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Social Media Madness: The Russia Canard

Social Media Madness: The Russia Canard

Norman Solomon

There are real parallels between the McCarthy Era and today's anti-Russia fervor in the United States

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If Rachel Maddow would use her journalistic acumen beyond her editors’ leash, known as the controlled left, she could make a true difference to a smaller audience and a smaller paycheck. Ain’t that America…


It is about time someone, with at least a minimal national audience, called out the dangerous game being played by the likes of Maddow, Corn, Todd, and the rest of the so called news media in this country. As each breathlessly reported nothing burger of a “revelation” hits the airwaves, and almost immediately debunked upon the most superficial reflection, this crowd is never chastened, they continue tapping “reliable” soures for more unsourced anti news.

At least temporarily, journalism has lost one of its few professional practioners, Robert Parry. Mr. Parry suffered a stroke on Christmas eve. I hope he has a quick and full recovery, there are few doing the important work of covering our time so superbly. See Mr. Parry’s bittersweet but always spot on commentary.


I remember when David Corn wrote about how dirty the CIA is for the Nation magazine; now he works for them. I remember when Rachel Maddow did good work. Now she’s Bill O’Reilly.

If there is one thing worse than a fascist it’s a “liberal” fascist.

Read the piece above posted by His Story. And for some accurate history listen to Professor Cohen.



Norman Solomon “colluded” with Russia.

Good article.

It is disturbing to see some backers of establishment Democrats interpreting the failure to accept the notion that Russia colluded to hand the election to Donald Trump as proof of one’s acceptance of, if not complicity in, this collusion.

Many in the establishment Democrat power structure are characterizing the critique of US social inequities and injustices during the election as the illegal ‘sowing of discord and discontent’. This should send chills through the spines of all folk involved with social justice efforts.

I don’t care what they get Trump on, he’s vulnerable to so many frauds, tax evasions, and lies as well as evicerating the Constitution and the Environment, as long as he goes. For instance, laundering dirty Russian money for decades would explain his unusualy benevolent attitude towards Russia…the Panama Papers show Putin’s friend and cello player has 2 billion in deposits. Even in Russia somebody has to explain how a friendly musician got 2 billion.
The bank robber, and machine gun killer Dillinger was put away for tax evasion, I believe.


Problem is, if the Hillary dead enders can’t blame Russia, they’ll have to blame their queen for that historic loss to Trump. And that would start a cascade of having to admit how bad their entire party is.

Shut down the Line 5 pipeline!


Uh, I’m a Hillary deadender, right? Yet, I think she ran a poor campaign and is at fault for doing so. Heck, that she spent August fundraising off the trail while Trump’s people covered the airwaves was a huge blunder and I thought so at the time. It’s possible to think our corrupt-ass President is on the take and that HRC wasn’t awesome, right?

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I’d hesitate to call you a Hillary dead ender, KC. More like a status quo enabler in my book.

As for Trump being on the take, his track record is questionable, yet he’s never been convicted of anything.
Still hasn’t but time will tell.

As for the subject of this article, the Russian social media election rigging story is a nothingburger.
As for holding numerous thoughts simultaneously, I believe the sky’s the limit with you–you’re smart like that.

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When I saw the headline “the Russia Canard” I knew I’d find Skeptic here. Along with another “nothingburger”. Little originality or depth but very diligent.

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Dillinger is one my favorite outlaws. Not a machine gun killer. That would be machine gun Kelly. He was shot and killed outside a movie theatre after enjoying a gangster film. He had famously escaped from jail earlier by using a bar of soap and shoe polish to create a fake gun. I believe you’re thinking of Al Capone.

The line that this is all about “hand the election to Trump” is the canard. That is not what all this about except among Trumpists, putinists, and some “progressives”. As always, follow the money. As for Clinton, how many times does it have to be said: she blew her own election. I think Lrx is the only one here who disputes that.

Who the hell among Democrats is saying inequities and injustices should not be attacked? That is utter fiction. The Democratic Platform (which Clinton barely mentioned) centered on addressing inequality, injustice.

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The real news is that the GOP did do some underhanded things to win the election. They gerrymander, put Republican poll officials in place so that nothing gets recounted, and they love taking the vote away from minorities. That is how Trump won along with 2 billion dollars worth of free publicity by the news media. Hillary thought she had it in the bag and never went after Trump. Her debates were half-hearted hoo-haa’s. Russia may have a bunch of right wing bots drumming up trouble, and they may need to be regulated more, but overall take a look at Greg Palast’s study. The GOP cheats.

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In defense of Clinton, she made it a point to run an inclusive campaign, partly centered on civil rights, police reform, and employment opportunities (“the barrier”). She was especially big on early childhood interventions—like universal pre-K—as a way to support working parents and address inequities for poor and working class children. These things weren’t “sexy” issues though. Indeed, she was criticized for overly focusing on these themes after she lost. I really don’t think she’s been given adequate credit in this regard.

I stated:

Many in the establishment Democrat power structure are characterizing the critique of US social inequities and injustices during the election as the illegal ‘sowing of discord and discontent’. - Steve_Fernandez

Take, for example, the congressional testimony of Democrat Adam Schiff, Congressman from California, in which he stated:

"… the social media campaign was also designed to further a broader Kremlin objective: sowing discord in the U.S. by inflaming passions on a range of divisive issues. " - https://democrats-intelligence.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=330

Then there is the manner in which DNC leadership held closed meetings and had demonstrators excluded, and signs removed, until cameras were present:

Hillary Clinton voted to invade Iraq, turning it into a flaming mess, a failed state. And she did not learn from this disaster…instead, she engineered a bombing & destabilization campaign which turned Libya into a flaming mess, a failed state. When the official head of the Libyan state was impaled to death by a mob, Hillary joked & cackled.

Did Hillary for a nanosecond consider what happens to women & children in war zones? Did she pause for a heartbeat to consider that rape & brutality are daily facts of life in failed states?

Hillary’s presidential campaign consisted largely of beating the drum for war with Russia.

Hillary is a monster. She is Dick Cheney in drag.

Trump is truly awful & it’s a shame he is President.

But still, it’s good that Hillary isn’t President.


‘On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow has climbed with her ratings to great mass-media acclaim, while advancing herself from the outset of the Trump presidency as one of the most prominent and irresponsible Russia baiters in U.S. media. At this rate, when Maddow retires—if she and the rest of us are lucky enough to avoid a nuclear holocaust—she can look back on a career that deteriorated into an obsessive crusade against Russia that increased the chances of World War III.’

Rachel seemed so insightful & smart & genuine during her days on AM radio a decade ago. I never would have predicted that she could become such an obvious shill.

There’s a lesson in this, a lesson about judging people by their actions, by not making anyone into a ‘hero,’ about applying the same skepticism for anyone in the limelight.

In the Obama years, liberals showed they could be just as foolish as conservatives. Followers of Maddow are textbook examples.


I’m going to give you the benefit of the slimmest doubt regarding the Schiff statement (not testimony). Maybe you really believe that the intent of the Russian social media campaign, posing as US activists, was to address injustice in the US and not merely to disrupt or discredit the actual activists on those issues. You’re wrong of course.

A demonstrator at a meeting is removed? That’s what you’re talking about? You’re not emailing from St Petersburg are you?

The ever popular “progressive” mantra, Trumo is awful…But. Those who focus solely on the Iraq Wat vote do so to evade any mention of the AUMF which has been used to justify every war since 2002. Maybe because Bernie voted for it.