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'Socialism Surging in Iowa' Giving More Centrist Candidates Considering 2020 Cold Feet: Report


'Socialism Surging in Iowa' Giving More Centrist Candidates Considering 2020 Cold Feet: Report

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid warnings within progressive circles that the "moderate Democrat" remains a serious obstacle to the kind of transformative change many rank-and-file party members and voters in general say they want, new reporting by Axios on Saturday shows that it might be the centrists who are getting cold feet as they register just how hungry the electorate has become for policy so


Primary every freaking Centrist.


The elite have become so arrogant they think the proles no longer need a bone now and then.


Whatever is surging in Iowa it certainly ain’t Socialism…


Social Democracy.


Let’s keep this momentum. Let oligarchs and republicans know we don’t want to socialize car making, jeans making, wine/whisky/beer making, clothes making, et al. But we should be manufacturing products we need for our cell telephones and many more supply chains so we can manufacture wash machines and TV and airplane parts, military parts et al. Not for war makers like the neocons but for security.
Main things are better owned by the public and many things are better privatized but not water and air, electricity, internet, cell towers??, hum.


Maybe the next poll will be one that asks the public what is the definition of socialism.

After decades of misinterpretation, the mildest of reforms are often accused of being socialism.


We demand the machinery of production in the name of the workers and the control of society in the name of the people. We demand the abolition of capitalism and wage-slavery and the surrender of the capitalist class.


Solidarity !


Say it ain’t so Senator Spartacus Booker! Pretty hard to become President for the Wall Street-trough candidates if this holds up. Can’t wait to hear Senator Spartacus square his big pharma, Wall Street record with the “possibility” of a “feet to the fire” 2020 campaign! Me hopes Bernie, Sherrod, or even Warren hold these corporate centrist feet to the fire, however little support they get from the corporate MSM.


You are going to witness the mother of all internal party wars when the d-party establishment pulls out all the stops trying to squelch progressives. This is where the party splinters – the center cannot hold.


I recall MSNBC’s reporter polling Iowa State Fairgoers on the midway last summer. Lot of admitted Republican voters, yes, but what they wanted, well, that’s what we’re reading in this story.


American proles suck up to Trump.


Biden is waiting to see how the lurch to the left plays out? He probably thinks the demand for affordable health care is just a fad and in a couple of months people will see how much better off they are by staying away from the hospital and letting the cancer clear up on its own.


What they really mean is Democratic Socialism, which is shared participation in the commons, not corporate rape of the people.


I’d say that actually got underway with the 2016 debacle.


If we are socialist, do China and Russia still need to be treated as the enemy?


Absolutely not. The 2018 election brought lots of conservative Ds into office.


Hey!! Give the PUBLIC what they’ve got!! THEN we’ ll see some democracy!!


Socialism is NOT everyone sitting at home getting a cheque from the Government each month and seeing all of their needs paid for. Socialism is putting the means of production into the hands of the workers and under their control and with this the elimination of the concept of a 1 percent OWNER class that claims everything is property which they can pay money for and call exlusively their own. Wealth is shared equitabbly, this in turn allowing things like health care paid for with that wealth.

Socialism has at its heart the restoration of the Commons and the removal of the concept of “private property”.

There a chapter in The Grapes of Wrath which helps divine the difference between Socialism and Capitalism.

A Family is hungry and they plant a garden on a nearby plot of land to grow potatoes and vegetables. The land is seen as “the Commons”.

The land in fact is owned by a rich guy. He claims he gave no permsiion to use HIS land in such a manner even though that land was not being used. With the power of the law behind him he tears up the vegetable garden and destroys the food.

The family now can go hungry nd starve or they can WORK for that owner for a small wage in the hopes they can get enough MONEY to buy food they could have raised for themselves.


Socialism as far as wanting universal health care, free college education, a government-driven new green deal instead of waiting for big corporations to figure out how to make a profit from it…that’s what we’re talking about here. I think that bottom line in your definition above should have been the opening lead, since that’s the most relevant part. We can do this, including the people of Iowa and the rest of Middle America. Once people get a taste of it and realize that it isn’t what’s been used to describe it as a scare tactic, most Americans will support it–as they’re readily indicating now.