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Social Movements in Times of Pandemic: Another World Is Needed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/23/social-movements-times-pandemic-another-world-needed


It seems to me that the state lockdown in response to the “pandemic” (I put this in quotes as even the WHO is not a neutral body and receives 50% of its funding from private sources like Bill Gates ( who is very big into vaccines now and “donated” $1 billion! to the WHO) and Big Pharma. For practical purposes, governments have effectively criminalized what makes a mass movement mass: the ability to concentrate large numbers of people to challenge the status quo. I have not seen anyone online talk about the massive abrogation of civil liberties we see before us. There has been a lot of reporting on about how government and Big Business are taking advantage of the “crisis” to further an agenda of wealth and power concentraion totally unrelated to the health crisis. Like the Patriot Act passed just weeks after 9/11/2001, this agenda and policy proposals seemed to be pre-existing - rarin’ to go!


Isn’t the billionaire Soros behind the Demos Project? And isn’t Liz Warren’s daughter board chair.

Home learning and earning schemes for HOUSEHOLD SUFFICIENCY as household production of needs provision with NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE support; integrated education, health and justice services, psychosocial support, and community governance groups.

The plans for that ‘other world’ have already been layed and construction is just beginning. Turn your search engine to: The Final Freedoms

From this knowhow cross-fertilization comes also the capacity to connect the various crises – to prise out the connection between the spread and lethality of the corona virus and climate change, wars, violence against women, the expropriations of rights (first of all the right to health). In this way the reflection in and of social movements increases our capacity to understand the economic, social, and political causes of the pandemic, which is neither a natural phenomenon nor a divine punishment.

Yes, these issues are connected and what connects them is globalized capital. What drives globalized capital if not the notion of “separateness”, that views everyone outside of oneself (but perhaps also an individual’s immediate family, clan, country) as the “other”? When we can think this then everyone else outside our own imagined sphere becomes expendable.

What may be happening, slowly, is the rediscovering or discovering of community, that we are one race living on the one and same fragile home planet. In the end, all our ideologies, as in the notion of borders, are arbitrary.

We need to reimagine everything in light of unity. We coexist after all, so we share Life. Life is what matters. That we live is what matters, that we at least start to live is what matters. That we discover what it means to actually be alive.