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Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest


Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest

Robert Reich

“We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country,” Donald Trump said recently.

Someone should alert him that America is now a hotbed of socialism. But it’s socialism for the rich. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism.



Sanders’ Medicare for All is precisely what JFK and LBJ were pushing for until LBJ had to compromise with Southern Democrats to limit original Medicare in 1965.



Although LBJ was a centrist by 1965 standards, a half century of right wing propaganda would result in LBJ being labeled a socialist today. Corporate politicians label people socialists to distract from taxpayer funded corporate welfare.



Truman also tried in 1948.



My opinion is FDR & LBJ were the two greatest Presidents. What killed Johnson’s legacy was the Viet Nam war.



Johnson’s legacy vis. Vietnam is what kicks him out of the running in my book. On domestic programs, he was terrific; Chomsky once called him the most liberal president ever in that respect.

FDR is at the top of my list. Next comes Lincoln. There aren’t any other Republican presidents about which I can say that.

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Well, if the world keeps getting worse and making any kind of fairness a mirage—then I suppose that people whose family members die , due to a lack of health insurance, or people who lose their homes due to someone like the Mnuchin guy, or all the people who died from opioids due to lying Big Pharma and their minions, and a military who will lie about what kind of training recruits will get----or politicians who lie to get elected and then turn into what they promised not to be.----because of all the awful things that will happen— and it happen here too -------- if you’ve read enough history–you will see this is true
So rich people, with all the things that have been done against the People—no one will help you when you need it---------sadly money can’y buy you love —or life. : (



My two negatives about LBJ were his alleged part in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

Secondly, he was awarded a Silver Star for “coolness while riding” in a B-26 as an acting naval officer. He swung a deal for it by sucking up to Macarthur to be a lobbyist to get more military supplies from FDR. Sleazy. MF-er






Stardust, (I love your posts by the way and disagree with very few if any) you mention the opioid “epidemic” as a result of our current economic maladies. I think you have nailed it while “our” government responds with a knee jerk solution (cracking down on legitimate opioid use to control pain) they have tossed gasoline on the fire to put it out. Now chronic pain patients, rather than using prescription opioid drugs with known strength and purity and under physician’s supervision have been driven to street drugs that nobody knows the strength or composition of because the DEA and other local pig farms are targeting pain clinics in a witch hunt. I don’t know what things are like where you live but here in San Antonio the heroin on the streets may or may not be cut with the drug fentanyl which is 50-100 times more potent than heroin. The SAPD just recently busted a fentanyl lab and netted some 20 lbs. of the drug. Because of this opioid deaths are skyrocketing above what they were with OxyContin. The drugs aren’t and never have been the problem. Look at the time alcohol prohibition took place. Right around the time of the stock market crash of 1929 when the rich rendered everyone else poor because of their greed. Rather than punish the small group of rich filth they punished the people hurting and thus using alcohol and drugs to ease their pain. Of course common sense prevailed with alcohol prohibition but still has yet to do so with drugs. The solution is so obvious…legalize drugs and regulate and tax them like alcohol and crack down on monopolies, corporate crime in regards to unequal pay, pollution (make them pay dearly and jail offending corporate officers, tax the shit out of their profits to discourage incorporation initially, and revoke the charters of corporations that are adverse to community interests. Then we would once again have the funds for a superior infrastructure, programs such as NASA when we increase our knowledge as a species rather than fight wars over resources, and protect those members of our society that can’t fend for themselves. Oh, forgot one thing. Education!!! We could have the most highly educated population of the world if it were only a priority. Sorry for being so long winded!



I say again, as I did when you ran essentially the same article in February: Robert Reich’s observations are very important and should gain a lot of public attention. Why he seems to be the only prominent individual making this argument puzzles me. His view should be openly, repeatedly, and emphatically endorsed by the people running for president.

Some might say we need socialism for the rest of us, not the rich. I think the right argument is for much less socialism for the rich, and much less harsh capitalism for the rest of us.

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Hi aussidawg: You are not long winded, and I appreciate your comments—besides remember the Winds of Change, and we really need them in all areas in America----Those winds take a while to become gale force action , but they are coming! : )

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You didn’t mention the suicide rate among chronic pain patients that have had their medication reduced by 2/3 or more. It is in the same range as veterans. In the low to mid 20’s PER DAY.
Nobody regulatory group is going to jail for this. But if a doctor gives a patient the needed amount of medication they can lose their license or practice. This Gestapo stuff.

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“Although LBJ was a centrist by 1965 standards…”

No way was LBJ a centrist. The legislation that he got through Congress was pretty radical for its time.



By that standard, was LBJ’s successor Richard Nixon also left of center, having signed the EPA and OSHA into existence ?



Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest

…and Incrementalism for the 99%

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…yes but remember that, in 1965, the “Center” was not where it is today. It was at the top of this image



He was a stone cold Socialist by todays ‘conservative’ standards. That includes the “centrist” “moderate” Corporate Democrats too

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Good point. Eisenhower isn’t near the top of my list, though. However, just as Eisenhower has received a makeover in the last decade or two, my estimation of him, at least as a person if not as a president, has gone up.

Many years ago in an American Government class, our instructor characterized Eisenhower as a “caretaker president” who kept things status quo and didn’t implement many significant changes. That may have been part of the myth of the 1950s as a “quiet” decade for America, particularly in contrast to the decade to follow.

Part of the makeover has, I think, re-evaluated that notion. Eisenhower did implement a free national highway system under the guise of “national security,” and his final televised address as president warning of the growing power and influence of the military-industrial complex has become iconic by now. Yet the coups in Guatemala and Iran, and the partitioning of Vietnam, all happened on his watch, and we are still living with those consequences too, especially Iran.

And to Phred_Pharkel’s point, Eisenhower was even being referred to as a “communist” by the John Birchers of the time, who in time began to build the right-wing movement that first took power with Reagan and have been expanding and consolidating that power in the four decades since then. Hard to imagine a career military man who became the supreme Allied commander in Europe during World War Two being a “communist.”

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Then Noam Chomsky must be a right-wing propagandist because I’ve heard him refer to LBJ as one of the most liberal presidents in US history.