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Socialist Surge: DSA-Backed Candidates Nab Wins in Chicago Election

Socialist Surge: DSA-Backed Candidates Nab Wins in Chicago Election

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The election of Chicago's first black female and openly gay mayor—Lori Lightfoot—grabbed national headlines, but it was not the only noteworthy outcome of the city's runoff election Tuesday.

Voters chose three—possibly four —democratic socialists to be part of the Chicago City Council, potentially raising the number of ideologically aligned left-wingers on the council to six.


Congratulations DSA Alderpeople elect in Chicago!!! My son canvassed for Rosanna. Hope she pulls it out. It’s great to see young people and progressives get a role in the Chicago political scene. So long a corrupt and insular environment. Hope the Mayor elect can respond to DSA and the people’s needs for decent schools, a clean environment and affordable housing and, of course,
jobs. DO it!!!

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who said socialist is a dirty word? only the damn dems who don’t know their a-- from their whatever. Think they will get the message? I doubt it as witness Pelosi’s defense of cold potatoes Biden. we need a third party folks. the people in Chicago got themselves a dynamite group of caring elected officials now with a dynamite mayor and these city council members congratulations. if it can happen in Chicago, why not in your city and town. ell it takes is citizens who are awake and ready to stand in solidarity for a new way to live in this blood soaked white supremacist nation. DO IT. NOW IS THE TIME.


“If Chicago’s elections are any indication,” he said, “maybe they’re ready to try socialism.”

There doesn’t seem to be much doubt that the people are ready for socialism. the trick though is getting socialist through DINO leadership.


The GOP and some of the corporate democrat congress people are in a big hurry to fill judiciary posts around the country to secure the future of their wealthy elites at huge expense to the working taxpaying public.