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'Socialism Will Win': Local DSA Chair Starts 2018 Off Right By Trolling Ted Cruz


'Socialism Will Win': Local DSA Chair Starts 2018 Off Right By Trolling Ted Cruz

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Ted Cruz may not agree, but according to recent polls, Americans have an increasingly favorable view of socialism


The curtain of Greed Capitalism propaganda has been pulled aside!
FINALLY people are waking up to a system that actually helps them rather than kicking them out of their homes and health care, etc. Will it spread? I can only hope.


We humans are social animals, it only makes sense to be socialistic in nature. Democratic socialism makes perfect sense to me, how bout you? When you get the chance look into what Denmark is like. Looks mighty fine from where I stand. Let us all work towards the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944. I know I am repeating myself here. I will repeat and rinse and repeat and rinse until I die.


Socialism is the only way forward. Capitalism is leading us to utter and complete disaster. Saying that, quite frankly in my opinion there are no “pure” economic systems that work, but take the best parts of socialism along with what works from capitalism then blend carefully avoiding self-centered greed and just maybe we can find a people centered economic system that can work in balance with protecting the environment and climate as well as ending armed conflict immediately. Without well thought out compassionate change we are rapidly heading towards a cliff where we will see violent and ugly change that only a few if any will survive.


There are people who care about society and others who live only for more money.

Capitalists are boors who think only of more money.

Socialists consider the impact of their work and way of life on society and Earth.


There are 4 conservatives on the Supreme Court. One business conservative who moonlights occasionally as a moderate. There are two center-left justices that are 80 or over. Socialism will not win a damn thing if the Court shifts further right. Just read about what the Taft Court did to minimum wage and work hours laws in the 1920s. Belief does not make reality. Vote in 2018 for a Democrat for Senate if you live in a competitive state. That’s what you can do.


We need to organize to make sure it does.


First, anyone that can troll the king of trolls ‘lying’ Ted Cruz is AOK in my book. For humans to survive will require a complete transformation from resource extraction and use, the tenets of capitalism, to a much simpler democratic socialism which is distributed evenly among all. I certainly don’t see that happening during my remaining years. A major collapse is coming, most likely world wide, and with what’s left over, if anything, the new order can begin as a bottom up arrangement with distribution on an equal basis. This should have started after the last war(WW II) with an eye toward the future instead of empire building.


Even moderate ‘new deal’ regulations and tax structures would be a good a good place to start a transformation.


Suggestions? A leader (or a hundred!) with a far-reaching voice needs to erase all the lies spread about Socialism that started when the robber barons wanted a complete takeover of the economic system decades ago by greed capitalism. Sawant is a voice but a small one. Sanders opened a LOT of eyes but his slithering back into the damnocrat fold may have harmed that good.


depends what type of socialism we are talking about. Socialist democrat or Democrat socialist. One works, the other always leads to labor camps.


I’m no Oliver Stone, that’s for sure! Maybe I write a movie script. It goes like this: “Either, We moral majority of People, learn how to step up to the only choices sanely available: Love. Respect. Honor. Peace. Family. Or, live in perpetual chaos and fear. A gangland-like cadre of loathsome bankster wiseguys has taken control of the Oval Office and SCOTUS. Meanwhile and before, over a 12-years span, both U.S. Houses of Congress became heist central for for some serious bankster, trans-national corporate syndicates.”

So, for over three-decades after Jimmy Carter, the wiseguys (and ladies, too! lol) took over 50% of state governments. What to do? What to do? We the People, now We the Poor People (I and 50-million or so) find ourselves broke, living in campgrounds, backyards and two to a room. Find ourselves surrounded, trapped and worried about every efin’ thing. The Dems must break free from the corporatists, ie. Schumer, Perez, Clintons 1 & 2, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc. and hand the majority power positions over to the the “Berner” Social Democrat wing of the Dems. The Greens need to play a part in what I see as happening: “A National Movement Moral Revival” determined to win out over race-hate, bigoted pride, and the mass corporate “consumerism” psychosis enveloping our MSM, social media and seats of power. Mega-emissions of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases mixed with hot fissioning radionuclides over-shadows more than an entire century of corporate immorality.

The moral majority of We the People (now the Poor People) want to participate in national decision-making. The “Berners” are still around; I’m one of several millions but we’ve had enough of trying to save a system based on the false premise of “Everything will be alright. Don’t worry.” The twisted nature of consuming and then discarding, and then taking without giving-back is intuitively guilt-ridden by definition - efin’ insane is enough. Years and lifetimes of participating in corporate “consumerism”, has taken “its” heavy toll on the free will of man and woman. Remedy, and redress is in order. It will take some time and a lotta hard, seemingly ceaseless work. The trashing and mutilations of our Indigenous Peoples’ Mother Earth, (to acquire as much wealth as possible, as fast as possible). It’s, “Bar the door, the barbarians have never left Rome!” - The gangster-wanabe days are few. Time for A Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival"’. Reverend William Barber II, meet Bernie Sanders. DSA, meet the Greens. Let’s begin 2018 TOGETHER!


I agree with Ted. If someone approached me in a public and made such a “request” I’d have probably responded with something in the vein of “Socialism has failed repeatedly, it’s a loser.” Polls? You trust polls? Polls had Hillary winning up until she did not. Throwing the word “Democratic” in front of “Socialism” does not make the end result, “Authoritarianism”, any more palatable or acceptable to a majority of Americans. Electing officials/party “leaders” to enact laws that advocate to allow/enable government sanctioned plunder of private property from one individual or segment of society to be “re-distributed” as the “government” envisions, well it has been done before and the outcomes have generally been, to put it nicely, “less than optimal”.


If we start to organize where we live natural leaders will emerge.


With all the hoopla about socialism, I wonder how many Americans really know what it is or what it could mean. Here is my list of what might be called socialism-lite (all of which have or had been implemented in parts of the US):

  1. Government ownership and operation of power companies. There are good examples already like SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District).
  2. Government internet providers. The US is lagging with slow and expensive internet. An exception is Chattanooga, Tenn, where the city provides 1 gigabit service.
  3. First-rate public transit. Other 1st world countries provide 1st rate public transit which is heavily subsidized or owned by the government. The reason the US has what can charitably be called 2nd rate public transit is political, not technical.
  4. A new WPA to fix and continue to maintain our roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

If we had a viable socialist party, they would likely be promoting these. But don’t expect it from the Republicans or the Junior Republicans (Democrats).


Socialism or barbarism. The transfer of wealth (from poor to rich) is the hallmark of capitalism.


"The human race divides politically into those who
want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The
former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good
of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and
lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the
other sort.”

Robert A. Heinlein

In my experience, most socialists tend to fall into the first group


My wish for the new year is for all progressives and leftists to come together and use the Green Party’s ballot access to run candidates at all levels and start to win seats for the people. The Greens that I know are open to this. We want a coalition of the left. We know it is the only way we can win any significant victories over the D and R duopoly.


It’s good to hear you end a comment on a positive note Fokker.

Must have been one of your New Year’s resolutions.


That’s what you can do…to prolong the Corporate State.