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Society Is Failing Our Families: Sister Simone Campbell on Inequality, Donald Trump, and Women's Health


Society Is Failing Our Families: Sister Simone Campbell on Inequality, Donald Trump, and Women's Health

Democracy Now!

Last week in Philadelphia, a caravan of Nuns on the Bus pulled up to the Democratic National Convention after visiting 13 states, where they hosted conversations with ordinary Americans on both sides of the political spectrum in an effort to bridge the divide. To learn more about their journey, we sat down with the caravan’s leader, Sister Simone Campbell. She’s a lawyer and poet and the executive director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice.

"We the people have got to be the leaders we’ve been waiting for."—Sister Simone Campbell


There is a mistake in the heading. It should read "...failed our families," not "failing." Tgis remunds me of a political science class I was in. Someone had asked how crimes by judges were allowed to go unpunished and who was to blame...I said it was all of our fault. It was not a cherished view, but how could it be? In 'Murica, someone else is always to blame. Take politicians for example, like Obama or Bush, someone chose that person to be in power. Bush either let 911 happen or was a part of its staging. Obama let Wall Street off the hook, though a couple of them admitted to illegal wrong doing. Go back to Carter, he pardoned Nixon. Ollie Notrth took a fall for which prez? Reagan. Hew many times will it take before everyone realizes its a scam? Where in the constitution does it say we need or even have superdelegates, which are secret, choosing for us who we have to choose from to be next Prez? If people havent caught on in my lifetime, how could we ever expect to be successful for our own families, much less someone eles. Again, the heading should be failed, not failing...its too late.


Wow, someone else has heard of this website? Amazing. Someones God forbid anyone in this country has heard about those darned 'ole Indians. Thank you for posting the link...hopefully someone that claims to be a progressive would visit the site. Funny thing is, if anyone was actually concerned about things like the pipelines, maybe they will read that site on a regular basis...wait, we are the victors...what are Indians? (Oh, side note, when there is a Native American in office, that dream that Obama lied about being fulfilled, will actually be fulfilled.)


Thanks for the correction :slight_smile: But you see the point.


So what do we do? If it's too late, do we all just commit suicide? Give a psychotic control of the nuclear launch codes? What do we gain by such a statement?

I much prefer the present tense, which I find entirely truthful. We are society, and we are the solution. And only we can do anything about anything.


For me, the misnomer in the title is "Women's Health." Why not say outright that a respected nun speaks out about "abortion"? That's not all there is to women's health, and the important thing she had to say about it was the tie to economics — inequality, and poverty, and the terrible pressures that keep women from prenatal care and healthy motherhood. I'd like to have been able to read a transcript of this interview, or an article written by Sr. Simone, and I'd like to have a reference for that very significant statistic, that abortion rates are falling for every economic group except the bottom 5th. But I do very much appreciate Sr. Simone's urging us to transform the abortion debate to a real preference for life and families, to support of their full lives.


Dont be so drastic. When i was stationed overseas, there were several times that things were too late. There can be no solutions when the problems arent addressed. If people see the truth, only then can a problem be solved.