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Social Security Could Come To a Screeching Halt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/social-security-could-come-screeching-halt


Americans want the government to get it’s hands off their social security.

Or maybe it’s social security today, USSR tomorrow.

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Let’s face it, the agenda of offing SS is much more easily accomplished with an oafish troll like Trump than with almost anyone else imaginable. If this is high on TPTB’s list, IQ45 may just be king a while longer to get this done. We say and think Trump, but we must always remember that there is Power behind the throne and has been since time immemorial, but for that brief period when we had a real republic in still which oh so many were disenfranchised.


Though the deferral program is aimed as Social Security, the key is DEFERRAL which means your taxes and deductions must still be paid. Instead of that rebate many count on, working people will get a bill for the money owed. Still one o Biden’s key points to repeat is that a vote for Trump is a vote to kill Social Security. Older people remain the largest voting block.


If only we had a candidate that didn’t spend his career trying to destroy Social Security. Unfortunately, the DLC stepped in and appointed someone else.

This article is nothing but another round of vote shaming. Voting for Biden will NOT save Social Security.


No, the WTO has had control since 1998. Its a scheme to privatize everything so all financial services activity can be corporatized. Then whether presently poor or wealthy, most people people wont have any defense against corporate pillage at all. At the same time millions of jobs will likely be outsourced, so lots of people with credit debts will lose their homes. This will result in the rich’s gambling losses being passed on to small investors who will end up holding the bag. This is what happens when the system is rigged by both parties.

Both parties as as crooked as could be and in collusion with one another. Healthcare has also been totally rigged for more than two decades. So, its intentional, not incompetence. “expanding medicare” to be any larger than Social Security automatically dismantles it.





Social Security is solvent IF GATS was not there shredding it bit by bit, trading away the jobs that sustain it (imagine when half our workers are foreign guest workers who are paid minimum wages and just want to get their money out, at least that is the plan)

Both parties are crooked and we need to have non-captured candidates but all the ones who have name visibility, they have made certain are all captured. Even the ones we think are good, if you dig a bit you’ll find they arent, for example, expanding Medicare without leaving GATS first destroys its ability to be subsidized. Basically destroys it.

This scheme dates back to the 80s and the Punta Del Este Declaraion, and the deal to trade jobs for markets in September 15-20 1986. GATT turned into WTO and the Uruguay Round generously gave our decent jobs away.

Its about to begin in earnest.


americans not interested. Busy watching the idle american on tv. These colors don’t run. Don’t even get off the couch most days. If fox doesn’t inform them of social security, they don’t care. They don’t WANT to know.
they will do their duty and vote. And if magaman takes away their social security, it will be the fault of the black man, the brown man, the red man, and the chinaman. Also the russians and the cubans and arabs and muslims and hondus and buddhists and …


Didn’t Obama (/ Biden) already offer to start disemboweling SS and the GOP didn’t take them up on it? We’ll have to hope nobody reminds Joe about that ploy or he may want to try it again…


Trump and the GOP want to kill off SS, Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, food stamps and anything that helps the working class. If Trump gets 4 more years, he will also destroy abortion rights and weaken LGBTQ rights. He will further load up the courts with far right wing libertarian gargoyles. Vote for Biden/Harris!
To not vote or vote 3rd party amounts to a vote for Trump.


Did anyone have a positive reason for voting for Biden in the primary, or did they just follow what they were led to by Obama and Clyburn? If they had a positive reason, what was it? (By positive I mean something good about Biden, beyond being the lesser of 2 or more evils, or able to beat Trump).


Social Security tax helps to keep rents down in those areas where rent is maxed out by the ability to pay. Remove the tax and the ability to pay increases, as does the rent, so what would have gone to provide for your retirement will go to the landlord. One reason the Republicans want to get rid of Social Security. Don’t expect to be better off for long if the tax is repealed.

The same reasoning applies to home purchases or other items where sales are limited by capacity to pay and prices set by supply and demand.


And the pundits wrung their hands every time Bernie called for a revolution…


He’s dismatling Medicare and everybody has fallen for it, they dont realize that “expanding” it automatically kills it’s ability to be what it is today, because of a treaty we signed as part of the WTO that nobody knows about, and doesnt have any positive effect whatsoever because once its expanded the people who are pushing for that, actually everybody loses out, especially those who depend on it virtually none of whom will be able to afford its replacements. Because we’re a cult, we dont care if we’re telling the truth or if any of this works, what we want is the ideology of the cult of the Invisible Hand. meaning “the Market” its basically Social darwinism redux.


Note, this is speculation and only that, its not anything of expert opinion, because I am noit an expert, and in fact it seems that there is no answer until these questions get decided in Geneva.

The government traded away the financial services sector in 1998. We also traded away dozens of other sectors that employ a lot of people, but those jobs are only likely to be replaced if the firms who are bidding for them are the lowest qualified bidders. If we here in the US can do them for less, we win.

