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Social Security: Something to Give Thanks For in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/25/social-security-something-give-thanks-2020

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A really good class in civics would teach the roots of Social Security and explain how it is in fact an incentive to work over the course of one’s productive years. Yes, I would like to see returns adjusted upward, but the foundational idea is brilliant.

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The Social Security 2100 Act has some good provisions and I hope it gets a vote in the next Congress. Clearly, the most important thing to do here is to eliminate the income cap on the payroll tax and to increase benefits substantially while keeping the progressive benefit rates. The Act does add a payroll tax for incomes over $400K - but that leaves a crazy donut hole between $132K and $400K that makes no sense to me and is the reason why the increased benefits package in the Act is so modest (2% increase plus better COLA calculation plus less income taxes to be paid on benefits).


Hey kids,

Let’s take the democrats at face value!

Ignore recent history, and remember, above all else,

the word “is” has unlimited meanings while you click the heels of the ruby slippers!

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Something to fear and loathe in 2020: Joe Biden’s 40-year history of opposition to Social Security.

Anyone else sick of these columns, cheerleading a phantom populist Democratic Party which died half a century ago?



…and something to wonder, how long before Wall Street Joe starts telling us he’s going to have to cut it back (along with Medicare and other programs) because were fighting two more wars and we just can’t afford them any longer


Nailed it

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Sadly not long and who knows they might us that against helping Amerikans in these try times.

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No, dump fake cola numbers for real numbers and take caps off incomes. Then double everyone’s SS payment.


Nancy Altman is president of Social Security Works and chair of the Strengthen Social Security coalition…

Social Security… another Myth of this country… Even the name “Social Security” is an oxymoron. Do you really believe that this money will be there for you?.. Of course, Nancy is going to say things are great with this program…More Complacency… very troubling…it is.

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“Many of the 265,000 Americans who have succumbed to COVID left behind spouses and children who will now receive the Social Security benefits their loved ones earned for them.”

Not 100% true. Spouses and children of ex-pats receive nothing, zip, nada since Congress considers non-US spouses as gold-digging whores unworthy of support. Love is xenophobic and the rule misogynist. The US will spend billions dropping bombs on them, but just try to treat them fairly and howls of indignation erupt.


He’s been saying it for 43 years so it’s not like it will be anything new. Vote Blue No Matter Who.

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Nothing will fundamentally change

and that’s when the revolution begins

Things continually, irreversibly change. This trajectory of USA Covid deaths from CDC, focusing on the red 7-day average line, looks like a forecast to my eye:


This line leans toward exceeding 2K in a week or so, 3K in a month or so. That would represent “fundamental” change, imho: 3,000 deaths per average day before New Year’s. Some day in 2021 (in April or May, I think), USA will likely suffer its millionth Covid fatality. Gentlemen, place your bets.

now if I could make the few hundreds from SSI last a month it would be great–as it is I am continually living on the edge of survival–and have been for many years-under two administrations–both of whom tried to cut SSI–and the current Democrat who has tried to cut SSI for decades when a Senator and as vice president most recently

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I never registered for the US military draft (aka selective service). I was denied financial aid - so I had to work full time during college. I was also receiving social security benefits due to parental death when I was a child. That was taken away, and I was told that I will never be eligible for social security.

The US government can take its blood money and shove it up the asses of the Pentagon leaders. I’d rather die in poverty or prison then be a tool of the imperialist war machine and its crimes against humanity.


Steve- I am impressed. You are a true Patriot against this Authoritarian State… This “Social Security” money, which is no security, will either have no value as the currency’s value continues to degrade or as the cost of goods increases dramatically…I am impressed by your courage…I will think of your actions when I am confronted with the pending, forced mandatory Vaccination Campaign that is coming. It will be “voluntary” & " optional", that is if you would like to work or to go places…

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