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Social Security 2100—A Path to Protecting America’s Elderly Communities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/13/social-security-2100-path-protecting-americas-elderly-communities

The Republican LIES about S/S over the years are legendary. And, all are either straight up bullshit or extremely misleading. As stated in the article S/S can pay FULL benefits until the mid 2030’s and 93% after that for the next 25 yrs. That to me doesn’t sound like S/S is “going broke” like ALL Republicans are saying.

Edit to add: And when Republicans and some Dems say they want to “reform” S/S better grab your wallet and your ass.


Support common sense legislation, not Republican lies.

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C-span presented the expert who advises that the set aside will be used up by the ‘boomers’.
Secondly, disability payments are the factor breaking the bank. Is there anyone in south carolina NOT getting their monthly disability check. Detroit and Gary folks get ‘funny’ money by coaching the small children to pass when interviewed for disability. Gary took three years to interview and evaluate the 25% of children there who were labeled as slow. The goal was to mainstream and upgrade expectations in their school work.

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If wages would have kept up with cost of living, not to mention cost of living increases within SS itself, this would be a very different story.


Why would any old kicker ever vote republican?

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Yes, “[w]e can do so much better”

And we can do so by providing the means to a dignified life for everyone, not based on what they can contribute to that goal, but on what they need to achieve it.

If you can’t abide that, do you have the guts to explain why to those who desperately need it?

Dear Mark,
I am an old throw back:
Our local dems are nepotism Inc.
Which is aok as long as you keep it in the family.
One nearby dem elected county official never even comes to work !!
The dems out number the rep about 15 to 1 and the 1 keeps the tax money straight.
Ethics, integrity, honesty.
at every level of gov’t would improve our lives and future generations.

The white house guy has his family within shouting distance, just down the hall.
Do not cross them.

Every dollar that goes to support an elderly person in retirement is a dollar that is not going to the Investor class and those guys want it all.

Chile under Pinochet introduced a fully private system much like your 401ks down there and our RRSPs up here promising that this reform would make higher payouts then the older Government pensions. It was an absolute lie. The funds are now controlled by a hand ful of private “wealth management” companies and those guys take a huge cut as ad adminstration fee. The only people that did well by it were those that already in the upper 20 percent of income earners simply because they had more disposable money Month to Month to set aide for this.


We had 401k and employer did not bother to contribute anything. Which was a base brick when this method passed congress. The other error we made was not providing education to employees on risks and rewards. One guy lost $50,000 for his dot com bubble. We brought him back for one year to replace that loss. And he laughed, good sport.

The high fee mgt fellas were avoided. Had 13 selections, mix and match.
Most retirees are just about zero net worth at age 72.
Half our bankruptcies are medical bills caused.


401k legislation (method ?) has never required employer matches.

The percentage of bankruptcies driven by medical bills continues to increase.


Not sure what your insinuating there with your post on SSDI. I can assure you it’s not a pony ride in the park trying to qualify for SSDI. I am collecting disability benefits that amount to maybe 20% of the income I was earning prior to my injury. I would give my eye teeth to be able to return to work. I miss my co-workers, miss not having to struggle to make ends meet, miss the mental stimulation of my job (I was a civil engineer) fuck I just miss getting up and going to work. My self sense of worth has taken a huge beating no thanks to jerks such as yourself. It took three years without any income and living with excruciating pain along with years of records from multiple physicians before an administrative law judge finally determined I was qualified to receive disability benefits. So if you have a problem with disability I hope you find yourself in a head on collision with an uninsured drunk driver who decides to take off and leave you holding the bag. If I misinterpreted your post I hope you will accept my sincere apologies.

you are in pain,
US Army Combat veterans are homeless for many years waiting for VA approve their disability claim.
My south carolina comment is based on U.S. data. I suspect the lawyers there have greased the path for their customers.
The Gary Indiana and Detroit MI children being determined slow learners was for the school district receive more funds from state and federal programs meant to assist special education. The newspaper reporter included that this designation permitted SSI.

I certainly have no objection to the injured receiving long term disability.

  1. Why did I purchase LT insurance at work ? Because it paid 60% of wage even if SS claim denied.
  2. In an assembly factory there were 33% of the workers assigned to light duty where they sat and chatted. This had started at about 25 people and grew to 200 in two years. Many in their 20’s. The employee cost was $37.50 per hour and this group cost over $45.00 per hour plus the adiditional overhead, floor space, etc.
  3. I stopped by SS office to get print out of life’s earnings. lobby guard armed. Waiting room filled with young ladies with small children. Strange. I have only returned to SS once.
  4. Even with medicare and part D, worker std of living on SS no different than 1962.


I heard a parent, St. Louis, Missouri, in an after school program telling another parent about how to get their kid to be slow enough to get in a program that would give them extra help. Not even about money, just in the habit of jipping a system I guess. Pulling a kid out of class for remedial work does not replace missed class time, in my opinion. And the stigma lives in their mind.

We have good folks serving as tutor volunteers for helping with reading and other subjects such as math in public grade schools here.
Children are sponges for acquiring knowledge faster than a steam locomotive. Turn them loose with a library card, iPad, travel, good friends. Pre Kindergarten too.
I told one ninth grader to be here one hour each day this year with his algebra book.
I can get him thru LaPlace transforms !!
Yesterday, he was at HS 11 hours.
Heck, I only ever put in 5 hours, max. Worst student ever. First social only HS grad.

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