Financial services include health insurance and banking of all kins as well as micropayments, toll roads, microloans for water and heating, and electricity, in emergencies. We cant limit the rates or any innovative financial services.
We’re strongly against that. The government cant get involved in services as included in these deals, because that would be a theft of corporations property. Look up “indirect expropriation”

Financial services were frozen in 1998 as far as rnew egulation so that foreign firms would come in from developing countries and serve low income customers. Breaking that standstill requires an emergency, literally, and must be temporary, I am pretty certain. Think of the WTO as a sort of global pact saying “capitalism won” after the fall of the former Soviet Union in 1991. With the US and other rich nations promising to help the poor nations with jobs and other concesions in market access, in exchange for agreeing to privatize everything irrversibly so it could all become super profitable for them, just as it has been for us. Their main advantage is cheap labor, so of course they must be able to use it. (If in fact they really do have the lowest bids in a global competition)

We especially are interested in attracting the wealthy to our services, and we are willing to share our poor peoples business with them - for example in healthcare and other kinds of lending which is expected to be very lucrative in the coming years. Especially deregulated, we cant regulate foreign firms more than our own, that would be discrimination.

See especially ~https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/10-anfin_e.htm and ~https://www.wto.org/english/docs_e/legal_e/54-ufins_e.htm as well as the main body of the GATS, and its criticism.

We couldnt use trade agreements to privatize other nations healthcare plans and public retirement schemes if we still kept any ourselves.

Think of it this way, we are saying our system is perfect, so we dont need any kind of reform, and it makes our arguments lose credibility if its obvious that its not true. We abolished welfare, because we’re so successful.

We temporaily made emergency protectionist changes in health insurance after the Global Financial Crisis of 2010. But now its ten years later. We swore at the G20 meeting in China a few years ago to end them.

Accordingly, we promised, its alleged, to commit a potentially unlimited number of jobs in dozens of sectors. The Obama Administration was pushing for a deal, TISA which expanded the scope tremendously - via “negative listing” including everything thats not explicitly excluded. That would basically be a huge expansion of the scope or the GATS, possibly impacting all but a small number of jobs which would be exempt for handful of reasons, most of them would likely be government and national security.

Vastly expanding the global precariat. .

It would turn most decent jobs today into low wage jobs, but vastly increase corporate profits.

A question exists, an important one, Is the limiting of our Conress’s regulation of “immigration” include or exclude “non-immigration” for the purpose of doing work more cheaply, for a corporation which employes a worker.?

Are the promises made in the Uruguay Round binding on us now - and do they prohibit numerical quotas currently used to limit the outsourcing of jobs.

Basically the dispute if whether its legal to not allow the outsourcing to find its natural level without government interference. Even if it could be huge, ultimately hundreds of millions of jobs worrldwide, or more.

A dispute that currently unresolved between India and the US, filed in 2016, if we lose, could radically change the world, ending the middle class as we know it today and leading to rapid concentration of wealth upward…

Have those rights vested already, and not at the conclusion of the “single undertaking” ?

only (thats our position) Must we allow the trade away millions of jobs which means that the amounts being paid into SS will decline greatly and that money will be being paid in by temporary workers who return to their home countries after just a few years, and at that point likely take their money out, it would be unfair to not let them take it out when their actual pay is so low, like minimum wage for an engineer… thats very low.

Basically, wages in other parts of the world are very low and US businesses frame it as a huge disadvantage they must bear to pay wages that would nbe so much lower, they frame it as throwing trillion dollar bills on the sidewalk. they have invested in all this infrastructure but cant make use of it because the wages are unnecessarily high, they claim.

They feel that the lofty expectations of Americans, particularly young people, for living wages, present an unfair burden to their making full use of their investments.


…And don’t forget, all things the fault of Dems! The only ones never at fault are the very people doing these diabolical deeds! As long as the American people are willing to ACCEPT THE BS from those taking everything from you, so that the richest few can also take YOUR measly bits from you, this will go on until YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT!!
Better wisen up people! We can no longer go live our daily lives expecting that “someone” is taking care of these things & “won’t let us get too badly screwed over”. (HUH!?) If you still believe THAT, you are either filthy rich, or NOT PAYING ATTENTION!


This bruhaha about SS being killed by Trump (or anyone else) is just political posturing not based on facts. Check out the source of the quote below and get grounded.

“Social Security payments are an obligation under law of the U.S. government. Our government and its Treasury will not, indeed cannot, go bankrupt…”

And this: " And, more recently, James K. Galbraith:
“Social Security and Medicare are government programs; they cannot go bankrupt, and they cannot fail to meet their obligations unless Congress decides…to cut the benefits they provide. The exercise of linking future benefits and projected payroll tax revenues is an accounting farce, done for political reasons.”

So, basically, the whole notion that SS will go bankrupt without tax deductions from employers and workers is a political farce. If those taxes are stopped now, it will just put more money in the hands of workers and employers. It will NOT reduce or stop SS or Medicare benefits as they will be paid from the Treasury as they are obligated to do. AND the Treasury can never run out of money because they can create money out of thin air as they have always done to fund the deficit.

The brouhaha of today about SS is political theater produced by both parties and their MSN lackeys."

Source: ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/08/21/why-payroll-taxes-are-the-achilles-heel-of-social-security/

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If we had a list, there would be alternative means to affect the situation, but these “black shadow powers” behind the throne aren’t targetable until they are compellingly identified.

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He does what his owners want him to do.

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~https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/10-anfin_e.htm (first paragraph)

for context, read

and remove the ~ and merge these two