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Social Democracy Is 100% American


By the same token that those in power feel they have to do these things shows even they understand that the masses are interested in equality and social justice.

If this was not the case they would not have to take such measures.


Claire should consult with her own constituents before becoming a paid shill for the Clinton machine. She might find that there are many of them relating to Bernie’s message. He is the only candidate who has a real honest-to-God platform that people can relate to. The others, either bash everything and each other, (including the President) and their platform is pretty much the same old, same old rhetoric to do away with anything even closely related to progress for the country and the people. Plus, Bernie is the only one who refuses to spend time worrying about the other candidates, which is totally refreshing. AND, he is running his campaign without Dark Money. Ask Claire just how far she would get without it. Could she pull in big crowds and manage on small donations? I sincerely doubt it…


If anything , no matter the sincerity of one Bernie Sanders (And I believe he sincere) his running for office haa managed to bring that great thierts for Social justice to the forefront in apite of the medias continious attempts to claim Americans really do not favor that model.


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