic deal for banksters everywhere with the PUBLIC on hand to bail out the bankers. It’s equally obvious that Obama “Care” enriches Big Insurance while hardly improving health care ACCESS to the vast majority.

Since the 1% has set its sights on rescinding the New Deal and over the course of patient decades, gotten control of the courts, media, much of academe, senate, congress, and the Presidency… their agenda is now the rule of the land. Sanders is making major waves. And while the next Pres. may be forced to negotiate those waves by giving back some of what the elites stole for themselves in recent decades, that is still an improvement over things as odious as the NDAA, Citizens United, The Patriot Act, TPP, TIPP and all of the other rendered-legal policies that strip assets, liberties, and sovereignty from The People in service to the 1% donor class.

Addressing this return to feudalism is what Mr. Sanders is good at. And it’s what’s needed today.

A total collapse of U.S. govt would allot to the white male racist gun-toting baboons a righteous rationale for the killing fields that they’ve always wanted. THAT would not be progress. Be careful what YOU wish for.


First, the hatred the author was referring to was FDR’s for the rich, not one of the many candidates he ran against. Bernie welcomes the hatred of the rich, as did FDR. The Great Mortal Sin of “Bernie’s endorsement” is trotted out every day on these threads, it’s a red herring. Pro forma endorsements mean nothing, but your trotting it out earns you the red fish:


Well to be accurate males did not have to hold property to be able to vote in Greece. In Iceland Chieftans were all elected at the local level to sit in the Athling and all men considered “freemen” could vote. They did not have to hold land.

As far as I know nether Greece or Iceland had religious tests for their leaders.

Ancient China and India also had public education systems which both boys and girls attended all of which disappeared at later dates when one dynasty replaced with another In China and when the Vedic system in Inda replaced by the caste system.

Rome had the Iudus Publicus which was attended by both boys and girls and was a Publicly run school system. All classes attended from ages 6 to 14. Social democracy is not 100 percent American , it is 100 percent human. It is something conceived in people the world over and not just one locale.

(All of this demonstrates that throughout history there were times where there much more in the way of equality . It ebbs and flows and the struggle aganst those that wish to co-opt power for themselves seems an endless one)


“…but all the more because of what he wants to do: tax the rich,”

The ruling rich with its bought politicians will never tax themselves unless they glom the tax revenues.

The only way to tax the rich is if we do it ourselves by popular referendum.


Maybe McCaskill means well, for the people - for the life of me, I can’t see how anyone (including herself) could think that.


The people ?

Look at McCaskill’s voting record. All corporate and no people.

Like Washington State and other states with a large Boeing presence, McCaskill’s first job is getting elected and the first item on her Senator from Missouri job description is CARRY WATER FOR BOEING.


“We the People” = Democratic Socialism


Social Revolucion is the only way that will lead to Peace and saving the Planet! The details will be determined by the People. All are welcome to join; bringing tolerance, compassion, and various skills. It can work; it MUST work!


I’m loving your visual. Just loving it. Never knew what herring looked like.


After the Greek referendum, you would think Americans would be curious


Beautifully written, rousing, and should be read at 4th of July’s everywhere. wish reporters around the country could get copies shoved in their faces at times they couldn’t ignore it, since apparently universities don’t teach history to journalists anymore.


Super excellent point. Social democratic ideals and practices are abundantly found everywhere throughout history and places…since ancient times…and including indigenous peoples of north America.


I agree. Great article! I’d like to print it out and shove it in that sellout McCaskill’s …ear.


Precisely. Anytime a person claims something like “Social Democracy” 100 percent American and has as its source one group of people as opposed to any other , they are reinforcing the point that some people are “exceptional” when compared to others.

When a group of people suggest they exceptional inequality and the dominator model is the result which directly contradicts the premises of “social democracy”.


Yes…people’s needs have always existed, basically the same from tribe to tribe, culture to culture, era to era, country to country. What’s maybe different today is the naïveté, apathy, brainwashing, hopelessness level?


Very good, SiouxRose…one of those times of “I wish I’d said that!” :smile:


They might think “referendum” is a convention of referees.


Well as another article alluded to (Chris hedges) the technology developed by man which in turn lead to mass media , surveillance and the breakdown of communities plays a great role in the “hopelessness” and “naivete”.


Yeah…what’s really sickening about that is that it’s all deliberate whereas people’s naïveté, apathy, or ignorance is almost unwitting. The “problem” is so multi-faceted that figuring where to make what intervention becomes a figurative Rubik’s cube, e.g., what to do FIRST…