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Society Is In Decay–When the Worst Is First and the Best is Last

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/society-decay-when-worst-first-and-best-last


Agree Ralph. best I can tell this started (in this country) with Ralph’s profession, lawyers in our new Democratic Republic, writing laws so complicated that the average citizen would need to hire a lawyer to understand the meaning of the law and inflate their worth. Soon they were joined by other professions in the “class that creates nothing”, who’s mentality was I’m wealthy so I am worth more than someone who actually produces a needed service or product. Capitalism is grand.


We the People, is where Congress comes from too. I am wondering about their health care. What exactly do they get? When they leave office , do the keep it?
Does anyone know what healthcare for Congress is like? Would what they get be better than what most Americans have?
I am beginning to think that if we had Medicare for all, and if EVERYONE was on it, then health insurance would be a whole lot better—for everyone. Besides that, if we ALL had it, then more people would be employed in he health area too.

What happened to part two of “What and Who Gave us Trump?” when Ralph said that the in the next article he would reveal the plan to make Trump a one term president by an overwhelming landslide?

This article is just another Ralph complaining about “the media” not offering issues/people/ideas that do not fit the narrative they want to present, which Ralph also does offering only the issues/people/ideas that fit the narrative he wants to present in his articles and on the radio hour.

A good example of this is One Demand, an idea I have been trying to get him to address since 2015. This idea has the same goal as the ideas that Ralph has covered on his show multiple times with the same guests- but a different approach.

Even though Ralph said on Washington Journal in the fall of 2018 that he would have me on the Radio Hour to discuss One Demand, somehow for some reason Ralph has not provided, this idea does not seem to qualify for Ralph as one of the more voices and choices that he is always complaining the rest of the media does not cover.

“All professions are conspiracies against the laity.”
–Mark Twain

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Ralph Nader is correct – ‘warmongers get the press’ – and power is leading humanity to the ultimate catastrophe: nuclear war. Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict of the past – no exception. It is the underlying motivation for war, and it leads nations and civilizations towards destruction. Power is the hubris of the great: Armageddon is the Nemesis.


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And of course, Ralph Nader the CEO and owner of the largest media conglomerate in the nation could make a real difference by allowing different narratives on his vast array of broadcast networks filled with TV personalities that spin his narrative while inviting guests who support that narrative on that show. Yes, how enlightened of you to point out this equivalency between the mighty Nader vs. the feeble Murdoch, CNN, CBS, NBC, and that small little corporation Disney’s ABC. It’s just so unfair. I wish Nader would stop complaining about the media too. He already has too much power as a voice that is constantly heard on the airwaves and all media outlets which, of course, he controls…Oh wait!

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Not at all what my comment is about.

My comment was that Ralph should himself live up to the standards he demands of other media.

While Ralph does not have a media conglomerate that compares to those you listed, he does have a radio show and gets articles published in some places.

Of course, Ralph could have a media conglomerate that he could control.

When he had guest on his radio hour talking about this subject I sent him a suggestion to start a media conglomerate with Ralph in charge.

I suggested selling shares to a corporation at 100 dollars a share.

Only adult US citizens can own shares.

No one person could own more than ten shares and the shares could only be resold for 100 dollars.

Just 10% of presidential election cycle voters (6% of eligible voters) investing just 100 dollars would provide over 1 billion dollars to buy up media outlets and create the conglomerate that Ralph would control.

Nader lost me with his reference to how a country “allocates it’s money”. A dye-in-the-wool collectivist, he is oblivious to how millions of different individuals choose to spend the money differently.

Thank you,Ralph, for helping us to keep things in a healthy perspective. You, sir, are a national treasure!

You have identified and encapsulated in just four words the source of most of our problems.