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Social Security Isn’t in Crisis. It Just Needs a Tune-Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/14/social-security-isnt-crisis-it-just-needs-tune

I would just as soon let the entire Republican party die.

The Social Security system at least serves the people enrolled in it well, and has integrity.

The Republican party serves only a tiny fraction of the people and is devoid of any integrity.


The GOP is not “content to let Social Security die”, they continue to work on killing it, just like they continue to work on killing the US Postal Service.

The GOP is no longer a party. Its an organized crime syndicate.


It not so much as wanting to kill it as it is about transforming it so that any revenues raised or wealth intended for Social Security goes to the one percent instead. Wall street would LOVE to get a hold of whatever Social Security surplus there is and would prefer that over it not being there at all.

That was what the entire privatization scheme was about. Instead of 7.5 percent coming off every employees paycheque each payday and going to what is supposed to be the trust fund for the same, take that 7.5 percent off per pay and give it to wall street.

Wall street will then “promise” to invest on the workers behalf so it there when they retire and when it not the people can settle for an “I am sorry but…”


ok so it’s a campaign issue for progressives to force onto the table, pressuring right liberals to respond and setting it up as something they did or didn’t take position on

yea, i remember this from two decades back when i was still in graduate school and the ‘ss will be insolvent, change the law so you can put your savings in privatized retirement accounts’ alarm was full throttle…

should be an article - ‘the ss will be bankrupt’ scare, then and now

Of the 535 Congress critters, I would venture to bet that fewer than five actually could intelligently describe how Social Security a) is intended to work, b) actually works, and c) is being engineered to not work. Their discussions should be held in the Rose Garden, because the results would be Marvelous!

First, why have a cap on the SS tax at all? Just lift the cap and tax all earnings all the way up. That would certainly solve the shortfall problem well past 2100. Second, as I have said many times here and other places, is that everyone in this country could have a guaranteed defined benefit pension if we expanded the existing Railroad Retirement system to everyone in the U. S. For railroaders since the 1930’s, RR Retirement has given them a liveable retirement that is portable between railroad employers, totally solvent, cannot be taken away due to being fired, bankruptcy, or takeover of any employer, and independently administered by a government board that can’t be overridden by any employer. In other words, it’s a libertarian’s nightmare benefit for common people, but something that would make life vastly better for the vast majority of Americans.

You want to know what’s good about the Republican Party and it’s followers? Not a damn thing. Nada, zip, zilch. It’s nothing but a fraternity for the selfish and greedy. Piss on em.