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Social Democratic Nations Rank Happiest in Global Index (Again). US Ranking Falls (Again).

Social Democratic Nations Rank Happiest in Global Index (Again). US Ranking Falls (Again).

Julia Conley, staff writer

The social democracy of Finland was once again ranked number one on the United Nations' World Happiness Report, released on Wednesday, while the corporate-dominated United States fell one place to rank at 19th.

For the seventh year in a row, the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network released a report ranking 156 countries according to measures including income, freedom, trust in government, and social support.


But, have you considered the following:

  1. Venezuela

  2. Cuba

  3. The USSR

  4. Socialism, boo!

  5. Freedom

  6. Liberty.

  7. Private interests are more efficient, especially when you get to define what the word efficiency means.

All that.

I need no data, facts, studies or what not. I got my favorite bumper stickers.


10 0f the the top 15 countries are constitutional monarchies, which kind of puts a spanner in the theories of republicans everywhere. Monarchies must be doing something right if they, amongst all other modern democracies, consistently score higher in tables such as this one. .

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This was shown on VICE last night and after watching it, not many happy people in Finland. The darkness and cold keeps people separated and alone. Sounds like a blast.

Yeah, I have mine too…I still have Bernie stuff from 2016 in my garage collecting dust… I hope Bernie 2020 won’t be there along side it!

Huh? I don’t understand your post…

The republican party is a suicide cult Seeing more people (and themselves) Happy is not in their DNA, especially the President Caligula base. Republicans have a need to see others hurt and hurting. It makes them feel better about themselves. The Caligula base is attempting to bring on the ‘end times’. They want to force Jesus to come back from vacation


But according to this survey we are one of that happiest fascist nations.
So you see, not all bad news.


Keep in mind, all of those nations, with the exception of jolly ol England, are monarchies in name only. Their royal families are window dressing for the tourists.
The brits however, have always been run by an oligarchy. And until the people wake up and start taking offense to being called “commoners” nothing will change.


Well, that’s true of the UK too, yet still they’re all monarchies rather than republics, even if in a constitutional form, so that must be an important asset in creating stable democracy, freedoms and success in such rankings, contrary to received opinion amongst republicans.

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There may be some positive effects from the paternal/maternal counter weight of symbolic monarchies within a social democratic framework–just so long as the don’t get out of control and lose their heads.

Or we can just honor common men and women and the concept of the Commonwealth.

a : one founded on law and united by compact or tacit agreement of the people for the common good.

b : one in which supreme authority is vested in the people.

Aaron Copland - Fanfare For The Common Man


Israel ranked 13th. Do you think they quizzed people in Tel Aviv or the Gaza Strip? In any case, all of these “studies” still have to be taken with a grain of salt. personally I’m shocked that the U.S. fared so well, so I’m a little bit suspicious about the yardsticks used.


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Party pooper ha ha but I think that I get your message.

About those constitutional royals??? I just do not understand but the people love their royals. After three months in DK yr before last I do understand that it would be clearly not be possible to erase they royals from their culture since they are totally part of their history but I still cannot feel that anyone is better than anyone else as a result of birth history.

How does darkness seperate people ?

Hello Phred_Pharkel, Our happiness path still surprises me as we haven’t descended to the bottom of the shitpile. The delusional in the country keep putting us as # 1. A truer number would be somewhere in the middle at best and well towards the bottom at worst. When 78% of families are living paycheck to paycheck only Little Orphan Annie’s and her ilk could say that things are good! May reality strike them hard and often!

These " happiness " indexes are a bit limited as they apply only to the external measurable world.
Real happiness has little to do with ones circumstance. It cannot be measured or located, but it can be lived.
Now comes the external crowd with their insistence that ones external circumstances must be met BEFORE one can realize their internal happiness and peace.
What im suggesting is realized only through direct experience . It cannot be proven nor quantified.
For those that disagree, NO amount of explanation will suffice .
Let the flames fly!

Totally agree. I have very little but i am happy. (However it is defined)

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I cant answer for guitman but some time ago i read that finland had the highest suicide rate in the world due to the darkness during winter. They only get 2 hours daylight a day. Plus at that time there was high unemployment. I dont know what changed to make them “funland” now. But we should be happy for them.