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Social Security Defenders Tell Biden to Keep Austerity-Obsessed Bruce Reed Far Away From the White House

Many fools like you laugh hahaha as they lay dying of covid but still in denial

'fraid at his age with his belief system, he’s to firmly entrenched and expected to be in line with his old corp. buds. Regular guy? Ha.


I’ve been hoping for years to convince people to boycott the Democratic Party entirely. Not just their presidential candidates, but all state and local candidates as well. Even the ones who seem sincere when they talk the progressive talk. They all get co-opted by their leadership. They all belong to a party that is run by and for corporate donors. They all refuse to debate candidates from parties that don’t run on corporate cash. They all go along with their party’s undemocratic primary process. The local level is where the party selects the most compliant ones to get promoted. Deny them your vote, your endorsement, your time, and your money. The amount of resources Democrats suck out of progressives is massive. It is the reason the Green Party has no resources.

And absolutely for crying out loud change your voter registration to anything other than a corporate party. Being registered as one of them is like voting for them every day. Many states grant ballot access to other parties based on the number of registered voters. People have to pick one.


O’Bummer and P’Loser drove me out of the DimWit-Rattic Party with their “leadership” in 2009, and I’ve never looked back!


Biden is old school Senator, beholden to the large multinational corporations like most all the Senators. Some, of course, are also very corrupt with insider trading, and taking money for favors from corporate lobbyists.


Reed or not, there’s a lot of Venn in this diagram and that’s what worries me more.

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as the most recent give aways to the corporate and wealthy classes has shown–there is always money --it is only a decision about WHO gets the money that is at stake


Yep !
I have that one in my Biden file also and have posted it in several places.

Glad I didn’t vote for him. Now I don’t have to spend the rest of my life making excuses and covering, as many will


Which is probably how Pelosi made $120 mil while making about $170k /yr while “doing the People’s business”

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were you napping when the occupy movement was rolling? oil pipeline protests? international trade (dis)agreements? illegal wiretapping protests? many many more, without even getting into “opposition party” protest movements such the birther rallies, tax-day rallies, etc.,. It’s normal for most voters and supporters to go to sleep when “their” candidate wins an election, but what they actually miss during their slumbers is often quite amazing!

There were eighty million people who flat didn’t care or were too lazy to bother to vote.