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Social Security Defenders Tell Biden to Keep Austerity-Obsessed Bruce Reed Far Away From the White House

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/social-security-defenders-tell-biden-keep-austerity-obsessed-bruce-reed-far-away


Don’t just sit there and smile, Kamala! Do something! Question!


Well, Pelosi’s back in. More of the same old same old. We are mired in backwardsness and the same people endlessly hog power for themselves, their friends and family. Fortunately the Trump family will no longer be able to perpetuate their scam on the american people from the White House. I don’t trust Biden but maybe his better angels will come around and haunt him until he does somethings progressively.


Uncle Joe has always been for cutting Social Security and Medicare so…


Right! Sure! This is the guy who PROUDLY claimed he tried to end Social Security FOUR TIMES!


People who believe ByeDumb is a friend of the people needs to reserve a shrink’s couch STAT!!!


The lesser of two evils, as I’ve posted previously, is still evil.

How can anyone, and I mean anyone, be at all surprised by this, well, evil?

As a play on the old adage goes, Same Stuff, Different Administration.


Don’t you know a paid, corporate-owned pawn when you see one, Royce?
Well, actually, you can see them looking at about 90% of D.C. politicians.


AND medicaid AND veterans’ benefits. See my link below, Phred>>>>


Joe Biden ran for president on a promise to protect and expand Social Security," Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works, said in a statement. “Seniors listened, and delivered his margin of victory in key states like Arizona and Michigan.”

Appointing Bruce Reed to head the Office of Management and Budget would betray that promise," Lawson added.

What campaign promises did Obama keep? It’s nuts to expect Biden to keep any of his promises.

That’s part of what Rahm Emanuel meant when he said “Liberals are f-cking retards.” (To his credit, Emanuel apologized for his remark. To the mentally challenged.)

Why can’t liberals/progressives absorb the simple truth that the actions of Democratic politicians, after election, have nothing to do with what they say/promise while campaigning?

It is worse than meaningless to listen to Democratic politicians’ campaign rhetoric. One should pay attention only to their records. Biden’s record is clear and consistent – and in opposition to virtually every single one of his campaign promises.


Bruce Reed is one name under consideration. There are several others, including more progressive candidates. This whole thing was based on a single tweet that the author deleted. Per reports, Biden is also considering Jared Bernstein, Gene Sperling, and Heather Boushey, all who are to the left of Reed, some significantly.

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the betrayal of the people who voted Biden into office now in progress with the appointment of one corporate crook after another --just as predicted–when you vote for the lesser of two evils --you get evil-congrates --hope reality isn’t too harsh for you as the corporatist war monger betrays us all for the profits of the corporations calling the tunes–the corporations who are responsible for the degradation of our ecosystems–the supreme wealth inequality–the increases in poverty-homelessness, hunger, and lack of health care–with both the politicians and their owners, the corporations, working hard for the money


Biden’s recipe for failure and RethugliKKKan re-control of Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024:

  1. Make deficit hawks part of his economic team.

  2. Make weapons contractors part of his foreign policy team.

  3. Make fossil fuel partisans part of his environmental team.

  4. Water down any stimulus to the working class.


Don’t just sit there and smile, Kamala! Do something! Question!

The only think Kamalacop’s questioning is how many days remain until Uncle passes, salivating at the possibility that she’ll get to be the stealth Republican who gets to finish off Social Security once and for all.


You write that:

“It is worse than meaningless to listen to Democratic politicians’ campaign rhetoric. One should pay attention only to their records.”

Indeed as well as recognizing the fact that the Democratic Party is where social movements go to die. And yet so many progressives, such as Norman Solomon, are still under the delusion that the Democratic Party can be reformed.


Column after column, begging, pleading, hoping that Joe Biden is something other than the war criminal/austerity monger that decades in office have proven him to be.

Column after column, suggesting that Uncle appoint principled progressives to his Cabinet - when we all know he’s appointing insiders, lobbyist parasites, and warmongers.

How tiresome and predictable it all is, with nary a mention of abandoning and resisting the DNC’s wing of the Party of austerity and war to be found…


How many times do we need to experience the extremely negative effects of austerity. If one is worried about the deficit and debt, reverse all the tax cuts to the income of the wealthy and corporations. Better yet, we need a tax on wealth, not just on income.


Sigh … it’s a shame one of them won.

Think of it as re-electing ‘Slick’ Willie the Corporate Whore.
As has been often said: Insanity is doing the same thing over
and over expecting different results each time.


Yes; it has started before it has started.


And this will undoubtedly continue to happen as long as both major corporate political parties continue to exert their stranglehold on the body politic of the United States.


The GOP are constantly invoking Lincoln as their roots as a point of proud legacy (let’s ignore for a moment St. Reagan’s 'no racism in my youth, the Blacks lived on the other side of the tracks" systemic racist embraces), but we never see that from the DNC, do we?

Honestly, with the DNCs inception synonymous with the KKK and lynchings, one would think the right response is dumping the organization and starting something else. It doesn’t matter one iota that they can claim being the party of African Americans by default - the historic karma is permanent. How do you wash away a taint like that?

Biden - yup. Knew that his approach would make Obama seem progressive. Still think it’s a step back from the Abyss that Drumpf et. al led us to, Business as usual is not going to fix anything anymore.

Prepare for tons of more social unrest. Appropriately so.