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Social Media Is Amplifying Trump’s Rants and Disinformation More Than Ever—Can Society Protect Itself?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/07/social-media-amplifying-trumps-rants-and-disinformation-more-ever-can-society

From the column:

“In 2016, a third-party candidate hurt Clinton’s campaign. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, received more votes than the margin separating Trump and Clinton in the closest swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin. That was not the case in Pennsylvania.”

Vote totals from 2008, 2012, and 2016 show a clear and sizable downward direction for the Democrats. They lost the 2016 election on their own and because of the performances of Oreo the Trojan horse, Clinton, Pelosi, and Reid. Does this writer remember the giant flip in party control of 2010? Was that Jill Stein’s fault?? Any analyst who ignores the numbers and blames Jill Stein analyzes poorly and does not deserve my time or attention. That sentence is where I stopped reading.


Policy is more important than worries over facebook IMO. And as soon as you say Trump’s rant’n bout Ukraine you demonstrate you don’t know that issue from Adam. Which takes us back to policy. If you’re gonna be astute on fb persuasion, also be astute on Ukraine. I say more important. That doesn’t mean fb techniques aren’t important. They should be examined. I do thank you for all this, and I’ll attempt to print it (having no printer myself mind you) so I can really get into it.

Oh, then you missed the part where the dems have a strategy (it’s not the one we discuss here at CD), and will counter disinformation, that part was a hoot.

It’s funny how when people discuss voting in the US - who received how many votes and why, no one brings up or admits we really don’t know who actually won or lost our elections, that’s the beauty of a completely corrupted system.

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Although I refuse to read claptrap written by Democratic Party hacks, I’ll guess that their strategy can be summarized by this sentence: “Our lies are true!”