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Social Security’s Enemies Are Down – But They’re Not Out


Social Security’s Enemies Are Down – But They’re Not Out

Richard Eskow

Not so long ago, Social Security was endangered by a “bipartisan” consensus that sought to cut its benefits – already lower than those of comparable countries – as part of a “grand bargain.” President Obama even put a slow-motion benefit cut into one of his proposed budgets, in the form of a reduction in cost-of-living increases.

And nobody talked much about raising taxes on the rich. That, they said, was “politically impossible.”


Right off the bat, on the front editorial page of my local newspaper was an article from the Washington Post attacking the position of expanding Social Security for the elderly. True to form they took quotes from Peterson's groups comparing how much was already being spent on the elderly as opposed to the young. So, the counter-attack has begun and now we have our fate in the shaky hands of Hillary Clinton, who can't be trusted on this or any issue, and the Donald who would eviscerate Social Security on (get this) moral grounds.


No mention anywhere from any Political party outside a small handful of individuals of that Military spending. It always out of bounds.

The US could balance its budget and greatly expand social security and extend health care for all of they just took some few hundreds billions from the Pentagon rather then spending it on planes that do not fly and are obsolete when they manage to first take to the skies.


Not cutting Social Security will be "the Democratic Party's position" only until Sanders is sidetracked and his base is put back on the group W bench.

With Obama enabling the too-big-to-fail banks to double their size and pushing TPP, TTIP and other regulatory capture through, Obama has insured that any funds that might be used to expand Social Security are earmarked for corporate welfare programs that make past corporate welfare look small.


Or on drones that kill mostly innocent civilians.


Obama's declaration about expanding social security was an attempt to get Sander's supporters to support
Clinton. Many will be fooled, many will not. Remember, he proposed the Chained CPI as a way of shrinking social security paychecks. Social security's enemies are everywhere. Look no further than the Democratic Party. If Clinton becomes President, expect several attacks on social security with little resistance from the Democrats.


Progressives must take control of the Democratic Party if we want to preserve Social Security and other social programs. I will go to the local Democratic caucuses, hope that several other Progressives are there, and attempt to push the party back to the ideals of FDR. I will continue to complain on these sites, march (I was involved in Occupy), do whatever possible, but I will not go to my grave without a fight.


Those who oppose social security system are identical twins of those who oppose Roe Vs Wade. They are convinced that they will not need the system.

Men with massive noodles don't need abortion, and even if a blood relative or a dearly loved one needed an abortion, they could arrange for one where it is legal fairly easily and without a fuss. Well if they could or they couldn't, then they might think about it a little bit, and the loved might die, but, you know, life goes on. No skin off their back when they rabidly harass people and fear monger to get opinion on their side. It serves the very deep purpose of keeping them in power and their own gravy train going. It is in fact the opposite of saving the life of a child, they are using the unborn baby to earn their own lively-hood.

The Social Security safety net is exactly the same to perhaps the same or similar group of people. There is a system that they are part of that, in their opinion, cannot be changed. Their sources of income is often the government itself. They are not employees of the government, but contractors. Defense is not the only kind of contract the government hands out. And those that have the direct line to your tax money through a job are making a killing, so there is absolutely no need for a safety net. Additionally, these people may have holdings, real or otherwise(the stock market) or a direct line into the government's printing of fiat through the banking system. The wars that are fought are done so to guarantee this system on going at home for the people involved. They have never come close to experiencing the need for a safety net.

They are convinced that they will never need the benefit. So it is in their interest to keep the system in place going as it is, including the war machine, not because of some strange political ideology, but as a direct impact on their lively-hood.

The system has no transparency or accountability. If what I have just said can be shown and those benefiting from the current system demonstrated to be the ones against social security by the media to enough thinking people, we might change something.

Until then, these resources will be continually organized to undermine things that construct a stable society.


Social Security provides retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits. I find it very disturbing that the Democrat and liberal Social Security discussion is limited to retirement. They've claimed victory in "saving Social Security" even as Social Security Disability is cut again, misleading the public.

Government has (since the 1990s) repeatedly "borrowed" from the surplus. Did they ever pay it back? I would suggest that we return to "locking down" that surplus, as we did before, or face the end of Social Security itself. It appears that government's preferred option in the immediate future will be to further restrict benefits to disabled workers.

How about if the country changes its priorities? Maybe start getting out of the war business, bring an end to the years of massive tax cuts to the rich/corporations, etc. They already pulled all the money out of our former welfare programs, and have already attacked disability benefits a number of times. We've seen a series of denials of annual COLA increases to Social Security Disability. 2015 began with virtually ending food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut monthly benefits from roughly $115 to $10). US corporations continue using their tax cuts and handouts to build offices and factories outside the US, shipping our jobs out...